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A special character edition of Keyper - the first completely new 'Key' series game from R&D Games since the award winning Keyflower.
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No news is good news ...

Posted by R & D Games (Creator)

No news is good news, but a little news is probably a little better.

So this update is just to confirm that the Keyper project is on track.

The majority of the keypers and keyples have arrived at Meeple Source in the US where Cynthia is diligently sorting these into the required sets of 36. 

A selection of the keypers and keyples after the first leg of their journey
A selection of the keypers and keyples after the first leg of their journey

Meanwhile Vicki is making good progress with the illustrations.  The yellow player board below is not quite finished but gives a flavour of what is in store.

Yellow player board - work in progress
Yellow player board - work in progress

The rules of the game are taking shape. Whilst the game is not difficult to play and the rules are quite intuitive, the number of permutations available make the rules an 'interesting' set to write. The permutations arise from whether you play your keyple into an empty or occupied plot or field, whether their is a colour match between the field and the keyple, whether there is another player joining you on your turn and whether or not you have any keyples left. If you haven't got any keyples left and another player has, then you can take an extra lie-down action(s). All good fun which I hope you will get to enjoy later in the year.

Thanks again to everyone for their support of Keyper. I will update again when there is some more news to share.

Kind regards,

Richard Breese

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    1. R & D Games 2-time creator on

      Hello Leto, Each player has a team of eight keyples (nine in the two player game) and a keyper. The opaque boxes are the keyple footprints to indicate where your team of keyples must stand. They stand at the front of and on the player boards as its important to be able to see quickly how many and which colour of keyples each player has remaining at any time. Thanks for your keen observation. Regards, Richard

    2. Quiver Gaming Gear on

      Looks fantastic! Very excited for this Richard!

    3. Leto on

      Looking great, Richard - thanks for the update! The little details on the player board art are really nice.
      What are the transparent boxes in the top-right for?