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Innovative suspension cruiser bicycle/frame, custom designed and built in Southern California by Cycles U.S.
Innovative suspension cruiser bicycle/frame, custom designed and built in Southern California by Cycles U.S.
48 backers pledged $33,259 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Alan Discount 5 days ago

      The funds are now in the proper escrow account and I am hopeful they will be mailed early in the week.

    2. Creator Daniel Pierson 5 days ago

      oh, okay.

    3. Creator Alan Discount 5 days ago

      Because we are handling this the way we have been told to by counsel. All refunds will be sent via certified mail, return receipt requested. No exceptions. Sorry.

    4. Creator Daniel Pierson 5 days ago

      Alan - why can't I just pick up my check from you in person?

    5. Creator Alan Discount 5 days ago

      Daniel - Refunds are being taken care as part of resolving this for everyone involved. The entire project has had so many issues and problems, cost us so much more money than we raised, and been dragged out with not one but two legal battles. As a result we need to be very judicious is making sure we take care of everyone in the pledge group as a 'group' - not just stopping what we are doing to address your individual needs. If that upsets you I apologize. Everyone has been extremely patient and cooperative. Probably more than we deserve given the circumstances. And to be frank, we are far more motivated to take care of those that have handled the situation calmly and professionally than those that haven't.

    6. Creator Daniel Pierson 5 days ago

      What is your reason for not wanting to mail me a check for my refund?
      The Post Office is open today, send me a Tracking Number.
      Make what you say become the truth.

    7. Creator Alan Discount 6 days ago

      No Daniel - if Paypal is an option then we will of course either cover any fees or send in a manner that avoids any fees on your end.

    8. Creator Daniel Pierson 6 days ago

      So, now you want for me to have to pay to receive my money from you?
      The PayPal charge would be $101.80 to get my $3,500 refund.
      But I can't pick up my check in person??

    9. Creator Alan Discount 6 days ago

      Refund checks are being mailed - or for those that prefer, I can check to see if we able to send funds via paypal. With the time that has passed we need to have the proper documentation and paper trail indicating we have completed the transaction. So if we can do Paypal I would assume we would need a verified paypal account, that is in the same name as the person who made the pledge, and we would also need your written permission to send the funds via Paypal. I will see if we can do that and if so post again as soon as I confirm. Thank you.

    10. Creator Daniel Pierson 6 days ago

      It was SIXTEEN days ago when you stated "we are mailing checks".
      ya, I didn't think so...
      Can I just pick up my check in person?

    11. Creator Alan Discount on January 29

      Yes, as soon as bikes are shipped and refunds are mailed everyone will receive a tracking number. If anyone needs a change of address message me. The surveys are now closed in preparation for shipping. Thank you.

    12. Creator Daniel Pierson on January 28

      You said eight days ago: "We are mailing checks".
      I would expect that you'll have a Tracking Number
      if you mail a $3,500 check

    13. Creator Daniel Pierson on January 28

      Alan, can you also give us a more definitive date for when you will mail my refund check?
      It would be very nice to receive an advance notice from you.
      Otherwise, I might sit and wait for a check that never arrives,
      because it should only takes two or three days to get to me.

    14. Creator Alan Discount on January 27

      Yes we will do our best to give you advance notice. The bike is designed to ship in 2 USPS compliant boxes to try and minimize tax and other issues on International orders. Thank you.

    15. Creator Samuel Chieng on January 27

      Alan, great news that the bike is ready to ship. Can you give us a more definitive date? I would really appreciate it if you can give us a more precise shipping date since I am a international backer and would likely face custom inspections and possible import taxation issues. Thanks.
      Really happy that this is finally coming to a resolution and thank you for your efforts and for not giving up.

    16. Creator Daniel Pierson on January 23

      Ok, to help the rest of your backers, here's how to change your address.
      Click on the blue 'View Pledge' button on this page.
      Click on where it says 'Survey'.
      Click 'Edit address'.

    17. Creator Alan Discount on January 23

      There is no single "link" per se. Everyone received an individual message with a link from Kickstarter directly. I have requested that the survey be resent to everyone.

    18. Creator Daniel Pierson on January 23

      ok, let's make this real easy then...
      Give us a link to the survey!

    19. Creator Alan Discount on January 23

      The survey and ability to update mailing/shipping info has been up for a while and has been communicated. In fact a few people already submitted updates. Thank you

    20. Creator Daniel Pierson on January 23

      If what you say is true, don't you think you should provide a link to this "Kickstarter Survey"? Or, how about an email before you mail checks to old addresses?
      Oh ya, the old "lost in the mail" trick...

    21. Creator Alan Discount on January 20

      We are mailing checks. The Kickstarter survey has been reopened for a while in case anyone needs to update mailing/shipping address. Thank you

    22. Creator Daniel Pierson on January 20

      And what method are you using to refund my money to me?

    23. Creator Alan Discount on January 18

      Yes. We are cleared to ship and are finalizing the packing for both domestic and international shipping. Bikes will ship shortly and funds are being processed for refunds as requested. Thank you

    24. Creator Kim Smed on January 18

      Any new news for Q1 of 2016?

    25. Creator Daniel Pierson on November 18

      I don't care about patents, I don't want bikes.
      Just send me my refund.

    26. Creator Alan Discount on November 12

      Bruce - I have been in constant communication with you and provided many details of the challenges we have faced. I understand your frustration and share in it. This project has cost be about ten times what was raised in not one, but two legal battles. One to take back a company that was trashed and another to defend our right to produce and ship the bike due to an argument that someone else created and patented similar technology (suspension frame). Our goal is to make this right for everyone as quickly as possible. But once lawyers and courts are involved (including International disputes) things get ugly and drawn out in ways I never imagined. We will do whatever it takes and spend whatever needed to get this resolved for all of our backers satisfactorily. For those of you who are hanging in there, thank you.

    27. Creator Bruce Vollert on November 12

      after waiting almost 4 years and hearing all of Alans story about this kickstarter project I believe we have all been ripped off... he is a extender of why and what but never can give us a date when will be compensated...write it off if you can..I wish Alan Discount All the best Karma he deserves pure bullshit from him for a while now.

    28. Creator Alan Discount on October 13

      Good idea Kim. We should have the final legal resolution any day and will be cleared to ship. If anyone has a new address please update it ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

    29. Creator Kim Smed on October 13

      Please re-open the survey portion so that addresses can be changed. It can be left open until shortly before shipping labels are printed allowing for near last minute address changes without and confusion. thanks again.

    30. Creator Alan Discount on September 10

      Sounds good - thanks Kim!

    31. Creator Kim Smed on September 10

      Alan, I am glad you are back at the helm of your old ship. I know you are doing the best you can and dealing with a lot of angry people. I wanted to drop you a note to say that I am still looking forward to receiving my bike and doing a write-up in my magazine about it. Of course I will forward a copy or ten to you when we publish. maybe I'll see you at interbike this year.

    32. Creator Alan Discount on August 21

      I am pushing for a resolution within the next couple of weeks. Thank u

    33. Creator Samuel Chieng on August 21

      Alan, can you at least give us an estimate as to when we would expect everything to be resolved?
      Like Daniel said, it has been 3 years......

    34. Creator Alan Discount on August 17

      Daniel - We have had one final legal hurdle to clear and once we do we will be able to satisfy all shipments and requests for refunds. I did try and get your refund processed and thought it had been prior to this issue surfacing. So my apologies for that mis-information. If you feel like you need to take legal action there is nothing I can do. But once we have the current issue resolved we will be taking care of everyone right away. I would go into details but until the legal matter is resolved I am not allowed to by law to do so.

    35. Creator Daniel Pierson on August 17

      Alan Cole, you've had my money for three years.
      Despite what you keep saying, you are still keeping my money.
      Do I need to take you to court to get my money refunded?
      An honest person would reply to this matter,
      but you're being awfully quiet about this problem.
      When are you going to give me back my $3,500?????

    36. Creator Daniel Pierson on August 8, 2015

      No, Alan. You have not refunded my money to me.
      I want my money back, Alan.

    37. Creator Daniel Pierson on July 2, 2015

      Well Alan Cole, I still have not received anything back from you.
      If what you say is true, then you shouldn't have any problem with providing me with the transaction details.
      Please show me where you refunded my money.
      It would be real nice of you to settle this matter.

    38. Creator Alan Discount on June 26, 2015

      All chargeback refunds have now been processed. You should check with your card issuing bank.

    39. Creator Daniel Pierson on June 26, 2015

      You owe me $3,500 Alan Cole.
      Your continued silence on this matter makes you seem as though you just plan to steal my money from me?
      Please do something to resolve this matter.
      Say something...

    40. Creator Daniel Pierson on June 10, 2015

      Alan Cole, when are you going to send me my $3,500 refund?
      Please reply...

    41. Creator Daniel Pierson on June 3, 2015

      It's been a month now since you said you'd send me an email, and it's quite obvious that you aren't going to do that.
      So then, I'll quit expecting it, and how about you quit using that for an excuse for not refunding my money?
      Let's go back to waiting for you to refund my money via PayPal, ok?
      But, you probably have more excuses...

    42. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 26, 2015

      Alan, you said you would email me proof of your excuse for not refunding my money that you owe to me. THREE WEEKS AGO!
      You always have excuses. But from your backer's point of view, you haven't been able to prove anything to us yet.
      You haven't shown us any type of proof that these bicycles even exist. But we're supposed to just keep believing whatever you say?
      And you can't send an email for THREE WEEKS????

    43. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 26, 2015

      Alan, what's keeping you from emailing?

    44. Creator Alan Discount on May 24, 2015

      Samuel - When I took back the company after selling it and having it driven into the ground, in hindsight I should have scrapped this project and started over. When we finally got a full assessment of where this project was it was a nightmare. Bikes that were ready to ship once the sale went through were damaged, key parts sold or thrown away, etc. Each bike had to be stripped down and started from ground zero. Parts had to be remade with new suppliers because old relationships had been trashed, and on and on. We are turning the corner and have complete bikes starting to be inventoried and the next step is packaging and shipping. We will get them out the door very soon. But one thing I wouldn't do is ship an inferior product after this ridiculously long wait. You guys deserve better than that. I will be back to everyone shortly and with some luck you can all salvage this riding season. Thank you.

    45. Creator Samuel Chieng on May 24, 2015

      Alan, what's keeping you from delivering? Can you please give us an update?

    46. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 22, 2015

      Alan, you said you would email me a copy of the transaction, that you claim exists, back on May 5th. This makes you seem to be not believable.
      How about you quit with all your excuses and simply refund the money that you know you owe to me?
      PayPal will work fine for me. Do you think you can accomplish that soon?

    47. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 19, 2015

      No Alan, the transaction does not exist, that is why you can not send me a copy of it.
      It does not take over two weeks to send an email.
      You just do not want to refund my $3,500, isn't that the real problem here?

    48. Creator Alan Discount on May 13, 2015

      The transaction (chargeback) does exist - I have seen it. And I was copied on the email to you. I will forward it to you.

    49. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 13, 2015

      Alan, you said you were going to send me an email a WEEK ago.
      You cannot send me a copy of a transaction that does not exist.
      You can quit with all your excuses, and send me my refund now, via PayPal.
      Or do you have a new excuse?

    50. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 8, 2015

      It's been two days now, and you have not emailed me.
      Why am I not surprised?
      Your definition of "shortly" must be much different than mine.
      Once again, what you say does not become the truth.
      But, like always, it's somebody else's fault than your's Alan.
      Do you think you can get "the person" to do what you say you've asked them to do?
      Or, maybe there is no such refund transaction for you to send me a copy of it?

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