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Taste of You is revenge/horror story about a pregnant woman named Viv, who gets back at her husband after she finds him cheating.

Concept artwork by Anita Tung, a risd junior helping art direct for Taste of You:
This scene illustrates antagonist, Serra, getting ready for brunch.

Concept artwork by Francis Boncales , a risd senior helping art direct for Taste of You:

This project is a learning opportunity for all of the students involved. The team for Taste of You includes multiple students helping with Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography, and aspects across the artistic board. By donating to the project you are helping the vision of multiple students become a reality. 


Having a child is never easy. When Viv, a soon to be mother, finds out that her abusive husband is sleeping with someone else, her heart and spirit are broken. When she looses her child due to her husbands abusive actions, she takes control. Viv makes an intricate, bloody, and vengeful comeback on her husband.  The story is about Viv's rise over all odds to finally achieve a life that is free of the monsters that once tied her down.

I have been working on this script for over 4 months, and I am proud to finally be raising money in hopes to fund my film. While I was writing the script I did a few video sketches to help me get more ideas out on the table. This sketch illustrate early concepts I had while I was trying to find an aesthetic and feeling for the film:


  • $4000 Breakdown

    4000 dollars is certainly a lot of money for an undergrad student film. However, if I reach my pledge I will use every cent towards making a better film. I wanted to break down where exactly these 4000 dollars will be going, this way all of my generous backers will know exactly how their money is being spent.


    The shoot for Taste of You is going to take place over 3 weekends, 6 days of shooting in total. My cast includes 3 actors, and 2 important extras. I have a wonderful crew that will be 10 people large. On set at times there can be long days, and I always want to be able to properly feed my cast and crew.

    I am allotting $660 for food – this money will feed 15 people 2 meals over 6 days of shooting.


    As of now, there are 3 primary locations for Taste of You:

    1. Viv and Rich’s house – North Kingstown – 40 min drive

    2. Doctors Office – Providence

    3. Work Office – Providence

    The majority of the shooting will take place in Providence and North Kingstown. I have one actor traveling back and forth from New York, and I have an entire cast and crew to move around from Providence to N. Kingstown.

    I am allotting $220 for transportation – this money will pay for gas and other travel expenses so I can comfortably move up to 15 people at a time between Providence, N. Kingstown, and New York


    The story takes place over the course of 3 days. There will be 11 costumes in total. I am dressing Viv, Serra, and Rich, and 2 doctors. I would like to be very specific in my art direction and choosing each characters wardrobe. The colors, fabrics, textiles, and grandeur of each outfit are important for the film.

    I am allotting $520for wardrobe – This money will dress and art direct the look for 5 different characters outfits over the course of 3 days.


    In the film Viv’s character is completely obsessive compulsive. While she is preparing for her child, she goes crazy in making sure the house is completely safe.

    For Baby proofing supplies I am allotting $122 – This includes 2 Baby gates, and one 22-piece safety set.

    For the doctors office labor I am allotting $100 – This includes Stethoscopes, Nursing bed, syringes, and fake blood.

    If I meet my funding goals, I can be as thoughtful with this type of art direction as I need to be.

    At the end of the film Viv displays her insanity and power by murdering her husband – then feeding him to the woman he slept with. This ending meal is epic. The final scene is both surreal and beautiful.

    For the final meal I am allotting $218 – This includes, the meat, china, tablecloth, and all set decorations.

    In total I am allotting $440 for all props


    Taste of You is being shot on the Canon 5D Mk II. I am especially excited about this because it will be my first short narrative film shot with this camera. I have been practicing shooting with this camera for over a year, and I find it to be very versatile.

    I am spending a large portion of my pledge on Lenses. To achieve a powerful and cinematic look I am choosing Canon’s L series prime lenses – the 8 lenses set rental is $960– in a way I am saving money by shooting on weekends, two days for the price of one. I want to have one day of steady cam shooting. Steady cam rental is $400per day.

    In total I am allotting $1,400 for renting Lenses for the entire shoot, and Steady cam for one day of the shoot.

    My entire production should cost approximately - $3240 – Now for post.

    Post Production

    1) G-DRIVE Q 2TB External Hard Drive - $250 2) In-camera media space - $70 3) Final mixing and Mastering of sound - $300 4) My final 140 dollars is going towards Film transfer. For a few choice shots I will choose super 16mm film, to give a dramatic and effective feeling. Processing and Telecine will cost approximately - $140

    That is exactly how I plan to spend my $4000 that I pledged. I hope this overview was helpful and fun to look at – As of now my total is at $1,690. I must keep going to try and raise the money!

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