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Precision Digital Pen, App & Cloud Service. The iPad productivity tool we've all been waiting for. It's like Google Docs for pen input.
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    1. Jakub on

      Guys, can you please update where do you stand with regards to lightning connector? I have already switched to newer iPad when received my Collusion, so was not able to enjoy the fun at all! Project seems to be great, but the world has moved so I guess commercially you must be loosing a lot of customers. Regards & best of luck,
      Jakub from Poland

    2. JeffTK1 on

      What's the status of the lightning connector? Received my pen a year or so ago after I only had iOS devices with lightning connectors (not sure exactly when but created my Collusion account in December 2012). Haven't been able to use it yet and would like to do so. Thanks

    3. Collusion Creator on

      Hi AI, thanks for the comment. PDF has yet to be implemented. For the time being our development focus is on Collaboration. We've been watching iSketch with much interest, machine vision is a very promising approach to getting more out of drawing and sketching - we think they will do well.

    4. Missing avatar

      Al on…
      It will be interesting to see how this compares with collusion.
      I'll concede the cost benefit of collusion was a bit of gamble for me which didn't payoff in the end, but hey, that's kickstarter. Did the ability to upload pdfs which you can mark up ever come about?

    5. Collusion Creator on

      @aaron - thanks for encouragement @Andrew - we feel you on the jury rig of using Apple's 30 pin to lighting adapter, for the time being it's the only solution - and one we don't recommend as its just begging to be accidentally snapped off. We're trailing a number of approaches to develop a solution for pen input for iPads with lightning connectors, though I cant offer you any timing on availability at this early stage.

      I do however suggest you try this release of Collusion's Beta with a conventional capacitive stylus, it wont give you the accuracy or fine control of the Collusion pen, but we've incorporated basic stylus palm rejection - it's not perfect but it's on its way. Depending on how you use Collusion (ie drawing) this might be worth a try. If you do, please share you're experiences in the forum.


    6. aaron gould on

      Thanks guys - nice work!
      Encouraging milestone - Keep at it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Jakubowicz on

      All good but when will the iphone 5 and new ipad Thunder doozy be available? The camel version with two connectors is very ungainly and I am not using Collusion as a result.