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Lots of new models for the existing Greenskin Wars metal miniatures range! By Kevin "Goblin Master" Adams!
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Update....for the future..... Iron Orcs!

Posted by Diego Serrate Pinilla (Creator)

Hi there, so this is a special update because it shows a couple models that will appear in the NEXT campaign.  Of course this new campaign will not be launched untill the actual one has been delivered, but you know I must keep Kev busy while the minis from this one are waiting for moulding.

So here in the pics you can see a couple "regular" Iron Orcs  in the center of the pic. They are pretty awesome with all those heavy armour and mean attitude! 
Just to remind you, Iron orcs are bulkier and stronger than regular orcs, and also their skull and skin tone differs  from regular orcs. They are called "Iron Orcs" because of the heavy armour they use to wear, that in combination with their darker skin makes them look like a walking orc made of iron. (At least to the eyes of the other greenskins eyes...)

Iron Orcs
Iron Orcs
Iron Orc
Iron Orc

 Remember there's already a massive Iron Orc commander in the range:

Iron Orc Big Boss
Iron Orc Big Boss

 Thats all for now, more news soon!

Have a great weekend!



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    1. Diego Serrate Pinilla 11-time creator on

      Thanks El Barto :) I love that one too!

      @Matt Price, sure I will, I'll announce through an update from this one, and the chaos ones, and also on Facebook.
      Anyway, it will launch at some point in July. ;)

    2. Matt Price on

      PS please be sure to remind us, of course, when it goes up. I didn't hear about this particular KS from you, despite having been in on your Chaos one. I love these minis!

    3. Matt Price on

      I will for sure be back!

    4. El Barto on

      Love them both, I especially like the face of the one with the double handed axe, I think it’s his huge jaw and large tusks.