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Lots of new models for the existing Greenskin Wars metal miniatures range! By Kevin "Goblin Master" Adams!
171 backers pledged €14,922 to help bring this project to life.

Huge Success!!

Posted by Diego Serrate Pinilla (Creator)

It is done , yes!!

Thanks a lot to all of you for making this possible!  And the results has been so amazing that I can start planing the next campaign right now.

Next campaign??  Yes! 

The orcs need to be finished, so lets take a look at what we have already:

- We have 5 orc boar riders from this campaign.
- 10 orcs on foot wearing light or medium armour and hand weapons.
- The Orc commander on boar from previous campaigns.

Orc commander on Warthog
Orc commander on Warthog

As you know Kevin is working right now on many of those.

So what do we might need for the next campaign? When it will happen?

- My goal is to release the next campaign right after you revieve your orders from this one, so you can have a look at your minis and realize how cool they are :)
So if everything goes fine, it could be late June or very early July, for a 15-20 days campaign to avoid going into August.

- I think we need to get some orc characters and/or monsters, some warmachine and maybe a different orc troop. As you know there's already an impressive model of an Iron Orc boss.

Iron Orc Big Boss
Iron Orc Big Boss

Iron orcs, are a much more brutal faction of the orcs. They are called this way because they have the reputation of bein hard as iron and also because they use really heavy armours.Their skin is darker than the regular orcs, going from a slightly darker green to almost black in some of them.They are also very strong and bigger than regular orcs.

So, are you keen of them? Would you like to see more of this guys being developed?
Your opinion is very important for me to prepare everything, so please don't hesitate to comment and give your opinion!

Will there be more goblins too?

Of course! Goblins are the main pillar of this range, so they will be again with some new models ready to join your forces ;)

Some of the future gobbos
Some of the future gobbos

So let me say THANKS AGAIN for the amazing support to all of you and to Kevin Adams for being such a talented and creative after all this years!

In the next week you'll recieve a survey to fill, there you'll write which items have you paid for in addition to your main pledge and also you'll have the chance to add anything else. Stay tunned and I'll back soon with more updates on the Boar riders and the orcs regiment.




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    1. El Barto on

      I'd prefer the iron orcs to have 2 handed weapons and agree with Matteo, some iron orcs with full helmets would be awesome :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Matteo Orsi on

      I'm really looking forward for the full-helmet goblins and I'd love to see some orcs with that style of armour; not so keen on the iron orcs

    3. Diego Serrate Pinilla 11-time creator on

      Seems like Iron orcs are gaining popularity!
      If they get done...I'm thorn between 2 handed weapons or 2 weapons, or mixed?

    4. El Barto on

      I'd really like to see a unit of iron orcs and maybe an orc shaman or a warlock like the one in the Warcraft film

    5. Björn Viktor Ängerfors on

      Congrats on a successful kickstarter! I love the Iron Orc and would love a regiment of them for the next campaign, along with some big uns and maybe snotlings?

    6. Missing avatar

      MaxVerdié on

      We need monsters and warmachines!

      The wyvern and squigs by one side...



    7. Nicklas on

      I'm not at all keen on the iron orcs based on that sculpt, lacks Kev's usual charm. I really like the goblin wolf rider with the strange helmet though, would love to see more sculpts in that vein.

    8. Adrian Sherstobitoff

      I’d love to see the Iron Orcs!
      I’d rather get some from you guys than from modern [synonym for stronghold].