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Innovative suspension cruiser bicycle/frame, custom designed and built in Southern California by Cycles U.S.
Innovative suspension cruiser bicycle/frame, custom designed and built in Southern California by Cycles U.S.
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Updated Component and Project Status


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Color Swatches Sent!

If you purchased a powder coated bike or frame please check your email! We have sent out the color swatches to everyone who pledged for bike(s) or paid extra for a powder coated frame(s) only. If you did not receive an email from us please get back to me at 

There are 25 standard colors to choose from and the price of powder coating is included in the price of your bike pledge or if you paid extra on your frame pledge.

ALSO...we are sending a FREE T-shirt with each bike purchased. If you have not sent us your shirt size please do that as well.

We look forward to seeing what colors everyone selects!
Thank you,
Cycles U.S./Cruisers U.S. Beachcomber

Colors! and Drive Sprockets!

Hi Everyone - 

If you pledged for a complete bike be sure to check your email later this week. We finally got the list of powder coating swatches from our partner and we will be circulating them via email. We think we have assembled a great list of choices from the top powder coating supply companies in the market - hopefully there is something for everyone. But remember, if you don't see one you love, there is still the option of us ordering in custom powder (but in this case a fee to cover the cost of ordering the powder will apply). If you use one of the colors we send on the swatches it is included in the price of your bike. In all cases we will do a minimum of 2 stage - color and clear - and in some cases it takes 3 stages (base coat, color.clear) to get the color as shown. Powder coating is a beautiful, smooth and durable finish.

We are working to complete a handful of small custom parts and the center drive sprocket for the jackshafts is finally in production. This was the final part needed to complete the jackshafts, and although the machine work is complex it works awesome.

Wheelsets are done, tires are being mounted. The list is getting shorter. We appreciate everyone's patience and will continue to provide updates as more info is available. We want these bikes on the road! They will be even better than the photos and video show!

Let us know if you have any questions. And if you haven't sent us shirt sizes (one per bike or frame) make sure you do!


Quick Update

Quick update - We are working diligently on completing the bikes. Wheelsets are near completion (we had to order them directly from Shimano in Japan and it took forever but they are here and all of the wheels are nearly done, including a couple of special sets ordered directly). Frames are in final production. Almost all of the other parts are in house or in transit to our warehouse. Once everything is here we will inventory and send out color info. Powder Coating will be 2nd to last step and we are trying to get the broadest selection of stock colors possible. Oh, and forks are at polishers too. So we are getting there. We apologize for the delay and look forward to getting everyone their frames/bikes. Thanks for your patience - it WILL be worth it! Putting a new bike into production has many moving parts and lots to coordinate, especially a bike of this caliber and functionality. Best Regards, Alan

Message to all Bicycle and Frame Sponsors!

We assume you have been watching our posts but if not we wanted to send out a general update. We have had a few setbacks but are working as hard as we can to get the bikes/frames completed and delivered. The jackshaft redesign slowed us down a little, but made it an even better product - the entire drivetrain is now bulletproof! There is absolutely nothing like it in the market. And the recent strike at the L.A. port has slowed us getting in critical parts (like the roller brake hubs). But we have smoothed out all the issues and critical items like the wheelsets are now in final production. We will be forwarding color choices soon too. We appreciate your patience and continued support and can't wait for everyone to get their bikes! If you have any questions, as always please email or message me.
Thank you!
Cycles U.S.