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Innovative suspension cruiser bicycle/frame, custom designed and built in Southern California by Cycles U.S.
Created by

Alan Discount

48 backers pledged $33,259 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Daniel Pierson 3 days ago

      Alan, are you still trying to figure out that you have NOT paid me back the $3,500 that you owe to me?
      How many bicycles have you shipped out so far? None?

    2. Creator Daniel Pierson on March 21

      Alan, I can gladly provide to you my specific transaction numbers and dates, from Amazon Payments. To you...
      Then you "can match the transactions to the respective party."
      Would that that help you to figure out that you still owe me my $3,500 refund?
      What is your hangup? Get it done!

    3. Creator Daniel Pierson on March 18

      Ok, I'll check back with you again tomorrow.
      Hope you're not planning on spending the next two years trying to figure out whether you owe me money or not.

    4. Creator Alan Discount on March 18

      Unfortunately you telling me the numbers on your card is not the same as us making sure we have proper records of all transactions. We are working on it.

    5. Creator Daniel Pierson on March 18

      No Alan, I did not submit a request to my credit card company.
      No Alan, I was not issued a refund.
      So then, you're worried that I'm trying to get paid twice from you?
      Well, that sounds like it's just some more excuses from you.
      It's just a simple refund, how difficult is that to accomplish?
      The last four numbers of my card is 4375, that's me.
      Just pay me back the money that belongs to me, you've had it for far too long now.

    6. Creator Alan Discount on March 18

      I am sorting through chargebacks/refunds. It does appear that at one point you may have submitted a request to your credit card company - it is hard for us to tell from the info we received as it only shows amounts and last four digits of credit cards. I have asked for details from our merchant processor so I can match the transactions to the respective party. If it shows that you were not issued the funds we will process your refund.

    7. Creator Daniel Pierson on March 18

      Alan, do you still have any more reasons for not paying me my $3,500 that you know you owe to me?

    8. Creator Alan Discount on March 16

      Daniel - I have been out of the office for personal reasons but will follow up to confirm what you are saying today. Thank you.

    9. Creator Daniel Pierson on March 16

      No Alan, I don't think you'll find that anything's been processed.
      And I'm still waiting for my $3,500 refund from you.
      Would today be a good day for you to get that done?

    10. Creator Alan Discount on March 12

      Not quiet - just busy cleaning up messes Daniel. I was told you had submitted a chargeback to your original form of payment. Let me check on our end if that was processed.

    11. Creator Daniel Pierson on March 12

      no response....
      you're awfully quiet Alan
      Nov 6th - "Once I regain control (which I am hoping will be in a very short time) anyone that wants a refund (and didn't already receive it back when I owned the business) I will gladly send them a check or Paypal for the full amount.
      So then, when are you going to gladly send me a check for my $3,500???
      Feb. 4th - "...I am back in control and working on getting the shipments out."

    12. Creator Daniel Pierson on March 5

      Alan, can I expect to receive my refund from you soon?

    13. Creator Alan Discount on February 4

      Yes, I am back in control and working on getting the shipments out. Thanks for all your patience.

    14. Creator Samuel Chieng on February 4

      Alan, any progress?

    15. Creator Alan Discount on December 2

      Thanks, Wes. This whole experience has given me a black eye and I am going to make it right for the backers.

    16. Creator Wes on November 27

      Alan... I know this has been drawn out forever but the one thing people can't deny is that you have always responded back to posts on this blog. If you were really trying to scam people I would have expected you to just disappear with the cash. Nice to see you are trying to regain control of the business and make things right with people. Kudos to you for that.

    17. Creator Wes on November 27

      Joseph Ryan... I log onto this website every once in a while to see if this drama is still ongoing. Obviously it is. Here is what I did for resolution...

      The day I found out the company was getting sold I asked for a refund knowing the shenanigans that would go on. After a few months of no refund I went directly through my credit card company. I paid the $3500 (through amazon payments like everyone else) using my Visa card. I went directly through my credit card company for a refund. If you used your bank card, I'm guessing it was run through as credit which should offer you protection on your purchase even if it was a long time ago. Open a fraud case with the bank card you used by calling the number on the back of the card. I had to type up a letter giving facts of the case. I included a link to this website as everything the investigators would need is right here.

      I've never heard a word from the "new owners" and don't expect to. I figured they would contact me even though I got my refund to see if I might be interested in buying the 5 custom colored bikes I ordered if they were truly completed. No such luck.

      Good luck getting your refund. Filing a claim with your card company is probably the only way to get your money back at this point.

    18. Creator Alan Discount on November 6

      Once I regain control (which I am hoping will be in a very short time) anyone that wants a refund (and didn't already receive it back when I owned the business) I will gladly send them a check or Paypal for the full amount. But until that happens the money that was received by the company to build the bikes and none of it went in my pocket. So it is the company that will be processing any refunds.

    19. Creator Daniel Pierson on November 6

      How about your first action is to write me a check for $3,500?
      Put it in the mail today, that would be great.
      What's your excuse for not doing that?
      I sent my money to you Alan, not some fictitious 'new owners'.
      Whatever you did with my money shouldn't be my problem.

    20. Creator Alan Discount on November 3, 2014

      A few months ago I initiated legal action to take back the business and am suing the new owners for negligence. I know the bikes are sitting in boxes with addresses on them ready to ship. My first action is successful with the lawyers is to get them out the door.

    21. Creator joseph ryan on November 3, 2014

      wow...after my last response i have lost 100 % faith in any fairy tale ending to this drama...i have been patient beyond belief and supportive,etc..until my recent email from you Alan which pretty much stated that we have no recourse through Amazon for refunds ..and we were basically out of luck getting our money back...I bought in using my bank card through amazon , and am curious to see if any others have done the same ? or what avenue you all were taking in hopes of getting some sort of refund...which seems more bleak every time i get correspondence...have any of you received any contact from this new owner or recouped any of your initial backing???just curious to see what everyone is either doing in regards to this situation...or what your feelings are in regard to this nightmare...i have heard the " sold the business" story...but that does not cut it for have a responsibility to your backers...i cant believe that all will simply sit by and lick our wounds...not in my world any way...hey kickstarter what gives?????????

    22. Creator Daniel Pierson on November 2, 2014

      Alan, can I get an address for where I can walk in and pick up my check? Or how about a phone number to make arrangements?
      Can I get a name for the mysteriously anonymous "new owners"?
      How about an email address that actually functions?
      Why all the secrecy? When is this all going to get resolved?
      I have lots of questions that never get answered, so I'm still feeling as if I've been robbed of my $3,500.

    23. Creator Daniel Pierson on October 16, 2014

      Alan, on Sept 20th you commented - "...any refund requests will receive communications as well."
      So what's going on? Where's the communication? Where's my refund?
      The website still refuses to reply to me.
      This is beyond ridiculous now, and still nothing you've said has become the truth yet.

    24. Creator Daniel Pierson on September 24, 2014

      "...all open business can now be resolved."
      Does this mean they'll be giving me my $3,500?
      They have refused to reply to my last three messages that I sent them via the Cycles U.S. website.
      What does it take to get them to be in contact with me?
      Customer Satisfaction is minus ten

    25. Creator Alan Discount on September 24, 2014

      The bike is entering the market under a new brand, owned by the new owner (although Kickstarter bikes have a Cycles U.S. headbadge and graphics). It was introduced, as I mentioned below, at a private dealer reception at the venue. I am not sure if they had the bike on the show floor or not - I did not attend. Cycles U.S. as an entity did not have a booth at the show. I have been told they are shipping now that the production model has been released and all open business can now be resolved.

    26. Creator Daniel Pierson on September 24, 2014

      In the list of exhibitors at the Interbike 2014 there is not a listing for Choppers U.S. or for Cycles U.S. or for Cruisers U.S.
      Is there another company name that I don't know about?
      Here is the list of exhibitors that were at the Interbike 2014, from their website -

    27. Creator Alan Discount on September 20, 2014

      The production version was introduced last week at Interbike at a dealer reception in Mandalay Bay. It is my understanding that now the bike has been presented to the market, the kickstarter bikes can finally ship. Also, any refund requests will receive communications as well. Thanks for hanging in there.

    28. Creator Daniel Pierson on September 19, 2014

      Is there a phone number for the "new owners"? Do they have names?
      Do they even exist?
      They have refused to reply to my messages when trying to contact them through the ChoppersU.S. website.
      Looks like we've been burned...

    29. Creator Wes on June 14, 2014

      Daniel... Why are you still waiting for Alan? He SOLD the company. He no longer controls any aspect of the company including refunds.

      I told you twice how to get your money back without waiting for Alan or the new owners. Let me know if you need a hand with it.

    30. Creator Daniel Pierson on June 12, 2014

      Alan, would you care to share with us the reason for refusing to send me my refund? I am not waiting for the bicycles to be introduced, so what does that have to do with keeping my money?

    31. Creator Daniel Pierson on June 6, 2014

      I requested a refund seven months ago, and for seven months they've been promising me a refund, and for seven months they've refused to mail it to me.
      On two seperate occasions I was told my check has been cut and waiting to be signed and mailed.
      What kind of company does that? One that is as broke as I am maybe?
      I'm still waiting for the day when anything they've told me actually becomes the truth.

    32. Creator Bruce Vollert on June 6, 2014

      For all still hanging in there this is what I received 5/28/14 after contacting

      Thank you for your email. We are writing to confirm your pledge for (5) of the Kickstarter suspension cruisers. We are still working on the coordination of the bikes and our launch of this exciting line in the market. The initial small production run for Kickstarter will be the only one of its kind, as our production models have had some features change - as such they will likely become collector's items.

      Our plans are to ship them as soon as possible. We will contact you with the shipping information as soon as they are on their way. We appreciate your patience and know that you will love the bikes.

      Please be advised that we are transitioning our email addresses to the appropriate parties and this email is unable to receive replies. If you need to contact us for any reason, please use the same "contact us" page on our website you used earlier today.

      Thank you,
      Customer Support
      Cycles U.S.

      I am still thinking positve on this...been a long time envolved. Want the bikes but its really been a LONG ride.........

    33. Creator Alan Discount on June 5, 2014

      Daniel - I am quiet because my involvement in the business is diminishing over time. But there is both a business and personal commitment to make sure everyone gets what they pledged for by the new owners and myself. I reply to all emails in a timely fashion, but since I am not as actively involved, do not have access every day. My facebook page is still there - but all I maintain is my own personal (non-cycling) page.

    34. Creator Daniel Pierson on June 5, 2014

      Anybody else notice that Alan ColeDiscount has removed his Facebook page?
      See it there on the right, just below his picture, go ahead click on it.

    35. Creator Daniel Pierson on June 5, 2014

      You've been awfully quiet for a quite while now, Alan.
      Doesn't seem like this is important to you at all.
      And now you've quit replying to my emails even? That's rather suspicious...
      Why not just tell everybody they won't receive their bicycles or their refunds either?
      Or do you finally have some good news for your loyal backers?

    36. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 27, 2014

      It seems like the "new owners" are not doing a lot of things that they should be doing.
      You'd think they'd have some interest in this message board and be involved in this somehow, but they choose to remain anonymous and uninvolved.
      They should be replying to the emails that I've sent to their company, but they choose to remain silent.
      They should've sent me my $3,500 refund a long time ago, but they choose keep the money that they've stolen from me.
      They've changed their Cycles U.S. page on Facebook right after I commented on it, so that comments are no longer allowed from anyone.
      And still, so far nothing that we've been told about this has become the truth.
      It's not looking good...

    37. Creator Alan Discount on May 24, 2014

      I do not believe the new owners are monitoring this message board, but I can tell you they have your information. The company's offices are closed for the holiday so unfortunately you won't get any action until they return. I have sent yet another message and will continue to do so on your behalf until this is resolved.

    38. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 24, 2014

      Over six months of asking for my refund is bullshit!!
      The new owners are too busy to mail me a check?
      Too busy to reply to my emails I've sent to the company?
      Or just too broke to pay their bills?

    39. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 19, 2014

      So when do they plan to send me my refund, within the next six months?
      Why should that be so impossible to get done? Just pay your bills!
      Why is this all such a big secret?
      Why hasn't anybody been contacted by these new owners?
      Why do emails to the company still get no response from the 'responsible parties'?
      If they own the company now, when are they going to start doing there jobs, and quit hiding behind Alan?
      Mailing my check to me should only take a few minutes, not months!

    40. Creator Alan Discount on May 19, 2014

      All I can say is that I have seen the new company's plans for the people who have hung in there and it will be worth the wait. Thank you.

    41. Creator Wes on May 17, 2014

      Daniel... I asked for my refund back in November and waited a few months and got nothing. Just contact your credit card company for a refund. You dont need to do anything with amazon payments and it wont delay the process as Alan mentioned in a prior post. I had my $3500 refund back within a few days from my card company. If you wait too long, it might be harder to get the refund. I just had to provide a written request (which i faxed) for the refund and a link to this comment section. Everything they need to know is all here.

      Don't wait for "soon" or you might be out bikes and money. It's so amazing that this thing is STILL being dragged out nearly two years later.

    42. Creator Alan Discount on May 16, 2014

      Daniel I have sent them a message every day this week and they assure me you are at the top of their list to contact. Hopefully the squeaky wheel will get the grease. ;) As discussed, I will do whatever I can to get some action for you.

    43. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 16, 2014

      I need to speak with this 'fulfillment person' about a refund that is over SIX MONTHS OVERDUE, this matter doesn't deserve any more patience.
      Your definition of 'soon' must be very different than mine?

    44. Creator Alan Discount on May 16, 2014

      I have always been very responseive providing what information was available at the time questions are asked. The business is now sold and the future of this project is in the hands of the new owners. They have promised to reach out to everyone now that the transition (moving inventory, legal agreements, training, etc.) is completed. My aplogies for the delays and sincere thanks for hanging in there. I am confident you will all be riding soon. Please remember, if you have relocated since the project started send me your new address so I can forward it to the fulfillment person who will be shipping bikes and/or mailing refunds. Thank you.

    45. Creator Daniel Pierson on May 16, 2014

      I asked for a refund of my $3,500 back at the beginning of December, and all I've received so far is a whole lot of bullshit excuses.
      I believe they have no intentions of refunding my money to me, or shipping any bikes out.
      This is absolutely ridiculous. So far, nothing Alan has said to me has become the truth.

    46. Creator Alan Discount on May 11, 2014

      Even though the deal is done, contractually I am bound by a confidentiality clause that states I am not allowed to make any terms or info public and that the new owners will initiate all communications. I am pushing them to reach out to this group ASAP and am confident now that their plan is in place that they will contact each of you very soon. Thanks for your continued patience.

    47. Creator Bruce Vollert on May 11, 2014

      Hi Alan
      Is it possible to to give us a contact at the new owners? I would really love to have the bikes by 7/4/14

    48. Creator Bruce Vollert on April 17, 2014

      Hi Alan
      A very BIG thank you for a great update. I want the bikes way more than a refund.

    49. Creator Alan Discount on April 16, 2014

      Bruce - the bikes are set to ship and the closing documents for the sale of the business have been signed. The new owners are coordinating their release and an introduction to the market. they will be in touch soon. If you want to request a refund however, let me know and I will ask them to follow up. Thank you. Alan

    50. Creator Bruce Vollert on April 16, 2014

      Hi Alan
      is it possible to provide updated information on receiving the bikes I ordered? I also would appreciate information on obtaining a refund from the current owner.
      thank you very much

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