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A professional American basketball player accepts an offer to play in one of the world's most feared countries: Iran.
744 backers pledged $100,466 to help bring this project to life.

The Battle of the Belly vs. Pre-Christmas-Challenge

Posted by Sara Nodjoumi & Till Schauder (Creator)

Hello everyone!

In the past few days we've welcomed 36 new backers to THE IRAN JOB, including one from Greenland! - Thank you all! And welcome!

We've raised just above 17.5K as of today, the trailer keeps getting great exposure (almost 6000 views). That's fantastic support thanks to all of you!

Sadly though in Kickstarter math those numbers mean nothing unless we raise the entire goal of 50K. Our campaign is about to enter the so-called "belly-phase," meaning a lull in fundraising.

Prior to launching the campaign we did our research and found that virtually every Kickstarter campaign has to fight through the grind at some point. Even the lucky campaigns that start strong -- as ours has - typically experience a drop-off in the middle-period of the campaign, which we're now entering.

Our challenge now is to win the "Battle of the Belly" - and we would be immensely grateful for your help. To win the battle we're calling for the "Pre-Christmas-Challenge," which has one objective only:


If we achieve this goal collectively by the beginning of next week THE IRAN JOB will be an unstoppable snowball.

Here are the best tools to achieve this:

Link to the HuffPost Article about our campaign:

Linkd to our campaign's URL:

Before we go we'd like to introduce you to our three fantastic interns who are working tirelessly to make this campaign a success. In fact they've long graduated from being "interns" to becoming incredibly effective outreach-coordinators. They deal with almost all of our social media (they taught Till how to use Facebook!). They're just a fantastic asset and we're very thankful for them.

Below left is Incredible Kristen -- on the right is Fabulous Stephanie

Below on left edge of frame you get a glimpse of Marvelous Minnie (sorry for bad framing!) who's dealing with social outreach; while Incredible Kristen is explaining to Sara (on right) the advantages of Twitter vs. Facebook (we're still learning...)

Please help our hard-working team to win the Battle of the Belly by inspiring ONE person to match your pledge.

We thank you all tremendously for your efforts and support and look forward to sharing some exciting news next week.

Much love and gratitude,

Sara & Till

PS - for those of you new to the campaign, here are some additional tools to maximize your impact:

1) For a personal e-mail to your social network feel free to copy/paste the drafted message below or tweak it to your own voice and liking:   Hey friends, if you believe in good causes, please join me in supporting this important, timely and funny  (!) film. Watch the trailer, share it on Facebook, spread the word and pledge! This film focuses on an American basketball player in Iran, but it tells a much bigger story about the power of diplomacy, women's rights and the universal quest for freedom that I think needs telling right now. If the filmmakers can make their goal, we're looking at a 2012 festival premiere, and likely theatrical release by summer or fall 2012. Click here to watch their trailer and get involved: You'll also find a very funny article published in the Huffington Post last week about this film:

2) Any pledge can be gifted to other people, and since it's the holiday season a pledge would make for a great holiday gift. For example, Person A can give the PLAYMAKER award ($25), or any other pledge level, to Person B as a holiday gift -- it's like a voucher for the pre-release DVD, or for whichever pledge level chosen.

3) Continue spreading the word about the campaign on facebook and twitter


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