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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, June 6 2013 2:54 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, June 6 2013 2:54 PM UTC +00:00

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Project Receives Funding

Posted by ZenFri LLC. (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter,

Being as you are our first fans, we thought you'd be interested in hearing some great news about our project.

On Monday, July 29th we announced our recent Canada Media Fund investment at a press conference alongside Manitoba’s Minister of Innovation, Energy and Mines (IEM), Dave Chomiak. The funds awarded to us by CMF, when added with other funds we've been able to raise since our Kickstarter will create a budget in excess of a million dollars.

With this new funding, we'll be able to bring Clandestine to market while still maintaining ownership of the property and creative control.

Below are some clips of recent talks or interviews we've done regarding the game. For all the lastest news visit, follow us on twitter @anomalygame or Facebook at  

Breakfast Television:

Innovation Panel at GameLab:

Augmented World Expo Talk:

Augmented World Expo Demo:

Silver Lining

Posted by ZenFri LLC. (Creator)

Hello Friends and Backers,

For this last update, I decided to just speak to you candidly about the game, our Kickstarter and what the future may hold for our project. Though the funding component of Kickstarter was unsuccessful, many amazing opportunities still lie ahead for Clandestine: Anomaly.

- Corey

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Mystery of the Navita

Posted by ZenFri LLC. (Creator)

Friends and Backers,

Clandestine: Anomaly will ask a lot of questions that it will be up to you to try and answer. One important question in the game, that drives the early part of the story forwards, is "what are the Navita?" and "why are they here?"

The Navita are a connected ecosystem from another dimension, that have -- for reasons unknown -- begun to invade our universe. Since they're not from our reality, they're composed of fundamentally different things. Their very presence creates distortions in space-time that threaten, not only all life in the universe, but the fabric of reality itself. 

What are the Navita? Why are they here? Are they intelligent? Do they mean us harm? The answers to these questions will rest with you, when you're thrust into the events of Clandestine: Anomaly.  

Below is some never before released Navita concept art. Hope you enjoy!


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Auggie Award Finalists!

Posted by ZenFri LLC. (Creator)

Friends and Backers, 

With only 5 days remaining in our campaign, I'd like to thank every single one of you for backing us. We're truly trying to create something new, and your support --regardless of what happens with Kickstarter-- is making that happen. 

We've been very fortunate in the last few days to have the biggest single day Backer surges since the campaign began. Word is starting to spread, and excitement is beginning to grow. We still may not make it to our goal, but this recent boom offers some hope. 

Even if our goal isn't met, our team is in this for the long hull, and Kickstarter -- I promise you -- is just the beginning.

Auggie Award Finalists

About an hour ago, the Auggie Award Finalists were announced, and we're pleased to tell you that Clandestine: Anomaly is one of those finalists

This honor alone signals that we are creating one of the top Augmented Reality experiences available today. What you see in the campaign videos is but a small taste of what we have planned. There is so much more work to be done, and your support plays and important role in making our bold vision possible. 

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped us get to the final round.

More Articles about Clandestine

Along with a surge in Backers, we've also received a lot more coverage over the past week. We've been blogging about the articles as they come on our Facebook, Twitter and our company website.

Here are some of the highlights: CBC TelevisionTechnology GuidePolygonTurnStyle News and Focus Manitoba.

TurnStyle Interview Below:

Till Next Time

In our next update, we'll show you another side of the Navita, and hint that there is a lot more to Clandestine: Anomaly than a generic alien invasion plot. 

Thanks for backing us!


Auggie Award

Posted by ZenFri LLC. (Creator)

Hey Kickstarter Backers,

Thanks for all the support you've shown to our project. We think of you as our very first fans, and as the visionaries who see the potential in this whole new way to game. We're grateful for your support.

Augmented World Expo

Since launching Kickstarter, our game has been fortunate enough to be recognized within the Augmented Reality community as something exceptional and truly cutting edge. This recognition has allowed our game's creator, Corey, to speak at the Augmented World Expo next week. This conference features the likes of Will Wright (The Sims, SimCity) and Philip Rosedale (Second Life) and we're proud to be a part of it.

Auggie Award - We'd love your support!

But we won't just be speaking there, we've also been nominated for an Auggie Award for "Best Augmented World Mobile App". 

This award has two rounds, a public voting round and a jury round. The public voting component ends on May 30th, and we'd love our Kickstarter friends to show your support once more by voting for us at the Auggies. Click here to vote. 

Auggie winners are awarded a cash prize, which if we win, will of course go into completing Clandestine: Anomaly.

Once again, thanks for showing your support for this game project. More news to come soon.

- The ZenFri Team