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Itar's Workshop is creating an affordable dungeon and accessory line!
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Update 2/23

Posted by Itar's Workshop (Creator)

Since the last update I have at least managed to get everything to the same state.  Unfortunately in early January my dad had to go in the hospital and after a week or so was diagnosed with something called UIP.  It's a progressive lung disease with no cure. Since that diagnosis I've been working to get him into a nursing home that can provide hospice care as the disease progresses.  This has involved filling out mountains of paperwork and going through his papers to find anything related to his care instructions or insurance.  The good news is that he seems to have been pretty well prepared for this kind of thing.  Unfortunately, he didn't share any of his plans (or that he had plans) with anyone else and he wasn't particularly well organized.  Dealing with all this means that getting everything unpacked and organized hasn't been getting done very fast at all.  In fact most of the stuff is still in boxes.  

I'm sure the question on your mind is "when will you start shipping the remaining pledges?"  That's an excellent question that I don't have a really good answer for.  I'll move as fast as I can but in the near future I expect that my time will be spent seeing to the care of my dad.  


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    1. Nick Dodds on

      Hi Itars workshop, any chance of an update in August 2017?

    2. Missing avatar

      Joe Meyer on

      Update in July?

    3. Nick Dodds on

      Hi Itars workshop, any chance of an update in June 2017?

    4. Nick Dodds on

      Hi Itars workshop, any chance we will get an update in May 2017?
      Please let all the remaining backers know that they have not been forgotten.

      Many thanks,

    5. Nick Dodds on

      Any chance of an update?

    6. PadmesLover on

      Good luck with your Dad
      And Thanks for he update

    7. Pete

      Sorry to hear the news on your dad, but I really appreciate the update thanks! I just checked my current status, and I'm down to only 26th in the queue...slowly but surely getting there!

      I'm glad to see this project is still continuing and you didn't just abandon it (as some other projects that I pledged did). I would appreciate an update once a month, but as long as we're not forgotten then I can understand the updates slipping a bit.

      Keep at it, and well done for maintaining the effort despite your setbacks!

    8. Brent Lloyd

      When I get these updates I am sad - because I got my pledge a long time ago. Hopefully you can get the rest of this stuff done soon. I look forward to seeing another Kickstarter in the future to expand on what you have.


    9. Nick Dodds on

      Thanks for the update. As I have mentioned before i appreciate that life happens to all of us, hope things improve for you and your family soon.
      Please can you update us every 2-3 weeks, a quick 5 minutes logging on with an update, even if it's just 'i haven't forgotten this project' would be very much appreciated