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Games & Gears Battle Boards. Get your complete battlefield kit, with the next generation gaming boards and terrain pieces.
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Australia DZC & Anime baords update

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)
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- Please let us know if you have got your DZC or Anime wars board in Australia & New Zealand by May 12th 2016. The sets have been resent. You should get 7 packages (6 boards and 1 clip pack). 

- Also Canadian backers who have not got your DZC boards. Please let us know that your have got them by May 12th 2016. You should get one box with everything.

- If Trays are not with you by the May 21st 2016. We will refund you the pledge amount of the trays in full. 

- There maybe a few left on Hellscape refunds which have not got their refunds yet. If this is the case. Please kindly pm us and we will pm you back on Monday the  25th of April. Please send us your paypal address for the full refund to be sent. 

- 5 Ireland backers we have issue we getting your boards to you via DPD. We are waiting for them to arrive to London and for us to send them to you ourselves. As soo as they arrive we will contact you and give you a TNT tracking number once we have shipped them out on our end. 

We have now finally fulfilled this Kickstarter (with the exception of the trays yet).It was amazing to see out boards being used in games at Salute, although the UK  crew was swamped with customers who wiped them out of all their product.... Thank you for making these battle boards a huge success and wiping us out of the stock we made for this KS. 

We made these boards to last so we hope you have loads of good times on them. Also BIG thank you for understanding the HUGE difficulties in accomplishing this Kickstarter post a natural disaster. Allbeit not everyone here has been happy, It has been a huge struggle beyond belief and we are forever thankful for your support in the hard times and what has turned out to be a great success. 

For those who have pm'd us, if you haven't got a reply yet. you should do by the 25th of April. 

Our battle boards are now everywhere worldwide, used in tournaments, events and conventions, at homes and clubs.

 We will post an update next month and sort the trays out either way ASAP. 

Hellscape Refund completion/Reminder

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)

Hello All!

Refunds have been completed for the Hellscape Battle board. There were very few of you who took the refund option, which is why it's taken less than a day as oppose to two days or more. 

Thank you to the overwhelming majority of you for your support in this process. 

If there is anyone that has been missed out PLEASE PM US ASAP or if for whatever reason you have pm'd us and not got a notification from us about the completed refund please let us know and PM us. So we can sort you your refund on the Hellscape board. 

You can go for an alt board instead of the refund but we have barely any left they are all in single digits of stock left. First come first serve basis. As this has been the most popular choice.

If you want confirmation on your alt board please PM us. 

We are going to leave the next two days to insure this process is sorted for everyone. 

Canadains, AUS, Japan, NZ and Singapore. Please allow 9-12 working days for your Anime war, DZC boards to get you. Please supply us your cell number if you can so we can give it to the courier so they can notify you about your shipment. Please PM us ASAP. 

Thank you all for making this process above with ease and allowing us the time to sort it out. 

Next update we hope to be end of this week. 

Nearly 100% battle board sets fulfilled!!!!! 

Also thanks for those who got their boards sharing awesome stories of games and good times you have had on them and we are working around the clock to make sure the couriers have get the sets some of you are still waiting on.

Thanks again!!

Hellscape Battle Board PLEASE READ

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)

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USA Backers Dropzone Commander Battle Board Dispatched!

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)

Pretty much what the title says. 

USA backers: Your Dropzone battle Board has been dispatched, please allow 2-7 working days, sometimes the warehouse may take a day or two longer to submit your set to UPS. You should have the tracking number from us by the end of the coming week as soon as we get them. EU tracking number to be issued mid week sorry for the delay but a lot of you have already got your set.

Canada, AUS, NZ and rest od the world, your Dropzone Commander Battle Board and Anime Battle board (Some Anime boards which have not reached to you will be resent out) to be dispatched by the end of this week (Friday).

Hellscape Update tomorrow Feb 29th.

PMs, If you have not had a response on your PM from us yet you will do by the 3rd of March. We have been swamped due to the huge amount of battle boards being. shipped. So sorry for not being able to respond to PMs quicker. We expect to be working around the clock till; the end of next week. So bear with us  if we are still slow to respond to pms. 

Remaining ADD ons: To be dispatched March/April. Just finishing off the final few battle boards to send out. As we are very close to 100% fulfillment. 

Update to follow tomorrow on the 29th of Feb 2016.

DZC EU Battle Bords Dispatched Via DPD

Posted by Games & Gears (Creator)

Dropzone Commander Battle Boards Dispatched to EU backers!!

Waiting at the moment for DPD tracking numbers which we will get in 1-3 working days. Once we have it we will send you an email with your tracking number. 

These are the largest amount of battle boards we have ever shipped. So bear with us and the process is longer for the warehouses to process. 

USA and rest of the world, will have dispatch info next week. 

Please refer to the previous update for other information. At this moment in time we are going to be really busy chasing up these dispatches and CAN & AUS Anime Wars Battle boards. 

If we haven't replied to your pm yet and we have responded to most, we will respond to your pm by mid next week and will respond faster as soon as we have insured the dispatch of these battle boards (huge number of boards). 

As soon as we get the EU tracking number and have emailed you all, will post an update stating that we have emailed your tracking number!

More updates to come soon.