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A professional American basketball player accepts an offer to play in one of the world's most feared countries: Iran.
744 backers pledged $100,466 to help bring this project to life.

The Iran Job - featured in Filmmaker Magazine & CNN International

Posted by Sara Nodjoumi & Till Schauder (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful first week of January!

Great news: Filmmaker magazine just featured THE IRAN JOB. Click here for the article here.

Please feel free to share this link with your network.

Even more exciting: We just heard that CNN International is planning to do a feature on Kevin and THE IRAN JOB in their "World Report" tomorrow night at 7pm EST!  You can watch this anywhere in the world. In the U.S. CNN Intl. is on premium cable. We're told CNN decided to put us on TV once they saw that Yasmin Khorram's article had 100,000 hits!

We continue to be amazed by this world wide response. You are collectively growing a cause here, and the whole world is watching!

Today we have 40 new backers. Welcome to you all and thank you for joining this team! We're just shy of 52K, and we trying to get to 75K by Monday. As many of you have pointed out the COUNTDOWN to our campaign is on!

To reach 75K by Monday we need to collectively increase the numbers of backers. With your support - with this amazing and amazingly growing team -- we can do it! But we need to act fast and we need to act now. Please continue to spread the message loud and clear. This is an important film,  the world wants to see it, every additional backer helps.

Here again the few simple steps that have worked well in the past. We thank you all tremendously for using any or all of these outreach methods. Time is of the essence now. Please act today.

1) Invite one or more friends to match your pledge

2) Send a personal e-mail to your social network. Fee free to copy/paste the drafted message below or tweak it to your own voice and liking:   Hey friends, if you believe in good causes, please join me in supporting this important, timely and funny (!) film. Watch the trailer, share it on Facebook, spread the word and pledge! This film focuses on an American basketball player in Iran, but it tells a much bigger story about the power of diplomacy, women's rights and the universal quest for freedom that I think needs telling right now. If the filmmakers can make their goal of 75K, we're looking at a 2012 festival premiere, and likely theatrical release by summer or fall 2012. Click here to watch their trailer and get involved: You'll also find some amazing press coverage below:



HUFFINGTON POST:                                                                                                                                  FILMMAKER MAGAZINE: iran-job/                                                                                            


3) Any pledge can be gifted to other people. Simply go into your backer account, insert the name and email address of the person you'd like to gift to, create a password, and chose a pledge amount

4) If you'd like to increase your pledge amount, please visit the kickstarter page and click “Manage Your Pledge.” Enter a new amount in the pledge amount box. Other useful steps:

  • Post this link to your Facebook and Twitter with your endorsement!

  • If you're in the U.S. and you'll be receiving a reward via mail, consider increasing your pledge by $6 to cover shipping, so more of your donation goes to making the film!

  • If you don't already, please  follow us on Twitter (@TheIranJob)!

Thank you all for being the best ambassadors!!!

Everyone in NYC, please join us at our Fundraiser Dance Party on Thursday, and bring friends! Persepolis, the fantastic Persian restaurant on the Upper East Side, has donated 20 skewers of Kebob - so come on time - they will go fast:-)

Much love and gratitude,

Sara & Till


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