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Itar's Workshop is creating an affordable dungeon and accessory line!
620 backers pledged $85,341 to help bring this project to life.

Update 9-11-2017

Posted by Itar's Workshop (Creator)
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This is a post no creator wants to write but it is long overdue in this case.  It will come as no surprise to anyone that this project has failed.  In addition to dealing with the impending end of my father's life and my wife's continuing health problems I have been pushed into complete bankruptcy.  I had hoped even up to a few weeks ago that I could somehow finish this project but I have been forced to admit that trying to do so at this point will only further damage my own health.  I simply have nothing left to give.  
I know that nobody is happy to hear this and feel free to call me whatever names you want (I deserve it).  My sincerest apologies to the 57 people who haven't gotten their stuff.  You deserve better.

Here is a breakdown of how the money was spent.  I think I've posted this before but I'm too lazy to go look at which update it was.

Equipment. (spin caster, vulcanizer, etc) $10,534  
Resin and filler $45,600
Molds $18,327
Postage $18,654
misc (shipping supplies, packaging, paper, mold release, etc) $5213

Total Spent: $98,328

Good luck to everyone in the future and again my apologies that this project couldn't be finished.

p.s. I'm not sure why Kickstarter showed I had logged in on Sept. 3rd.  I haven't logged on in months.  I had to recover my password since it didn't match what my browser had saved.  


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    1. PadmesLover on

      Itar I appreciate you at least communicating with us backers
      Sorry for your financial situation
      Hope your families' health improves

    2. Jonathan Venezian

      What a pity. I have really enjoyed the items I have gotten. I am sad for those that have not gotten their pledges fulfilled. Also for you and the trials and tribulations you are going through.

      I hope you find another crafter willing to purchase the molds and machines. If so, please let us know.

    3. Nick Dodds on

      Hi Itar/Gordon Rhea, I am one of the 57 waiting backers, with a $180 pledge still awaiting fulfilment.

      First a big thank you for sparing 5-10 minutes to post an update, a real shame you couldn’t do so in the many, many previous months. We are still here and are not going away.

      As mentioned by other backers please post all the relevant information regarding the bankruptcy, or the accountant/lawyer/person who is dealing with it so that myself and other backers can contact them directly. Please also advise as to what has become of the physical assets you listed, the molds, spin caster, vulcanizer, etc, presume these could be sold to raise monies towards re-imbursing backers.

      I have sympathy for your life situation, but life happens to all of us. Lots of people deal with hardship and life events and manage to remain professional, its a real disappointment that this has not happened with this project.

      From your lack of communication I can only presume you realised months ago (if not over 2 years ago) that you would never fulfil this project. If you could have raised this sooner with the remaining backers you may have been in a better position to deal with the situation, instead you seem to have buried your head in the sand.

      The final comment to your update shows the complete lack of respect you have for the remaining backers.

      “p.s. I'm not sure why Kickstarter showed I had logged in on Sept. 3rd. I haven't logged on in months. I had to recover my password since it didn't match what my browser had saved.”

      An apology is nice, but not as nice as fulfilment of the project or a refund.

    4. Pierre-Luc Marsan on

      Crap, ive invested thousand Canadian buck and got apologies.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Bates on

      I am truly sorry for the personal trials that you are enduring.

      As one of the 57 yet to receive their pledge, I am disappointed to say the least. I have pledged for a handful of Kickstarter projects and only one was on time as promised. Three have been complete failures with a complete loss of the pledged amounts. It seems that there is a distinct reason that small start-ups don't work.

      If there is $10,000 in equipment, that could be liquidated for perhaps 60% of value. That would provide enough money to refund most or all of the outstanding pledges. What is the possibility of liquidating equipment in order to offer a refund for the remaining pledge candidates?

    6. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      At least Itar got the courage to admit his failure. Some creators just disappeared. These days...I have very little faith in First time creator.

    7. Jamie Mckendry on

      I am also one of the remaining 57 and again a $200 backer and I must say I am very disappointed in this. I understand that Kickstarter is NOT a pre-order service but there are and were a myriad of options for fulfilment that may have potentially allowed you to fulfil this project.
      Mostly around actually communicating with the remaining backers ie: asking us if we could help mitigate the cost of postage through alternate shipping means, asking us if we would accept a change of materials, reducing the amount of product we may see, etc.
      To turn around after 4 years and say, oh well, sorry you guys you're S.O.L. is ridiculous...

    8. Missing avatar

      Tom M on

      Hopefully things look up for you soon! As one of the 57 it is a little frustrating, as has already been said, but at the end of the day $200 of scenery is not the same as your families health (this includes you). Hopefully, something will happen which means that you can properly finish your project, but if not then I completely understand.

    9. Pete

      I'm sorry to hear that you've found yourself in this position, it's very sad for you and your family.

      As one of the 57, and with a rather large outstanding order I am disappointed to see the project end this way, I was hoping over the years that my patience would pay off as the product looked to be fantastic.

      I wish you all the best for the future, and that you are able to take the opportunity to regroup and rebuild, and if you are in the position in the future when you're back on your feet to send at least a small token of the project then it would be appreciated.

    10. Claus Olesen

      Very sorry to hear that your family's health problems have progressed so far and that it has caused you such financial hardship (I could rail against the for-profit American health system that leaves people bankrupt, but that wouldn't really accomplish much). I had actually been thinking of writing you to say that you could drop shipping my pledge and if any of it had already been cast to sell it off to help pay other expenses. Hope you're still able to do that to some degree.
      I've since moved on to 3D printing scenery instead.

      @Jean-Yves - only 57 people, out of 620 backers, didn't have their pledges fulfilled. That's always a risk when you back a Kickstarter. Don't pledge for a greater amount than you're willing to lose if the project goes sideways. This is not a store.

    11. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      I feel so bad for those 57 people :(
      I hope life gets better for you Itar, and your family too.
      And yeah, "disclose all persons that you are owing money and the amount owed" sounds like a good idea, although I'm not sure if that goes for KS projects... I think legally, backers are owed nothing.

    12. Jean-Yves MacDougall on

      If you are declaring bankruptcy then please post all relevant information as to someone who is owed money. You have the legal obligation to disclose all persons that you are owing money and the amount owed. How did the 90% get filled. Life happens but if someone actually took this seriously they would have put the money aside to fulfill the commitments. This I believe he did not do and had no intention of doing so. How many people actually received the pledges?

    13. Jean-Yves MacDougall on

      If you are declaring bankruptcy then please post all relevant information as to someone who is owed money. You have the legal obligation to disclose all persons that you are owing money and the amount owed.

    14. Missing avatar

      Damien Brunetto

      I am very sorry to hear that this has come to an end. I can certainly understand all the delays and frustration with what you have gone through, and I will second what has been said that things will get better.
      As one of the 57, I do admit to feeling very frustrated that it should end now - you fulfilled just over 90% of your backers and left the rest of us hanging. If this were announcing another delay, I would understand. But I think that this could still be fulfilled even if some changes had to be made.
      Personally, I don't require resin, if there were a switch to a cheaper dental plaster that would be fine by me. I didn't get a painted set, but I could see where maybe that option was simply presented as not available or done to a different standard that was faster/cheaper. While not ideal by any means, I would find this preferable to simply being told that there are just some of us that are going to be left out after trying to back your project. At this point, I would be happy with a couple of the molds for the basic dungeon set if you are not going to be casting with them
      Ultimately I would say, let's talk and see what we can work out. I think there is a very patient supportive group of people here, and we would much rather have a dialogue with you than just be cut off.

    15. Missing avatar

      Shane Brasher on

      Really sorry to hear that. Keep hanging in there, things will get better. Best of luck to you.

    16. Zach Haugen - Merchant Guild of Valoria on

      Life happens. :( Best of luck to you. Seems like you've had some major hurdles. You'll get back on your feet; you can do it. :)