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Art Rides a Bike? "Long Road" Kinetic Sculpture, found object metal man riding a bicycle. Read more

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Art Rides a Bike? "Long Road" Kinetic Sculpture, found object metal man riding a bicycle.

About this project

TIME IS ALMOST UP!!  Please help by Pledging and then sharing this with EVERYONE!! 

The time has come for this to be another one of those last minute success stories!

I am planning to create the third piece in this popular series of kinetic metal men.
Created from various steel scrap and parts, the figure is animated through the movement of sprockets, chains, belts, and rods, all driven by a single motor.  Describing this with words is hard to do, watching the video is really the only way to see how this piece will come to life!

The first piece, "Long Road Ahead" received a huge popular response and  was purchased by a private collector and is no longer available for display.

The second, "Long Road Home" was commissioned by Ripley's Believe it or not. . . Museums, and is currently on display in their Gatlinburg, TN location.


I am looking to cover primarily the cost associated with fabrication.  Followed by delivery to Michigan from Utah. 

ArtPrize has turned into a huge event for the city of Grand Rapids and I can't wait to be a part of it!!   The Grand Rapids Public Museum saw over 200,000 visitors during the 2010 ArtPrize event, so this is a great opportunity to share my work with a whole new audience. 

I would greatly appreciate your support in making this project a reality and hope that many of you are able to see it in person this Fall!!




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    $5 reward

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    Post card with image of finished "Long Road" Piece installed at ArtPrize.

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    $25 reward

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    Post card, and a DVD copy of artists current portfolio. NTSC format, around an hour of Andrew Smith's kinetic works on DVD.

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    $75 reward

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    All of the above. Plus a piece of "Junk" signed by the Artist. I will pluck a miscellaneous piece of scrap, bolt, washer, sprocket, etc. from one of the many parts bins and sign it.

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    $100 reward

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    All of the above, plus a one of a kind belt buckle created by the artist from an industrial part. (Large bolt, roller bearing, gear, etc.)
    Buckles can be seen here:

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    $250 reward

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    All of the above, plus a "welded hand" belt buckle created by Andrew Smith. These hands are fabricated one at a time, and are based on the figurative pieces of the artist. Hands are made from found objects, nuts, bolts, sewing machine parts, just about anything and everything that can be welded into these small works of wearable art.
    Images can be seen at:

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    $500 reward

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    All of the above as well as an invitation to visit artist's studio. That is if you happen to find yourself in Lehi, Utah in the near future. If not, then a HUGE thank you for helping make this project a reality. No, seriously!

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