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Swinging the Great Jazz Standards on a new dance rhythm CD as well as a new Christmas CD with 8 of the best jazz musicians I know.
Swinging the Great Jazz Standards on a new dance rhythm CD as well as a new Christmas CD with 8 of the best jazz musicians I know.
133 backers pledged $17,181 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Everything has been mailed!!!

Dear Friends,

Well, we had a couple of snafus on the production end which caused a delay in getting the CDs in, and then out, but they are all mailed last week and this past weekend! Several friends have reported that they have arrived, so they should all be there any day!

I am delighted with the musicianship on this project! Please take a moment to read the liner notes to acknowledge the musicians! Especially Mark Kahny, the pianist and Musical Director, who was quite instrumental in arranging and overseeing the project while I was touring.

If any packages have not arrived by weeks end, please email to let me know. Also, a number of you have yet to submit your addresses for delivery of CDs! Please do so at your earliest convenience.

I can't thank you all enough! This ended up being quite a big project with many hands helping along the way. I applaud you all and hope you enjoy the final product. Cheers to you!

Love, Michael

PS ~ If any of you have comments or reviews, I would love to hear them :)

Second week in the studio

Hello Dear Friends,

We are in our second week in the studio! Just so you know who you will hear on the CDs we have  Mark Kahny - Musical director and piano, Bobby Thompson - drums, Tom Lockwood - bass, Chris Lawrence - horns, Tom Hagen - clarinet, Mike Lutley - sax and Chris Martin - violin! These guys are AMAZING!!! This is a very exciting time seeing the months of preparation come together with many years of performance experience to create some very magical music. 

The arrangements are very personal and are great for dancing. Every number I've arranged is done with choreography in mind so that you, the listener, will hopefully be inspired to move and be a part of the music. There are seven songs directly from Broadway with the remaining being songs that have been in shows or films. Some you are very familiar with and some you may never have heard. We are taking artistic liberties and creating a mellow jazz swing I am delighted with.

In between arranging and recording I have been performing throughout the Midwest. It has been a marvelous and exciting journey. Monday I leave for Maine for a month of performances and return to Grand Rapids to complete the CDs in early October. Then mastering and manufacturing of the CDs and then to you!

I can't wait to get these to you!

Much Love,


WOW! We did it!!!

The project fundraising is completed and we reached 114% of the initial goal! That is incredible! I am on the road now and heading east from San Francisco in the morning. I am working on music all the way. I will keep you updated periodically as to how the recordings are progressing. If any of you have input I am open to hear it.

Again, I am grateful, humbled and honored by the overwhelming support and kind words I received for this project. I promise, I won't let you down.

A thousand kisses to you all,

Love, Michael

34 hours to go!


34 hours to go! I am thrilled that this project is a go. You are all so very dear for lending your support. If you know of anyone who may wish to re-order or produce or want a concert/entertainment for their event there is still time, and strings are very possible!

Thanks a million,

Love, Michael

You people are UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Wow! We still have a few more days to go and we are 109% funded! That means we have reached the minimum goal and the CDs are being made!!! I am speachless... almost!

This is a very busy, exciting time. The prep is quite involved and I am ready for it! We wrapped the season here in Palm Springs last week and I am gearing up to head east. The route is via San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lexington, Toronto and then Ogunquit, Maine! I hope to see as many of you as I can on the way.

I will be posting updates on the recording process for you all as we go along. 

Now that we have reached the initial goal, we are working toward raising as much as possible for additional musicians (strings!) and higher production values.  

I will keep you posted. Thanks a million!

Love, Michael