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A new MMORPG for players by players.

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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 13, 2012.

About this project

Everywhere you turn there is a game about a post apocalyptic world full of zombies, mutants, and remains of civilized society. What if such an event took place in a time and place of magic, horses, castles, where your sword and your shield were your currency? What if such an event was caused by the most peaceful race upon that world?A group of friends have banded together and have created such a game. We are approaching our fourth year into game creation. The alpha version is currently available to play and test online, the beta is coming soon, but needs work. Art assets, music, animation, sound effects, particle effects (spells) are enormously expensive and time consuming. That is why we have come here to get your help.

Tim Vincent (Owner, Designer, Artist,)

Dennis Healy (World Builder,)

Chris Frankie (World Builder, concept artist,ect.) His games include Redneck Rampage, Carmaggeddon and StarFleet Academy .

Arnold Nesis, whose work has appeared in Diablo 3, Game of Thrones, and countless other projects, has expressed a desire to work with us as well. Which means he will be doing the in game music if we meet our goals. Check out his amazing work:

(Game Story)

This is our second run, perhaps we were not seen enough, or people did not take us seriously. Perhaps the goal was set too high, so we decided to ask for funding for some of the bare bones aspects of the project. You can be assured, we will deliver. I unfortunately don't have a "Quit" button.

In the beginning the world was a flowing, balanced place, full of magic and wonderment. Each thing in existence had it's own connection with the planet. magic as it's known in other realms was not foreign here, it flowed through the land as much as the wind and water. No one speaks of the world's origin, however, almost everyone remembers how it almost came to an end. Since then things have changed. Events great and small have transpired. This story covers a time when the Elven City of Ellessium was destroyed. Only fragments of the “old” knowledge still exist. This is a record of what happened to cause the cataclysm and the events since. While no one really knows how everything transpired, this is the tale most widely told of how the once great city of Elven kind fell into ruin. Ellessium was unmatched in grandeur of the old times, it’s name literally translating to "paradise". Peace and harmony rang true throughout the land. As we all know nothing remains untarnished forever. Queen Enella gave birth to two sons. First born was Aerimis, followed few years later, by Leymeir. King Ishmael ruled until he became unable to do so. He had reached the end of his existence as a mortal being, and began preparations for one of his sons to succeed him. It was tradition for the most qualified elf to rule, not first born, like most societies of the time. The training began. Both sons showed aptitude for magic but only one excelled at melee combat. Leymeir was a swordsman of unfathomed grace. He began to follow the teachings that led him down the path to become one of the most decorated Crusaders of Ellessium. Aerimis was more of the magical nature. He worked day and night and often would lose himself in his studies of magic. He grew in knowledge and power through his training, also becoming one of the most accomplished Arcanists of Ellessium. It was time to choose a successor to the throne. Who would be chosen? With a proud air Ishmael praised both his sons’ accomplishments. He proudly announced that Leymeir would take the throne, and that Aerimis has earned the title of High Arcanist of Ellessium, which was also an adviser to the throne. Leymeir truly didn’t want to lead but knew he had a duty to his people. Aerimis wanted to lead, but some felt he was too fanatical to keep good judgment and maintain balance. The brothers ruled in tandem for many a year, Leymeir tempering his brothers rougher, erratic nature. Aerimis' lust for the throne began to fester over time. His sense of duty kept it in check for the most part. Over the years however Aerimis became more and more erratic, beginning to believe that he was the only person in the world that knew what was best for Ellessium. Though he still showed kindness to the people around him, he began to look down upon other races. As a result of his new found, borderline racism, the council of Elder Arcanists chose to keep a silent watch on him. Leymeir did not agree that his brother was not fit to rule but followed the council’s decision. His brother had definitely become erratic and he didn’t know how much further his brother would slip away. Even though he had replaced him on the throne he still trusted his brother and made him his highest adviser, The High Wizard of Ellessium. Aerimis believed that he was the sole savior of his people. No one knew how deeply this chord ran in him. After several incidents came to light of Aremis' experiments with forbidden magic, Leymeir had to act for the good of his people. As much as it hurt him to do it Leymeir was given no choice but to remove his brother from his post. Aerimis made his brother believe that he understood why, but this pushed him further over the edge. The encroachment of his buried jealously and rage began to feed Aremis’s insanity. He mostly stayed in his tower and wasn’t seen very often by anyone, but his most loyal servants. He began to gain followers who joined him in his tower. By the end of the first five years he had hundreds of followers under his control. This fed his madness further. After the sixth year of his self imposed succession the book called him to it and for the first time he read it. In the pages he found what his warped mind believed to be the salvation of his people. He found a way to free his people from the council and his brother. On the night that the moons were in perfect alignment he began to chant. A great pillar of energy burst from his tower. Leymeir's most loyal adviser and long time friend; Berrella cast a spell of stasis over Leymeir. He ordered him hidden in the palace and called for an evacuation of the city. A mass exodus began as a great energy ball began to form around his tower. Quickly the mages were summoned in to attempt to contain this foreign magic. Every able bodied person schooled in magic of age was brought in around the tower and they chanted in unison, erecting a containment field around the growing chaotic energy. Aerimis believed that he was doing what was best for his people but the rage in him tainted the spell as did the books own corrupted nature. The rage fueled its chaotic nature. Instead of destroying just the place where his brother slept, a massive ball of energy was in fact engulfing the tower and everythingaround it inside the containment area. The energies grew so uncontrolled, so chaotic, that it's sheer magintude of power touched Aermis and he was in awe. For a brief moment that shocking moment of revelation he asked.. " What have I done?" "I only wanted what was best for my people" This is not how it should be." With that he began with new fervor not to complete the spell, but to stop it.... had he come to his senses earlier he would have stood a chance. However as he worked against the energies fueling this anomaly, boney fingers worked as he screamed as flesh was torn from his body, in the blink of an eye, he saw his servants huddled around a doorway, he yelled, "get together now", he teleported his followers from the tower... As he cast his last spell, the chaotic ball ruptured, eradicating where the tower once stood, all of its energy heaving, slamming into the containment field. A few of the younger apprentices screamed in horror as their skulls became aflame with energy, dropping them to the ground. A huge wrestling match was underway, the explosion tossing, weaving, thrashing about like a wild animal wounded. As the elders chanted louder , and yet louder, the ball started to shrink in size. All at once, everyone who was there chanting, burst into magical flame, screams of agony were heard throughout the land, shrieks of anguish and despair. They no longer hand strength, their containment started to fail as they fell. The ball was squeezed into the very land they were protecting. All was quiet, for a moment. The earth started to shake, the earth began to toss and turn, and almost sway like jello, then large cracks started to form, and magma, and energy, erupted from the land. The explosions threw energy, dust, and large chunks of the city miles into the air. Those who saw the first explosions couldn't believe their eyes. These events began here but went through the entire planet. The devastation was very great, and the time became known as the "Great Darkness" No one has been back to where it started, the land was labeled cursed and forbidden... Dare you venture out to Quest the Remnants of Chaos?


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