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Precision Digital Pen, App & Cloud Service. The iPad productivity tool we've all been waiting for. It's like Google Docs for pen input.
912 backers pledged $158,705 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. ddonahoo on

      Still have not received my pen - despite submitting shipping payment. Who do I contact?

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      Muneyuki Asayama on

      Hmmmm... I thought I had filled out the survey about three weeks ago, but I was asked to fill that out again. I am now patiently waiting for my shipment...

    3. Ciaran Hennessy on

      I received mine yesterday ( 2nd of Jan in Sydney ) and since I had already been reading the forums got up and running pretty quickly. I am pretty impressed with what has been done so far. Given the fact that it is still in Beta its pretty close.

      Thanks Guys, and keep up the good work.

    4. Mike Bays on

      Hi. I have recieved my shipment but no email with access code?

    5. Missing avatar

      Louise Staley on

      And mine too. Thanks everyone, very excited the project and good luck for the new year.

    6. Missing avatar

      Vince kemp on

      Yippee mines on its way. Thanks guys and Merry Christmas to you all.

    7. Missing avatar

      Vince kemp on

      I won't be getting mine from Santa now - takes at least two to three weeks to get anything from US by flying pigeon! :-( with the end of the world coming next week i won't need it anymore anyway! LOL.

    8. Missing avatar

      Louise Staley on

      I'm also waiting for even notification of shipping as a beta backer with premium leather folio no less! Thought I would have got some notification by now. Any chance by Christmas do you think?

    9. Missing avatar

      Al on

      Still waiting here in London. Pregnant with anticipation.

    10. Missing avatar

      Damien Melotte on

      No sign of it here in Melbourne Australia - will Santa be bringing it in his sack!?!? I'm a bit over waiting...

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      Grant Steyer on

      I just received an email that my Collusion has been shipped to me. Apparently I was beta back number 155 out of 200.

    12. Faye Salwin on

      Beta backer in SF. Also waiting patiently. Are there hardware or software problems delaying things or just logistics? I know the LA port workers were on strike recently - did that affect things? I want a good product and am willing to wait for it but it has been a while since last update.

    13. Missing avatar

      Vince kemp on

      Allan, seems not as i am in Perth and i've seen nothing'd think as a project with an Australian flavor we'd get some sort of priority wouldn't you - i mean whats the world coming too? :-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Allan on

      Have the majority of the beta backers received their Collusion yet. I'm in Sydney and still haven't received anything

    15. Missing avatar

      Vince kemp on

      Hi guys, how far along are you with your 200 early backer deliveries. Just wondering...

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      ryan eager on

      People please stop asking for a lighting connector when you purchased this product the lighting connector did not exist, therefore you can not expect the company to bend over backwards to get you one since you did not order it. You ordered the 30-pin connector version and that is what you will get.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Jakubowicz on

      I too have the new ipad retina etc which fits the cover BUT the gizmo is not Lightning compatible and i agree that the $35plug to convert destroys the ethics etc and probably will break off in a bag. what to do and will you ship a replacement lightning fitted gizmo (2 in my case)?


    18. Vosvos on

      I am a beta backer among 200 people but haven't received my pen yet.

    19. Collusion Creator on

      @ Callum, yes, being a beta backer des get you early access: before basic packs ship, and obviously before V1. As per the update your rewards will ship in roughly the order in which we received your pledge.

    20. Callum Masson on

      So did paying for Beta actually get me any early access?

    21. Missing avatar

      Paul Walthers on

      Well done!
      Have just downloaded the Collusion app from the App Store.
      Can't wait to use it after setting up an account!

      Keep up the good work!

    22. Bily Foster on

      Congrats! So excited, I've already downloaded and installed the App on my iPad even though I know I'll have to wait unti it does anything :D Woo Hoo can't wait to review this bad boy!

    23. Jacob Wang on

      Congratulations from New Zealand!