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£20,248 pledged of £130,000 goal
By Dennis Kostroman
£20,248 pledged of £130,000 goal



We are going to cancel this Kickstarter tomorrow and prepare for a relaunch in the nearest future!

With all our hearts we thank you!
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Game Master is the first of it’s kind Online Tabletop Multiverse that is inhabited and created by the players themselves. It is a singular community driven experience unlike any other. Players take the roles of brave Heroes and devious Masters battling it out against each other for Gold and Glory as the world around them evolves and grows. Don't just play the game. Master it! 

Game Master is not just a single tabletop game with a single goal. Tons of unique tables with their own game boards spanning across multiple themes will be available to the players. Each one has numerous goals and ways to achieve them all by using game pieces from the vast Game Master collection. Building your own boards is not just easy and intuitive, but is a core part of the Game Master experience with real gameplay rewards for ingenious game masters.

Any fan of table-top gaming will tell you that the hardest part of his hobby is organizing a game session. Keeping track of all the dice, miniatures, tons of boxes and stacks of rulebooks. And the hardest of all - getting everyone together at the same time, setting up the table and cleaning up afterwards. All of this has nothing to do with actual gameplay and can consume a lot of your time and money.

Game Master streamlines this particular aspect of table-top adventures and evolves the whole concept by bringing it into the digital age. Setting up the board of your dreams is just a few taps away. Gather up to 4 friends around a single device or go online and find others to play with. Share your creations with the Game Master community, earn stacks of gold and become the ultimate Game Master!

Genuine Tabletop feel - all the things you love about tabletop gaming without any of the extra work and expenses.

Creativity and customization - endless ways to make every experience unique and custom-tailored for the player.

Online community - fully gameplay-integrated and lots of social features without disrupting your Facebook, Twitter etc.

Tabletop Multiverse - our gamepieces not only span multiple genres but are all interchangeable and fit together like legos.

Game Master Toolbox - easy and intuitive to understand but deep enough to allow fully-fledged adventure creation for the truly dedicated.

Turn based gameplay - action packed combat and puzzle solving in a unified turn-based system.

Epic pre-built campaigns - tons of replayability, quests and endings for all pre-built adventure sets available for offline play.

Single Device Co-op - up to 4 players can go adventuring together on a single device.

Multiplayer modes - ad-hoc or online, Game Master will let you play with your friends or find new ones easy and stress-free.

Runic Dice - our unique Runic Dice System will make any dice roll exciting and customizable.

Smart matchmaking and leaderboards - you will always be able to find other player of the exact skill and experience level that suits you.

Easy to learn, fun to master! - highly intuitive gameplay for the whole family.

One of our proudest features is the Game Master’s toolbox. A lot of games have level editors but not a lot of them are used. We have devised a two-fold solution to this. First of all, our toolbox is intuitive and easy to use. If you’ve ever played with legos, chances are you will feel right at home being a Game Master. Second of all, using the toolbox is directly tied to the core gameplay as all of your creations will earn you more gold and unlock more content!

As soon as you start placing tiles simply by dragging and dropping, the world will come alive immediately on your screen. No programming or scripting will be necessary as a lot of tiles have automatic unique effects that can be turned on or off by a simple tap.

People of all ages will be able to use our toolbox without a hitch, but of course those who want to delve deeper will have that opportunity with extra advanced features that will actually let you tell stories and create truly unique content.

We know that eternal gratitude is not enough to feed the brave flaming hearts of our heroic backers. Praise the gods, we came prepared with a ton of rewards to those who pledge to our tabletop banner.

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Most of the rewards above will be available exclusively to our backers and will not be obtainable after the project is funded.

We are especially proud of our forthcoming adventure sets that come in huge digital game boxes each packing a collection of boards interlinked by gameplay and story. Opening an adventure set will get you exclusive miniatures, gamepieces, dice, paints and all kinds of awesome stuff. Everything inside the box can be taken apart and used in any other gameplay sessions as Heroes or Masters.

Stretch the Goals!

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Click on the image to ZOOM!

How do I play it?

Game Master caters to a multitude of play styles and difficulty levels while keeping everything interconnected. The two main styles are Hero and Master.

As a Hero you can take on an endless supply of quests and visit a variety of magical worlds, distant planets and curious dimensions. Go alone or take your friends and family with you. Up to 4 players can play on a game board at the same time, all on the same device! Gameplay is turn-based and all actions are resolved as they would be in a tabletop game with cards, dice and smart decisions. You earn gold by completing a board. Gold allows you to upgrade your miniatures with skill cards, paintjobs, dice roll modifiers or get new exciting heroes to join your cause. More and more dangerous and rewarding boards become manageable as your party of heroes becomes truly legendary.

As a Master you are able to create your own adventures from thousands of different game pieces. And the coolest part about it is - it actually earns you gold! Hapless adventurers who fail to outwit your devious traps are your prey.

The rewards for captured heroes are directly tied to how powerful those heroes were. But be careful! After completing your game board, players will be able to rate it. Make it hard, but make it worth it! Popular game boards will make you more gold than any hero can ever imagine. Mix and match all the worlds and game pieces to create your own unique world!

Whenever you want a challenge or to sit down for a casual play session with your family - the world of Game Master is the place to go. Multiple difficulty levels, Glory and Gold based leaderboards, smart matchmaking and our own pre-built adventures allow everyone to have as much fun as they want. Playing is easy to learn and rewarding to master, while creating your own game boards is as easy as playing with toy blocks but allows for a wealth of creativity and possibilities.

Endless gameplay opportunities

Game Master is to tabletop games, what Minecraft was to first-person adventures. We welcome creativity and provide everything to help our players along. Game pieces interact with each other in many ways, making each adventure exciting and fresh for both Players and Masters. You get extra gold for all quest-items that went unused at the end of playing through a game board. Create your own challenges and find creative ways of completing a board using your wits and character abilities and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Tabletop Game Multiverse

What is a Tabletop Game Multiverse exactly?

Imagine a table set up for a game with a bunch of people playing on it. Now imagine there are thousands of tables all having individual games but all in the same virtual room, using game pieces from the same set.You can come up to any of these tables with your own painted miniatures and participate in any adventure! You can build your own tables and invite people over. Whatever you do, everything works and fits together. Some tables host fantasy themed dungeons and quests, others take place inside spaceships or steampunk cities, while a select few host crazy cross-over adventures using pieces from all of the sets. People of all ages and gamer experience are welcome in this virtual room and will find a corner to call home.

A tabletop game come to life

Our goal is to recreate the feel of pen and paper adventures and tabletop games as closely as possible while evolving the concept for the new age. Everything in Game Master is like a real table inside a touch screen device of your choice.

Digital Shadow Box for your Miniatures

As a player you collect hero miniatures, skill cards, dice, world tiles, enemy figurines, traps and all the amazing little bits and pieces that make tabletop games fun. Actions are resolved as they would be in a tabletop game with cards, tokens and all kinds of dice.

The game is turn-based and allows you to take it in at your own pace, carefully planning your every move. You can even paint your miniatures and game pieces any way you want, making the experience even more unique and customized for each player. Offline gameplay for up to 4 players on a single device is also instrumental to capture the fun and excitement of gathering around a table with your friends.

A world of infinite possibilities

Fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk themed boards and game piece collections are just the beginning of the ever expanding tapestry of Game Master. Thankfully, we use a unified system where everything fits together like legos, meaning endless creative potential. Going on crazy turn-based adventures with your friends, or designing perilous quests for others to master has never been easier. Epic pre-built quests are coming out regularly and provide a lot of fun, replayability and even exclusive game pieces that can be used as either a Master or a Hero.

A library of epic adventures

We’re not just planning to use our community to create content for us! We have hired a team of storytellers and tabletop dungeon-masters to create a library of pre-built adventures for you to enjoy. Plenty are available and comprise a collection of game boards for players of all ages. 

Miniature Progression Concept

Miniatures are not just figurines you use to play a tabletop game. Each has detailed stats, equipment and can be customized by a multitude of accessories and colors allowing you to paint your miniature any way you like. Every miniature levels up like an RPG character and gains new skills and powers. Build your own band of daring heroes and take them on adventures across the multiverse!

Meet the miniatures!

 ...these miniatures are just a glimpse of what awaits you in the final game!

No matter what you do in the world of Game Master - you earn gold. But what is gold if you cannot spend it? Thankfully, we have created amazing booster packs, chuck-full with more digital goodies! Hero’s Boosters are filled with weapons, armor, spells, laser guns, mechanical contraptions, potions and everything you will ever need to conquer the game board.

Master’s Boosters yield game tiles, monsters, traps, NPCs, quest items and a multitude of other surprises that will help you create the most intricate and amazing adventures. Don’t like what you have? Break it down into gold! You get to keep the blueprint and re-craft anything you ever had! Don’t have enough trap doors? Craft as many as you like with gold!

It’s not all about how wealthy you are! All gold earned by completing quests and capturing heroes adds to your Glory Rating. We also track your alignment in the world of Game Master. Will you be known as the dreaded hero that destroys all of his opposition or the most devious Master that promises mountains of gold but leaves no one alive to reap the benefits. Glory is not just a number used for bragging rights and matchmaking. Great in-game rewards are unlocked as your Glory rating rises. 

By spending gold, players will be able to purchase booster packs and take their game to the next level. These are digital boxes filled with all sorts of goodies to enhance your experience. Two types of booster packs will be available at launch. Game pieces have different rarity ratings and every booster pack is guaranteed to have at least one rare item.

Digital Booster Packs

Hero’s Booster

An assortment of miniature paints, weapons, armor, potions, weapons, spells, runes and everything you will need to make your band of heroes the best in the land!

Master’s Booster

Tiles, monsters, traps, NPC characters, chests, quest items, treasure, contraptions and all sorts of things to help you make the most sought after board in the game.

One of the products of our long history of playing tabletop games is the Runic Dice system. During our play-sessions we always wanted to evolve the idea of throwing dice and make it personal and customizable for each player.

Each miniature comes with it’s own runic dice that you get to use along side all the other standard dice. Runic dice are designed by you! Each side can be customized to provide exciting gameplay effects and turn the tide of battle.

We will be very proud to unveil more details about this system during the campaign.

The many worlds of Game Master


Beyond the snowy mountains, in a valley kissed by the sun lay a kingdom of vines and cobblestone. Both the villagers and the townsfolk lived in peace and harmony until an old greedy dragon the size of a castle arrived in the valley threatening to eat every maiden in the kingdom unless he is presented with all the gold he can carry.


In the seedy underground of Dampfburg, all hail the Queen of Cogs. No shady deed slips through this enigmatic matriarch’s fingers and no man ever found a way to her heart. That is, until an investigative journalist attempts to infiltrate her hideout and get an interview.

The Galactic Alliance has fallen. Trade routes are no longer safe and piracy is at an all time high. A behemoth class transport vessel is assaulted by a band of young pirates hungry for loot. What they didn’t know is that this ship’s cargo are test subjects of a dangerous interdimensional experiment.

Modern Horror

Just beyond the corner of your eye, lies a sinister world of ancient beings that have preyed on humanity from the shadows for ages. Their tendrils reach out across the world controlling all aspects of society. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of a group of paranormal vigilantes.

Pulp Adventure

The temples of the old gods, lied in ruins for thousands of years. Rarely are they visited by a living soul, and only the bravest dare to take a step inside only to never be heard from again. Will history repeat itself for our daring archaeologist or will he be the one to reach the City of Gold.


A city engulfed in neon-light where information is the most prized commodity stands tall in the middle of a mutant-infested wasteland. Beneath this steel sky there’s always a job for the strong and the cunning. Strap on your cyber-enhancements, and prepare to hack and shoot your way through this dog-eat-dog world. 


We are a small but very devoted indie game studio from Tallinn, Estonia. We love playing games as much as we love making them. And the only thing we like even more is to play games that we have made!

Since our early childhood we have always been big fans of Role Playing Games. We endured sleepless nights playing D&D, collected and played Magic the Gathering cards and spent a lot of fantastic hours crawling in the dungeons thanks to board games like Descent or Hero Quest as well as many others.

With the overwhelming success of the iPad and other touchscreen devices, it became possible to transfer the table top board and card games as we know them to the digital realm. A lot more accessible and easy to setup but still as much fun and joy as the real ones. We at K-Gaming took a shot at it and created Demons vs. Wizards - a card game for touchscreen devices. This game is so easy even a small kid can play without reading the rules, but deep enough to allow for high-level strategies! 

The reception of the Demons vs. Wizards card game was very warm and we’ve had a ton of positive reviews. Continuing our quest to make great games for touchscreen devices was an easy decision afterwards.

Our company motto - Our games must look and feel perfect. The games that we would like to play ourselves.

The Pledge of a Sword!

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re just as big of a fan of table-top gaming as we are. For that you have our deepest respect. Make sure to try this game when it comes out! Can’t wait to start plundering dungeons and setting up deadly traps and hiring monsters to protect your hard earned treasure? Neither can we!
Alpha and Beta tests are scheduled to be available for our backers as soon as possible.

Together we will make this Online Tabletop Game Multiverse
a reality!

Risks and challenges

This is our first project of such magnitude and it is a risk that our initial project management derived calculations are off. We are all about the quality of the product. The major risk in our calculations is that we would not be able to complete all of the aims in predetermined time. But rest assured that we will spend every second to deliver the best product possible.

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    GRAND MAESTER ************************************************ All previous reward tiers + Game Master (Physical!) t-shirt of your choice and a signed (!Physical) poster. But the biggest reward at this level is the ability to put yourself, your loved ones and maybe even your enemies into the game by creating your own in-game NPC or Monster with us!

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    KING’s HAND ************************************************ Ultimate pledge pack! All reward tiers unlocked! You are unbelievable! It is a miracle people like you exist! Our team would like to thank you in person! Come visit us in Tallinn and we will be your personal guide around the most beautiful and authentic medieval town in the world! We will meet you at airport, visit our game studio and explore our beautiful medieval town with our team as a guide. We'll have dinner in the most fantasy themed Tavern in Tallinn and discuss the future of the project.

    The studio visit does not include the cost of travel but will include a weekend accommodation in the center of the city.

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