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Lots of new models for the existing Greenskin Wars metal miniatures range! By Kevin "Goblin Master" Adams!
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Another orc ready!!! And new face :)

Posted by Diego Serrate Pinilla (Creator)

Hello all!

Another orc for the regiment of orcs is ready, pretty cool regular orc, he seems to be trying listening to something... maybe he's an scout exploring or just can't hear anything with all that wax inside his ear, who knows...  :D

Also , some of you requested a more "in line " with the other riders face for the last one I shown (the ball & chain one) and here we go!! New head for him, and I reckon is a much better one to fit the others , so we're all happy now :)

 I want to get a couple variant heads for the boars too, so they will look differenr enough in a unit of some of them. And probably I'll get one or two new boar bodies done sooner than later.

 * Can you see those poor "discarded" heads resting over blu tack? They'll be perfect for something that will come on next campaign ;)

Ok, probably there will be no more pics by this week because Kevin needs to finish another comission, but next week we'll continue with the last boar rider and the regular orcs!

Also, I've recieved a lot of surveys filled already, the sooner the better because I can close numbers and start preparing production, but if you need some time to think about it or to see more progress I totally understand :)
Just don't forget about it!

Thank you all and we continue next week!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Matteo Orsi on

      That's what I call listening to your customers, Diego!
      Thanks for the new head ;-)

    2. Diego Serrate Pinilla 11-time creator on

      Those heads will serve a purpose on the next campaign ;)
      The orcs don't waste anything LOL!

      Separate heads or weapons are a problem, because the orcs have their heads stucked really deep into the chest, so replacing heads would be more than challenging for most of the costumers, same with weapons, they'll need to be cut and pinned and fixed with green stuff, not sure how many people will be up for this, if you know what I mean Alexander.

      The shields are a totally different thing, there are a lot of different designs already, and almost 100% of them can be used for orcs or goblins, working fine for them.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexander Elpers on

      Hi Diego,
      I also like the heads that stick into the blue tag. Maybe it is possible that Kevin does some extra orc heads as a little conversion set? For me it would be very helpful to have some stuff to convert. Maybe some seperate weapons, shields etc. that would be fantastic to support the orcs on boar and on foot. Or just an idea for the next kickstarter.