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A fast, fun, drinking game that mixes quick card game mechanics with D&D fantasy themes to create a party game like no other!
A fast, fun, drinking game that mixes quick card game mechanics with D&D fantasy themes to create a party game like no other!
2,114 backers pledged $96,023 to help bring this project to life.

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DrunkQuest: Porcelain Gods


Hey everyone! The second expansion to DrunkQuest is live on Kickstarter! Porcelain Gods is already funded and working towards Stretch Goals. The first of which is already unlocked and being voted on now in our first update! So check out the page, share and back it if you're able and follow along on our next adventure!

Free Expansions Going Out!


Hello everyone,

We're gearing up to send out the free expansions that were unlocked during the campaign! In order to make sure everyone gets their expansion without trouble we're created a form to let you submit an updated mailing address if you've moved since the campaign ended.


 Also! I wanted to let everyone know about our new contest! All you have to do is play a game of DrunkQuest between now and January 15th, record yourself or a friend taking at least 32 drinks at once and upload the video to our Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #TWOBEERS. Everyone who enters will get a prize and we will give exclusive prizes to those videos that go above and beyond! 

Anyway, feel free to post questions or comments below and I hope everyones looking forward to receiving thier 90 Proof Seas expansion!

90 Proof Seas: Funded! Previous Backers Options

Hi everyone. Just wanted to post a final update to the campaign. Right now as some of you are aware, we’re running a campaign for our first expansion The 90 Proof Seas. Which you can check out HERE!

But I wanted to make sure everyone knew that they had an opportunity to receive a bunch of extras for a very discounted rate. With the currently unlocked Stretch Goals this is what you as Previous Backers would get for helping us cover the cost of shipping out your FREE expansion!

Basically there is a teir called PREVIOUS BACKERS that you would pledge either $8 or $16 into and above is the rewards you would get for that pledge. Alternatively, a lot of you mentioned in emails and social media posts that you wish you would have had the funds to get into the Founders tier during the last campaign. So we’ve given Previous Backers a discount on getting into the Platinum tier (which is the same as Founders) for this new campaign and here is what’s included in that tier as of now

… As you can see, there are 2 options here. This is for those of you who don’t want “duplicates” of the same stuff. When the survey goes out after the campaign, you’ll be able to choose which option you’d like. Anyway, thanks again for helping us make DrunkQuest a reality and we’re just a few months away from sending out everyone’s expansion! SIDE 

NOTE: If you still haven’t received your original copy its because you have not paid shipping. Though we’ve tried getting ahold of you a few different ways I have a feeling a lot of them went straight to spam :P (I apologize for the delay and trouble with having to add shipping. It was our first Kickstarter and we were learning.)  anyway, you can still cover the cost of your shipping by sending the funds to but at this point we will be waiting to add your expansion with your package and sending them both out at once.

So once again thanks for the support!

90 Proof Seas: Expansion!

Hello everyone! So as you probably remember you have an expansion incoming. Well good news, we're finished with all the design and testing! 

We've decided to launch a Kickstarter for the expansion in the hopes of adding some great additions to the game as well as creating some great new exclusive cards! But I wanted to take the time to explain a certain Tier in the new campaign that is specific to you, the backers of our original game!

This tier was made specifically for you guys. Basically its a way for you to get all of the exclusives and unlocks, without having to pay for the expansion itself, as you are already getting one for free! It also doubles as a way to cover the cost of shipping for your free copy!

Now, there's something I wanted to point out. Pledging $8 at this level is the same as backing at the $15 dollar level. If you want everything in the $35 tier you will need to pledge $16 in the "PREVIOUS BACKERS" tier. 

If you are a founder, you should check out the Founders forums HERE when the Boozaar launches for the new campaign you will have access to a special discounted Boozaar. 

Looking to become a Founder? - The new "Founder" like tier is the PLATINUM tier. If you're wanting to gain all the benefits of a founder this is the tier for you. Also! As a special "thank you" to you, our original backers. You can pledge at this level for the discounted rate of $175! 

As always if you have any questions about any of this please let me know! Otherwise, I hope to see you all during the new campaign and we at Loot Corps can't wait to send you the new expansion, we've put a lot of work into it and there are some awesome additions to the game, thanks!

SHOTS: Winners announced!

Hello everyone!

After days of consideration and sober thoughtfulness we've chosen the winners for our shots contest! And here they are...

  • Alex Widdison
  • Blaine Bowen
  • Brian Hopkins 
  • Carolyne Truong 
  • Casey Lynn 
  • Christian Bromery 
  • Cory Lieske 
  • Daniel Fuentes 
  • Gato DJ 
  • Griffin Patterson 
  • Grove 
  • James Carroll 
  • Jesse Robert Lyon 
  • Joel Cameron 
  • Justin Burns 
  • Krys Christoffersen 
  • Lucy Bennett 
  • Michael Adkins 
  • Michael Crimando 
  • Michael Parham
  • Nadav Pechthold 
  • Osvaldo Rivera 
  • Pierrick Bilodeau
  • Ricky Strong
  • Robert Spurlin
  • Ryan Pilbean
  • Stephanie Bryant
  • Tara Randall Newman
  • Tiffany Ralph
  • Timothy Iwan 

And here's a video of the winners!

If you are a winner please contact me at Rather then choosing a prize for you we've decided the winners will get to pick their own prize!

You can choose any 1 of the following

- Gin Hero Card

- Dragon Print

- Set of Coasters

- Exclusive Treasures

- Brewbrass Treasure

- Set of Status Effects.

SIDE NOTE: If you haven't received your game by now, you can be 95% sure that it is because you haven't paid shipping. You can send shipping funds via PayPal to be sure to include who you are and what the funds are for in the email.