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Precision Digital Pen, App & Cloud Service. The iPad productivity tool we've all been waiting for. It's like Google Docs for pen input.
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    1. Collusion Creator on

      Hi guys,

      Just a quick update to let you know we're working though our test - fix cycle for our next release. Flowing from this we're working at refactoring a few areas of the Collusion App that are causing us some greif (aka a few whack-a-mole bug issues) which should yield payoffs in performance and stability - the downside is this process will a take a bit more time than were planning for this release. Will update you with respect to timing of the next release once the refactoring is done and we're got some testing of the new code completed.



    2. Collusion Creator on

      @Matthew - Thanks for the supportive note below, and thanks for saying it here. Comments like this in public are a hell of a boost to the team and I. Gives us Juice for the day:) - ok back to work!

      Cheers - Rob.

    3. Collusion Creator on

      @Ed, I Understand your concern re visibility, from me to you we're actually building momentum, not loosing it. This is why we shifted Collusion out to the US, and why we raised capital - we want to do more, a lot more with Collusion than was possible with the original resources generated from Kickstarter. A massive amount of work has been going on with Collusion in the last few months (and not enough people to tend to everything (hence comms to backers suffering). The critical bits however (like continuing sw development, and building our resource base (finding talented people and sourcing the money to pay them) to scale up software development) took priority. In short we're here, we're working our tails of and will continue to.

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew Loupis on

      Rob & team,
      I Just wanted to drop you and the team a note of support re Collusion and the SMH press rubbish,

      Funny I seemed to get defensive when that article was brought up, as plenty of people Im working with know Im using Collusion, and a few raised questions with me. I always get asked and demo the product in meetings, when Im taking notes.

      I wanted you to know, that as a tech industry professional, I feel ike you guys were straight up with the product and I was never in doubt about what was happening, It was clear to me what a private BETA program is and you guys never misrepresented that.

      Though its been a while since your last update, I understood the relocation and fund raising issues were a priority to move forward

      Looking fwd to future updates.


    5. Ed Napiorkowski on

      A long update but not a lot of extra news on the status of the product and software to support it. I hope we get to see and experience more soon. You guys in the inner circle are obviously up to date but on the outside it feels like the project is a bit flat and has lost momentum.

    6. Steven Macciolli on

      Let's not all forget. It's a BETA product therefore it's about collaboration with the users and developer. So grand standing in the press is only a selfish act and not in the spirit of developing of the product. Let's hope that they are satisfied with their 15mins of fame.

    7. Collusion Creator on

      @Anthony Liu - thanks for the support @alxxG - emailed everyone who commented including you with a reply - happy to repeat my feedback here if you like. Comments were mistakenly activated they have been turned off.

    8. Missing avatar

      alxxG on

      You guys really felt the need to delete the comments from your blog post ?

    9. Missing avatar

      alxxG on

      About time for an update!

      Its disappointing that it took an article to prompt you guys to get back to communicating via kickstarter.
      and so far your response is also disappointing.

      Stuart heavily evangelised collusion during the kickstarter campaign and got quite a few of us to sign up.

    10. Missing avatar

      Al on

      Thanks for the update Rob.
      Screw the whingers that didn't realise what Kickstarter was.
      You summed it up well - Sh*t happens in a startup – you deal with it and move on (hell sh*t happens everywhere, but you won't find the whingers providing any solutions)