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The first and only portable speaker capable of throwing a real party.
The first and only portable speaker capable of throwing a real party.
1,559 backers pledged $784,320 to help bring this project to life.

D-DAY has come! May the invasion begin!

Posted by SOUNDBOKS (Creator)

Dear Backers!

The first SOUNDBOKS' have left the production last night. They have already arrived at our logistics company and we are currently packing them! Finally, no more waiting!

The first 150 SOUNDBOKS' are enjoying their last weekend under the Scandinavian sun before they part ways around the globe; sad to say that they will be shipped out Monday morning but now it's happening!

We have been working hard the last couples of months and have been looking forward to this day for a long time - for many of you it will be the last weekend with silence!

We will ship 300 additional SOUNDBOKS' (besides the 150) next week and expect all remaining SOUNDBOKS' from the ULTRA & SUPER EARLY BIRD pledges to leave the production in the following week. We will start shipping all remaining pledges (FINAL EARLY BIRD, DJ PACKAGE & FESTIVAL NUCLEAR PACKAGE) in mid June!

Since we are producing simultaneously with another production site in the EU that is prioritizing us and is more reliable, we will be able to ship all of the remaining pledges before end of June.

For Roskilde festival guests: Since we are a Danish company and we were born at the Roskilde Festival we will guarantee that you get your SOUNDBOKS in time for the festival! If you are attending Roskilde Festival and did not receive your SOUNDBOKS until 20/6 please contact us at

In case your shipment might not reach you before the festival, we will take your SOUNDBOKS with us on-site and you can simply pick it up at our stand (in that case we offer to recharge your batteries free of charge).

Get ready for crazy parties with the SOUNDBOKS. We can't wait.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tim Gallagher on

      I'm I've been thrilled so far. I did not mean any comments as complaint or demand. I'm also aware this is a start up enterprise and things always go screwy and I'm sure it's all going to rock anyway! :) If I get my order my September I'll still be happy. I'm excited and just hoping for as much info as they have time to send my way.

    2. Kristian Bork on

      @Gleb Alxndrv, if you look in the comments there's a guy that posted what the support guy wrote to him, and he said that the shipping company DPD in Germany had some questions about the batteries, and that they hoped that the problem would be fixed within 1 or 2 days because they needed an OK from the authorities. And it would be nice to hear something regarding that!

    3. Gleb Alxndrv on

      @Kristian Bork: Which Problems with Germany? Are there shipping-Problems?

    4. Kristian Bork on

      Correction: I think he means*

    5. Kristian Bork on

      @Mike Estes, when he says: "semi-daily updates" he means that he would like to hear about the problem with the German delivery company, instead of their supporters writing emails to a couple of people, and maybe why they only shipped 100 SOUNDBOKS' instead of the 150 they wrote in the update. I agree with you, they have been posting good updates, but I would also personally like to get an update on the problem in Germany and if it's going affect us from other countries. I think he know that it's not Walmart, and if he wanted it right away, I don't think he would back the project when he knew there would at least pass a month and a half before he would get it! :-)

    6. Mike Estes

      You all need to chill. This is Kickstarter not a Walmart. You pledged money towards helping starting a business. Delays occur and this group have been ahead of the curve and keeping us in constant updates. Your foolish to think that they have time to say day by day what's happening.

      IE. Today we attached subs, next day the wiring and now we sit on our asses to relax. Common guys smarten up. Next time if you want something inferior or right away but it from a department store....

    7. Missing avatar

      Tim Gallagher on

      Would it be possible to have a semi-daily update of units shipped, including backer #'s? A real-time counter would require infrastructure, but updates from Soundboks directly would only require a few minutes to post! And add so much to the excitement! :)

    8. Jacob Rønberg on

      Hi there,

      Will we be receiving a tracking number or somehow get notified when our Soundboks is shipped. Backer #96 here.


    9. Kristian Bork on

      @Victor, alt det du spørger om står i opdateringen :)

    10. victor øster on

      jeg var nummer 28 som bestilte en Soundboks - hvornår regner i med at jeg kan modtage min. Den var blandt andet købt til samsø festival her i sommer ferien, håber at jeg kan nå at få den inden da.
      vh Victor Øster

    11. Cary Andrae on

      Glad to hear that it is finally shipping. I had purchased the DJ package, so based on the update it would be shpping on mid june. Honestly, I would not mind a short delay if it meant coming up with a great product. For a kickstarter company and is not merely repackaging some existing product, if you are able to ship in the month of june for a June deadline is in my view very good as it is. This considering that there are thousands of kickstarter that has delayed 3months, 5 months to even a year. There are even some that did not even deliver. So kudos to you guys working on the project for a job well done. My only expectation is that the product would be as good as it was sold on..:)

    12. Gleb Alxndrv on

      Ihr seid doch komplett dämlich. Es ist ein Kickstarter. Ihr könnt nicht damit rechnen, dass nach so einer kurzer Zeit schon alles fertig ist und die Soundboks bei euch ist. Statt hier einen auf "Ihr seid so scheiße, ich will meine Soundboks haben" zu machen, sollte ihr lieber froh sein, dass das Team versucht euch ein spitzen Produkt zu liefern, sodass ihr später komplett damit zu Frieden seid!

      Außerdem gibt es Kickstarter, wo man auch nach mehreren Monaten ~ 12+, weder sein Produkt nicht bekommt, oder es nach und nach länger dauert!

      @SoundBoks! Hammer Arbeit! Bin gespannt auf die Boks, Bielefeld wartet auf legendäre Partys!


    13. Charlie Moulton on

      Must agree with below.
      With initially saying delivery was expected in April it will now be over a whole month later. These were purchased with the purpose of being used for a university festival this weekend. I imagined having these well before this weekend and as I leave university after this festival it is a shame to have never been able to use them.
      These would never have been purchased if I had realised I would not receive them in june.

      It is completely understandable that problems and delays occur in production, certainly with start-up companies. However, delays and problems should have been foreseen and scheduled into a production timetable as a 'contingency' period.

      When we were then told they were 3 weeks late we were assured they would be shipped then, this was then delayed, and now delayed again over the weekend to Monday.

      Its a shame that you have not successfully kept us up-to date on a nearer day-by-day notification basis as this would not have taken much time to do.

      Sorry for the rant but simply speaking what a lot of us are thinking, delays are ok but for future schedule them in production timetables.


    14. Missing avatar

      Will Breuls on

      You prommised me a lot and still I am waiting for my soundboks here in Holland. I can tell you I don't like this all. And I orderd somewere end of februari- beginning of march. ITS s shame realy it is!
      Will Breuls

    15. Gleb Alxndrv on

      Endlich :D
      Jetzt darf nur die DPD nicht scheitern :D

    16. Missing avatar

      Robin Issmer on

      Schade das meine nicht vor meinen ersten Festival (Rock am Ring) ankommt. SadFace