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Lots of new models for the existing Greenskin Wars metal miniatures range! By Kevin "Goblin Master" Adams!
171 backers pledged €14,922 to help bring this project to life.

Orcs regiment GOAL!! And lancers bundle :)

Posted by Diego Serrate Pinilla (Creator)

Hello and good sunday morning to you all!!

Finally the new goal is here, and is a BIG ONE!!
Aiming for a full 10 man (orcs) regiment to be sculpted by Mr. Kevin Adams if we reach 9000€. 
I honestly think we can do it easily, and I sooo want those guys to be done, so if you're sure already about picking them up you can start increasin your total pledged in order to help to reach the goal.
The 10 orcs will cost 45 € at a very exclusive kickstarter price! And will include a champion too, they will be sculpted matching the same style as the ones riding boars of course.

Also, to help with this task, there's a new bundle available at "The Store" section, the mixed goblin lancers group. Containing 14 different models from both Hills & Doom factions, they are now all together at a very good price!


To get any of the new released items or items from The Store section, just increase your pledge accordingly to their cost, after the campaign you'll fill a survey nameing the items you've paid for.

And a new main pledge option is available just for the Trolls too.

The Trolls !!
The Trolls !!
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    1. Missing avatar

      MaxVerdié on

      Don't worry. Rules are for break them sometimes. The quality of your work speaks by itself.

    2. Diego Serrate Pinilla 11-time creator on

      Hey Max, well thats impossible because they has been comissioned almost at the same time the goal was achieved, it wasn't did in anticipation.
      BUT, I'll have one new boar rider ready to show later today and at least one of the orcs on foot later this week, so thats something ;)
      In any case, any of you who's not sure about them, you can wait and just pay for them later when I ask for the shipping costs, or in the post campaign survey , at that point more of them will has been revealed.

    3. Missing avatar

      MaxVerdié on

      Will you show images of every orc model (both boars and boyz) until the campaing ends?

      I'm not too calm buying without seeing.


    4. Diego Serrate Pinilla 11-time creator on

      Oh, I can create a new one just for them once unlocked, no problem :)
      I expect to have at least one real model completed to show along the week! They are starting to be sculpted right now!

    5. Matt Price on

      Excited about the orcs! I don't see a pledge level for them, though... Will you add a new pledge level for the orc regimen or can we just sort that out in the pledge manager?

    6. Missing avatar

      MaxVerdié on

      Those who have take the Orcs pledge deserve a pic of the models!

      Chacho primo dame argo!

    7. Diego Serrate Pinilla 11-time creator on

      He's Johan Tieldow, a rather awesome artists with a great hand for oldschool B&W style.
      You can find him on Facebook ;)

      And thank you!!

    8. John Haxby on

      I am excited for all of the new models!
      One question, who is the artist behind the illustrations and where can I find more of their art?