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Help Make Approaching Nirvana's Next Album a Reality's video poster

The 2 producers of Approaching Nirvana have never met. To take their new album to the next level we need to get Andrew to Miami! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 13, 2012.

The 2 producers of Approaching Nirvana have never met. To take their new album to the next level we need to get Andrew to Miami!

About this project

GOAL:- Move Andrew to Miami
- Put together studio for producing & webcast/livestream performing

Secondary GOALS:- Live shows here in Miami
- Tour USA & Canada
- Tour Europe
- Tour World
- Teach the World Epic (Terrible) Dance Moves

HOW:We hope to do this by pre-selling our first album together and offering special limited edition signed CD's and gear to our amazing, supporting fans.

FUNDS GO TO:Purchasing missing studio equipment & furniture after combining Sam & Andrew's gear. New tools will be purchased for effective livestream performances and eventual live performances that follow. Extra funds will go to touring expenses & equipment.

HOW SERIOUS ARE WE:We have put a deposit on a place for Andrew to move in to on Feb 15th & created the space for the studio and livestream performances. Sam has purchased a car so he can get to the studio every day... and bought pants. We have also already bought about 1/2 of the equipment needed for the studio. 

OUR STORY:In 2009 the two of us met for the first time while on a chat related to the site In years prior, we were both separately creating & learning the fundamentals of producing music. Back then, we were posting our music to the "Audio Portal" on for flash game & video developers to use. Upon meeting, we decided that we'd like to collaborate and see how our music styles would mix.

After working together on a few songs we realized that our personal goals of a music career lined up and a friendship was born. We came up with "Approaching Nirvana" for our name because it represented the place in life where we were: not yet where we want to be but on life's journey to reach a place of happiness, bliss, and satisfaction. We have since realized that we are all approaching nirvana and will always be approaching nirvana because life is a journey to accomplish many different & evolving goals.

So far, we've had an amazing journey together, yet apart. We have never had the opportunity to meet but we spend almost all day, every day together. Some of our proud achievements are having our music used on MTV, VH1 and various TV commercials; winning a contest to be put on Nick Carter's remix album; and working with many Top 100 YouTubers. But these accomplishments don't even begin to touch the experience of meeting amazing friends and getting to know so many of our fans along the way. We can't thank them enough for their generous support; it always puts a smile on our face when we read the wonderful things all our fans write us.

Recently, we realized that it's come to the point where we need to be working in the same room & performing together to take Approaching Nirvana to the next level. We know our fans want and expect the best out of us. We want to create the most amazing music & experiences for our fans and also for ourselves. We never would have come this far and we can't get to where we hope to be without you. So from everything that we have, thank you!

Approaching Nirvana isn't just us, it's everyone that made it happen. Our fans, our family, and our friends. That's what this Kickstarter Campaign is about and that's what we want this album to represent.

- Sam & Andrew


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    Advanced digital download of first album together - 2 weeks before official store release.

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    Reward #1 +

    Signed Copy of the physical CD

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    SUPPORTER PACKAGE 1: Rewards #1 - 2 +
    Name in liner notes of the physical album as "Special Thanks To"

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    SUPPORTER PACKAGE 2: Rewards #1 - 2 + Limited Edition "I KickStarted A->N" T-Shirt.

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    Rewards #1 - 4 + Signed copies of "Subliminal Message" & "Lapse In Time" CD's

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    HARDCORE LISTENER PACKAGE: Rewards #1 - 5 + Custom Approaching Nirvana DJ Headphones

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    COLLECTOR PACKAGE: Rewards #1 - 6 + Sam or Andrew’s Used/Signed Studio Keyboard (used to compose "Lapse in Time" & "Subliminal Message")

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    FRIENDS 4 LIFE PACKAGE: Rewards #1 - 5 + Round trip Flight to Miami for 2 to check out the new studio and hang out with us
    3 days stay (hotel for 2) in Miami.
    Hang out with us and be on screen during the livestream.

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