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I will be working with some of my favorite musicians on this album, and since it's all filmed, it'll be like you were there too, right?
I will be working with some of my favorite musicians on this album, and since it's all filmed, it'll be like you were there too, right?
2,315 backers pledged $104,788 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. a silly question on

      Disregard my last comment. I just noticed your Update from a few hours ago! Yeeeee!

    2. a silly question on

      Has Warner Brothers authorized you to send us MP3s or FLAC audio files of the album, yet? :S

    3. Luis Cantu-Cabrera on

      So I guess if we got to our information step later, we pretty much just donated money?

    4. M Taylor on

      To all who are Dawnites & Pomplamoosians - Here is my update. I've received my poster, Album, email with digital album, all that is left is to schedule the Skype/phone call. ( i was a $250 donor). To those who grumble about the delay, it was her first big Kickstarter success and there were logistical challenges. So a bit of slack should be cut. GMail spam filter caused a lot of unearned grumbles. Remember, we have aided a talented artist to succeed, so remember to smile as she takes wing and goes on tour more and more often. Best! -mt

    5. Missing avatar

      sherimwilson on

      Scratch that last comment...I just found an old email that I totally missed asking for my info so they could send my package. Feel REALLY bad for thinking she had dropped the ball when it was actually my fault. :/

    6. Missing avatar

      sherimwilson on

      I received my signed poster with hand written song lyrics which is hanging over our piano..but unfortunately that's all. I still await the t-shirt, hard copy of earlier stuff as well as new album. I broke down and ordered a Pomplamoose tee from the website. Another $25 to the cause on top of the $150 I already invested. Still think you're an amazing artist...just a bit slow on the follow up.

    7. Mark Anthony Andrews on

      I still hope Nataly will make it all good.
      But every day my hope fades a little.

    8. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      4 more months and it will be 2 years into this project. Communication is abysmal, attitude is bad and you expect us pledger to continue supporting you, despite failing to deliver what you promised despite our patience. Goodbye forever. Will never support you or any of your projects ever.

    9. Jeremy Dillman on

      I just discovered that my download link was sent out in February but it didn't go to the email address that I requested in the survey so I wasn't looking for it.

      Unfortunately, when I tried my code at the download site, I got a "Code is not valid" error. I submitted a customer support request and we'll see what happens...

    10. Gwen.

      No download link for me too. When can I receive this album ?

    11. Jake Withee on

      Do the backers who signed up for a digital copy need to just buy the album elsewhere if we want to listen to it? The album has been out for a while, and the digital download was meant to be BEFORE the release. Is everything to do with this Kickstarter in the past now, out of sight and out of mind? I was really looking forward to listening to the album :(

    12. Craig Solomon on

      I totally refuse to even listed to the music, totally done, lost another fan.

    13. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      I pledged for the 150$ set and all i got is just a cd and a download code, no news as to the rest of the items. Considering this is a project from 2011; very very very disappointed at this point.

    14. Andrea Bezanson on

      Still no digital copy of the album, still no word from the artist on what the hold up is. This is getting a little ridiculous, it's sitting there available on iTunes but we were promised to receive it before it dropped. Come on!

    15. Greg Layman on

      Over a year after the original promise date. 'A download of the album before it's released.' The whole thing is bunk. The people who ordered physical albums have received them and those who chose a download have received nothing. Nothing more than a common thief as far as I'm concerned. I will have nothing further to do with her or Pomplamoose.

    16. Steve Maegley on

      *sigh - I have no email, no download link, no contact us. I guess I can go out and buy it from the man but that kind of goes against why I supported this project in the first place.

    17. Missing avatar

      Thomas Iwancio on

      WB support pulled through. If anyone reading this in the future has trouble, just use the 'contact us' info on the download page from the email.

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Iwancio on

      So I just tried my download link for the first time. "Coupon is not valid" error. Guess she expected us to wait forever to get the album be gave us no leeway at all (it's been 19 days). I put a request into WB customer service, we'll see how that goes.

    19. Lucas Wiman on

      It seems like Kickstarter should really have a way to distribute digital files for projects like this...

    20. Lucas Wiman on

      I finally got around to trying the (only) download link I received on February 12. I got a "Coupon is not Valid" error when I enter the code on…

    21. Missing avatar

      Jamie Bishop on

      Thanks arrived today - looking forward to giving it a good flogging .

    22. Lawson Moore on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    23. Missing avatar

      Wayne Franklin on

      Same here. Just checked through my email and nothing about the download.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jamie Bishop on

      Still nothing here .

    25. Albert Howe on

      I've gone through my spam and trash folders. Didn't find it.

    26. Werlindo N. Mangrobang on

      Ah found my link in my Spam folder! I have Gmail and the email was sent Jan 22nd from "Nataly Dawn" "". Hope that helps!

    27. Albert Howe on

      So when do the $10 backers get the download link? I'm ok with it being a little late, but it'd be nice to get what I payed for.

    28. James Nixon on

      Has anyone who backed $75 received the shirt or signed copies of "Her Earlier Stuff"? So far all I have is my cd...

    29. Missing avatar

      James Watson on

      I also never recieved my download link...I faithfully check my "junk mail" folder daily. I feel used.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mark Wohlschlegel II on

      I missed where to download the online version of album. Help!

    31. Missing avatar

      Jim Dozier on

      I never got a link to download the album. And if it was in my spam folder, the email is gone now.

    32. Robert Erwin on

      It's now Feb 5th and I still haven't received a link to the album. It's not in my spam folder. How do I resolve this?

    33. Julio Monteiro de Oliveira on

      Finally got the download. Really after the way all this was handled I pledge to never support her as an artist ever again. At least it only took 10 bucks for me to discover she is someone that don't have any real respect for the fans... I pity the people that paid more.

      Also: What was the use of filling a survey saying that I wanted it on 320kbps mp3s if the only file I got was a mix of this and the wavs?

    34. Tieg Zaharia

      Love the album! Great job, it was worth the wait.

    35. Timothy Moore on

      Check your Spam filters. That is where my download link ended up.

    36. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      Anyone here pledged for the 100$ support only to receive the album only. No signed poster no tshirt no early album. Sigh....i am really very disappointed at this stage.

    37. Missing avatar

      gopher34 on

      Awesome album, i'm enjoing it. But where can we get lyrics for album songs?

    38. Stubby&Anam on

      According to her twitter:

      21 Jan - Nataly Dawn ‏ @briansawyer the downloads will be sent out tomorrow! Is there something else you're missing?

      22 Jan - Brian Sawyer @natalydawn That's all I'm waiting for. It's just been so long with no explanation on the delay. What's the holdup?

      14h (23rd Jan) Nataly Dawn @briansawyer I've been putting up KS updates, but you should have gotten it by now. So sorry...doing my best.

    39. Missing avatar

      Hal Shute on

      For 14 dollars you can buy the cd plus get them as mp3's from the nonesuch label website. I thought the backers would get a deal for pre-ordering through kickstarter.

    40. Missing avatar

      Hal Shute on

      Nick, your not missing anything. It's just music. We paid almost 3 times the retail value of her CD. That's not a good bargin. I must have been on crack when I pledged. I would have expected the digital version would have been made available first. In my mind this all goes back to her label deal contract. They have made her agree to specific conditions like possibly not releasing backers content just before actual launch.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nick Menefee on

      i'm envious of the people with the physical copy, I guess i should have chosen that instead of the digital download, then i could be listening to it now.

    42. Neil Bryer on

      Got my copy today.

    43. Missing avatar

      Hal Shute on

      There are plenty things people say must exist. You must exist in order to have left that comment.

    44. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tait on

      Awesome is the word. After "leeching" from Nataly for ages, watching her and Jack firing away at different songs on YouTube, it's so fantastic to think that MY MONEY was used to fund and create this music. Don't sit there and moan about what you have or haven't got (I'd love the FLAC version to download direct too, but not that worried yet). This music WOULD NOT EXIST without your backing, and no-one ever says that something MUST exist. Your favourite park, museum, book or painting can be taken for granted all too easily, so lighten up and enjoy the tunes! Yay Nataly!

    45. Missing avatar

      Hal Shute on

      I guess like she said people in the future don't need physical albums. Only problem is its not the future for you guys yet. The past ain't much better... Seriously we should use the new mega site to encrypt and upload the album for all who backed it. And out of curiosity how much did she pay Jack to produce the album? Friends with benifits?

    46. Julio Monteiro de Oliveira on

      I so wish I had backed Julia Nunes kickstarter instead.... it came out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before this one, the artist didn't use the popularity of the kickstarter to leverage a business deal with a music label.... and really how the hell was easier getting the physical CD to people and nothing about the suppossedly much more easier eletronic version?

    47. Missing avatar

      Hal Shute on

      @Daniel, WOW you are right! 12.99 for what we paid 30 dollars for! I feel so used and abused. And I think there is only one mention of Kickstarter backers in the whole album art. Its not even on the CD jewel case or CD label just he insert. And a photocopied note from Nataly.

    48. Daniel Blanchat on

      It is a little hard to swallow paying $30 a year and a half in advance for a cd that went on sale before I received it for $12 on amazon.

    49. Daniel Blanchat on

      I'm listening to the cd now. I do wish the link had come before the onsale as promised, but at least the music's good.

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