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High end, high quality, kolinsky sable hair dual end brushes for your miniatures. Quality painting, great finish for your miniatures!
1,387 backers pledged £62,382 to help bring this project to life.

2013-2014 G&G Bigger, better & stronger. Thank you.

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)

Hey Folks,

We want to say hello and thank you once again for you backing this project. Because of this project you enabled us to go on and continue an amazing journey of making innovative products. 

Right now we have some new highly acclaimed brush sets available and they are doing incredibly well (we will post a link at the bottom of this Kickstarter). 

So once again thank you, humbly and respectfully. As manufacturers we are excited with the journey ahead. We wish you all had a great year and was a pleasure to see many of you around the world at gaming conventions.

We hope you had an awesome year and we hope you have many more. Thanks again so much for your support. 

Here are links below to check out our new wave of product lines: 

Product Links: 

The Ichiban Line:

Brush Care line (case and Dual Wield)

Hobby Gears MK2 Hobby Paint Rack

The new terrain piece: Turris Laminis will be up. The Pre Painted one is already up the unpainted version will be up within the hour:


G&G Brush Brush Crew

Thanks to you!

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)
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Merry Christmas & Have an Awesome New year!

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)

Dear All,

We here at Games & Gears would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a great new year. Because of this kickstarter and you, our products are now all over the world, beyond this kickstater we have produced new products and which are a part of peoples hobby life everyday, So our deepest thanks to you all :).

Our second Kickstarter this year is now coming to a close under 39 hours to go. We did not expect to do as well as we have there either, it has been pretty awesome. Some more ace products to come out soon. As over 3rd of you here keep asking us here, Don't miss out if you want to back our second kickstater and get yourself a battle board, terrain and gaming trays :

We have come so far in such a short space of time. Our success has been built by gamers. By the people and for the people. Because of you this is really a community led business. So rest up! For next year seems to be the Year of Gear! Let us make that happen!

Sincerely & our best.

With Warm wishes,

The entire Games & Gears Crew

For the 934 Requests, it is here!

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)
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Here is our New Kickstarter!!! Some of you are already on it. Thank you! Lets do it. Over 3 hours and 60% fundeded

You got Brushes, you have ordered the Racks, time for your Battlefield!!

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)

ok we have had 934 requests and questions on here for our Battle Boards via PMs and comments in totality. So It constitutes to the overwhelming majority of you and those who backed on on the back of our initial KS last year to Post this here.

So here is the link:

 click here, any questions pm us via Facebook, or check out our Facebook page, Here

We hope you are well and wish you a festive season!