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Innovative suspension cruiser bicycle/frame, custom designed and built in Southern California by Cycles U.S.
Innovative suspension cruiser bicycle/frame, custom designed and built in Southern California by Cycles U.S.
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    1. Alan Discount Creator 4 days ago

      I don't have them and am not personally sending anything. As mentioned to Bruce the accountants who are sending them have been requested to send out the tracking info to each of u directly

    2. Daniel Pierson 4 days ago

      Where is the tracking info you said you would get for me 13 days ago?
      You can't provide that info because it doesn't exist?
      Go ahead and post my tracking number right here,
      so that everybody can begin to believe you.

    3. Alan Discount Creator 4 days ago

      I have asked them to send all tracking and shipping info to each recipient directly

    4. Bruce Vollert 4 days ago

      Aloha Alan
      I see that you claim that your accountants have sent out refunds on August 12th. If they were sent as certified return receipt requested I believe then the letter would go first class USPS. Although I am in the middle of the pacific ocean in Hawaii the letter should be here by now.
      When the Accontants sent the refund checks why didnt they send tracking info at the same time? Would it be possible to provide the name of the accounting firm and contact info? Seems to me that would be the ea
      sy way to get the answers we need.

    5. Daniel Pierson 4 days ago

      Alan, here's another reminder for you.
      You never mailed my refund to me,
      that is why you cannot provide any info.
      When are you going mail my refund?

    6. Alan Discount Creator 6 days ago

      I forgot to send a message to them to ask. Will message them now. Thanks for the reminder.

    7. Daniel Pierson 6 days ago

      Alan, on August 12th you said "I will get certified number for you from the accountants."
      That was eleven days ago.
      When are you going to make what you say become the truth?

    8. Daniel Pierson on August 18

      well Alan, there is still no refund from you at the Post Office. I didn't think there would be. It doesn't take this long for mail to get here. So, now it's time for you to provide me with the tracking number to prove what you are saying is the truth. Please...

    9. Alan Discount Creator on August 16

      The accountants said everything went out. Please give it another day or two and let me know

    10. Daniel Pierson on August 16

      well Alan, did you verify that my refund never was mailed to me yet?

    11. Daniel Pierson on August 12

      All of my mail gets delivered to the Post Office, not at my address

    12. Alan Discount Creator on August 12

      It was sent certified return receipt requested. I will get certified number for you from the accountants. If you are not home when it arrives they won't leave it. It requires a signature.

    13. Daniel Pierson on August 12

      well Alan, I still have NOT received my refund from you.
      And, I have NOT received a tracking number either.
      You do have a tracking number, don't you?

    14. Alan Discount Creator on August 9

      Sorry for the typo. It should say bonded carrier.

    15. Alan Discount Creator on August 9

      Yes we sent them to abounded carrier in bulk. They were handling shipping to each individual destination. You should hear from them shortly with delivery info and tracking. Thank you.

    16. Kim Smed on August 9

      Alan, any update on shipping? I haven't seen tracking and they were to have shipped last month.

    17. Alan Discount Creator on August 7

      They were mailed Give it until mid week and contact me if any issues. Thank u

    18. Daniel Pierson on August 7

      Alan, why haven't you sent me my refund yet?

    19. Alan Discount Creator on August 1

      i will call attorneys. They were supposed to mail by end of the month

    20. Daniel Pierson on August 1

      Alan, why haven't you sent me my refund yet?

    21. Alan Discount Creator on July 16

      We were required to ship the bikes with a bonded fulfillment company. The court wanted a third party to control the shipping process for documentation reasons. The have received the bikes in bulk and are coordinating shipping of individual bikes now. They have told us to expect deliveries to recipients before the end of the month. They will send each backer shipping info as they release them. Thank you.

    22. Kim Smed on July 16

      Alan, as five more weeks have passed since shipping had supposedly begun, I was hoping for a shipping update.

    23. Alan Discount Creator on July 10

      The checks were signed weeks ago. I have been on the road. Will check into it but they should be on their way.

    24. Bruce Vollert on July 10

      Alan its now July what is the update on refunds?

    25. Alan Discount Creator on June 18

      As I posted below everything should be resolved this month. Thank u

    26. Daniel Pierson on June 18

      Alan, I have NOT received my refund check from you yet. Is there a problem? You said you were countersigning the checks to be sent 7 weeks ago.

    27. Alan Discount Creator on June 9

      Yes the legal issues are resolved and we are beginning to ship. Our goal is to have this project fulfilled to everyone's satisfaction in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience.

    28. Kim Smed on June 9

      So shipping in April has passed. May is done and gone. An chance June of 2016 is in the cards?

    29. Alan Discount Creator on May 27

      I will be at the lawyers this week counter signing checks from the settlement escrow account. They will be released then. Thanks to everyone who has been patient during this trying ordeal.

    30. Daniel Pierson on May 27

      Alan, when will you send me my refund?

    31. Alan Discount Creator on May 2

      As you all know we have been embattled in a legal conflict for the last number of years. We had a company that appeared to be well funded acquire our business, as well as products and projects in development such as the Suspension Cruiser. The project was near completion when they took over the business and they were contractually bound to make sure all Kickstarter backers that had not yet received their rewards from their pledges did so. Over an extended period of time not only did they ignore their contractual obligations they ruined the business we spent many years building into a leader in the industry. After a great deal of legal back and forth in which many times over the amount that was raised in the Kickstarter program was spent in legal fees, we re-assumed ownership of the business, which although it was in a shambles, to try and make good on this program as well as other obligations that were left unfulfilled. Each step has been painful and costly, with lawyers involved and intervening to ensure everything was properly documented so we could recover some form of restitution from the buyer's who ruined the business. So at this point nothing leaves our warehouse or our bank accounts without full involvement or documentation by the lawyers. Running a business is tough enough. Running a business that has been ruined is almost impossible. And running a business burdened by lawyers that won't let you make a single move without documentation and court proceedings is a nightmare. In hindsight it would have been cheaper to refund the money then to pay all the administrative costs and fees we have encountered. But we have been acting on principle and the desire to make things right for those involved who backed the project. Once again we are at the point where the product is ready (this is the third time we have been here) and we are awaiting the green light to ship and issue refunds. Although I have a respect for our judicial system, the pace at which it moves is ridiculous. So that is where we are at. I know I sound like a broken record, but the end is almost here. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.

    32. Samuel Chieng on May 2

      Alan, can you please give us a more detailed comment about what is actually happening. I am fast losing hope as to receiving the bike. Just want a confirmation as to whether I will ever receive the pledge.
      Thank you.

    33. Alan Discount Creator on April 26

      Shipping by end of month. Thank u

    34. Kim Smed on April 26

      Alan, Just looking for a revised ship date as March has passed and now most of April. thanks in advance.

    35. Alan Discount Creator on April 8

      Lawyers were supposed to send them this week. Funds are in the escrow account. I have a message into them to confirm

    36. Daniel Pierson on April 8

      Alan, when are you going to send refunds?

    37. Alan Discount Creator on March 30

      Yes. About a week out. Thank you

    38. Samuel Chieng on March 30

      Alan, still no news on shipping?

    39. Alan Discount Creator on March 14

      I am doing everything I can to try and get them out this week. Might be early next.

    40. Kim Smed on March 14

      Alan, any update as to when shipping will be happening?

    41. Alan Discount Creator on February 23, 2016

      I saw them print the list of checks as well as shipping info for the bikes. Should be any day now. We will email all parties mail/shipping info.

    42. Daniel Pierson on February 23, 2016

      Well Alan, another Monday has gone by. Again.
      What do you have to say now, about your inactions?

    43. Daniel Pierson on February 18, 2016

      Alan, did you get that definitive answer yet?

    44. Alan Discount Creator on February 13, 2016

      we are not cutting the refund checks from our account - to keep in compliance with our lawyers recommendations we are having them issue the checks from the escrow account. They say it should be early next week but I will know a more definitive answer Monday

    45. Daniel Pierson on February 13, 2016

      which week did you mean?

    46. Alan Discount Creator on February 7, 2016

      The funds are now in the proper escrow account and I am hopeful they will be mailed early in the week.

    47. Alan Discount Creator on February 6, 2016

      Because we are handling this the way we have been told to by counsel. All refunds will be sent via certified mail, return receipt requested. No exceptions. Sorry.

    48. Daniel Pierson on February 6, 2016

      Alan - why can't I just pick up my check from you in person?

    49. Alan Discount Creator on February 6, 2016

      Daniel - Refunds are being taken care as part of resolving this for everyone involved. The entire project has had so many issues and problems, cost us so much more money than we raised, and been dragged out with not one but two legal battles. As a result we need to be very judicious is making sure we take care of everyone in the pledge group as a 'group' - not just stopping what we are doing to address your individual needs. If that upsets you I apologize. Everyone has been extremely patient and cooperative. Probably more than we deserve given the circumstances. And to be frank, we are far more motivated to take care of those that have handled the situation calmly and professionally than those that haven't.

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