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Precision Digital Pen, App & Cloud Service. The iPad productivity tool we've all been waiting for. It's like Google Docs for pen input.
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    1. Russell Brown on

      and i'm also in Sydney as well eagerly awaiting shipping

    2. Russell Brown on

      While I look forward to receiving the collusion hardware , and I have paid my shipping :-) , I have already moved to an ipad 4 with a lightning connector :-( whats the scoop here guys ? is there any way around it , doesn't seem using the adaptor would be very practical ?

    3. Callum Masson on

      Hi, I'm a Beta Backer and haven't received anything just yet; is there an expectation that beta backers should have received something?

      I'm based in Sydney - happy to pop by and sort any issues - I'm sure I paid the additional for shipping already, but haven't even received an email as yet.


    4. Collusion Creator on

      @ Jen Mathis: you havn't been emailed about shipping as you are in the USA, and shipping is included. We'll have an update with respect to deployment and rewards shipping in the next couple of days.

    5. Collusion Creator on

      Hi all, expect to have the news you are all waiting for with respect to the next stages of the deployment (including shipping) within the next couple of days. Update coming your way.



    6. Missing avatar

      Jim McAllstr on

      Hello Team Collusion,

      Like other backers, I'm also antsy to finally get ahold of the device. Patiently waiting in the great, and now snow white, north. Can you provide some guidance on delivery dates for those who paid for their shipping? Thanks.

    7. Jen Mathis on

      Forgive me if I've missed some information, but I have not received my reward and I'm wondering what the status is. If it's a shipping cost issue, I don't believe I received an email to pay for shipping. Please contact me so we can resolve this I have been out of the state for three weeks.

    8. Collusion Creator on

      @Faye, thanks, will look into it... winning against the Jetlag, up and in Palo Alto this morning. My apologies for not bringing beautiful Sydney summer weather with me - I'm guessing I'm not going to get any sympathy for my pre flight sunburnt nose?

    9. Faye Salwin on

      Welcome to SF, you could have brought the antipodean weather with you, couldn't you?
      I went to the Lytro event at Yelp's offices. I don't know if it's something they generally do but it can't hurt... Also there's a place on Howard and Freemont called Rocketspace - a kind of startup incubator but they have a largish space suitable for presentations. If your product is useful to startups I'm sure they'd be excited to show it off.

    10. Collusion Creator on

      Hi Guys, just to let you know we're busily working out the kinks of the deployment process with our Singaporean backers, we've updated and resubmitted the app to Apple for expedited approval.

      Once that comes through we'll be ready to rock and roll and release units to the next bunch of backers. The deployment process is taking longer than we would like, but should result in a better experience for all our backers. We expect to have another update for you soon. PS made if to San Fran - still on Aussie time - which is weird. Thinking of doing of doing ou first demo night in the US mid week - let me know in the commets section if you can suggest a venue.



    11. Collusion Creator on

      Bryan - you've made our day - one upping Pebble - do us a favor and tweet about it! (lol! brilliant) my next update will be from foggy san francisco, T-minus 6 hours till the flight... better pack my bags!

    12. Bryan on

      Cool, thanks for the reply. You guys are number 1 so far in my KS experience. In terms of response time and effort. And proper updates that cover every aspect of the whole project. Pebble team ought to take a leaf out your books. Really looking forward to receiving my account sign up and trying this out for myself, cheers !

    13. Stuart Ryan on

      @Collusion, heya Rob thanks for the update. I cant WAITTTT to get my hands dirty #fingersCrossedWeWillGetItBeforeDecember.


    14. Collusion Creator on

      Hi Bryan, were looking into why you have not received your account signup email, which amongst other things explains we're not deploying this first batch of users via the app store (hence the reason why you cant find it there). We're using a different method that allows us to push new versions of collusion within minutes, so we can make tweaks, fix bugs etc that you may discover before rolling out to the broader backer community. Talk soon.

    15. Bryan on

      Oh also, I dont see the app on apples store.

    16. Bryan on

      Hi collusion team and fellow backers,

      Reporting from Singapore, I have received my collusion set!!! Whooppeeeedooo. Now, question for collusion team, it says you have emailed activation code to us. But I actually haven't received any email from you guys at all. Help? Heh but yeah über excited!!

    17. Collusion Creator on

      Hi Stu,

      We're going to see how we go with provisioning our Singaporean backers tonight, then if all goes well, collect their feedback over the next few days and make changes to Collusion where necessary before we submit to the App store for expedited review and release (the current build of Collusion was approved by Apple a couple of days ago) so we dont expect any issues there (basically a few bug fixes). We're taking a caution approach to scaling. I know you cant wait but bare with us. Going live is a tricky process, once we're happy with deployment we'll let everyone know how we're rolling out the rest of our backers. I stress that we're taking the small and sane approach of refining this process of deployment with a small group of people before ramping up - basically to ensure everyone has a great experience with Collusion.

    18. Stuart Ryan on

      Hi Rob,
      Thanks for the update, when is distribution likely to start for all the other countries?

    19. Collusion Creator on

      Hi all,

      Just a quick note, all backers in Singapore should have received their Collusion hardware by now. Next we're moving ahead to provision accounts and deploy apps in the next day or so. Working though lots of housekeeping and double checking everything! Talk soon. Cheers, Rob

    20. Stuart Ryan on

      Heya team,
      How are things going?

      Any further updates at this time?

    21. Missing avatar


      Hopefully, there is a new lightning connector accessory we can buy later. Good job guys!!

    22. Stuart Ryan on

      Heya Team,
      Awesome news LOL cant wait to get my grubby mits on it (hey, you always knew I was enthusiastic) haha got some new stuff at work this will be perfect for so *fingers crossed* I am up and running in the next fortnight would be awesome to give it a thrashing ;)


    23. Stuart Woods on

      How do we work through the issue of the new lightning connector? Is this option to change to if we are a beta backer?