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Precision Digital Pen, App & Cloud Service. The iPad productivity tool we've all been waiting for. It's like Google Docs for pen input.
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    1. Collusion Creator on

      Hi Guys, as mentioned before (in the last update... you know just up there... - sense of humor always welcome guys) - "if we make you wait it is to serve you better".

      Just quickly FYI next update is taking a little longer to push out due to being in crunch mode (agile dev talk for pulling serious hours). Everything is tracking WELL. Back to the code!



    2. Alok Choudhary on

      When We can expect delivery ???

    3. Toni van den Munckhof on

      Could we please have an update? Could you please say 'next month will be a video/update/whatsoever about...' instead of saying something and don't do it. It creates frustration at your customers. It's not necessary if you spend little time to your timeschedule in 'customer relations'.

    4. Bily Foster on

      I agree, the lack of communication is very conserning

    5. RK on

      Same thing...

      Update please...

    6. Stuart Ryan on

      Hey team, definitely time for an update, especially as you said you would put an update of the dev team demoing the alpha build "next week" a month ago...

      *prod prod*

    7. Dustin Overbeck on

      How about an update since we've waited patiently or a month? Snap some pictures, tell us a story. Let us know what you're working on, or what keeps you up at night.

    8. Missing avatar

      Vince kemp on

      Can we get an update please? Its been a month. Ta

    9. Stuart Ryan on

      Heya team, any new juicy updates?

    10. Chris Stratford on

      I dont think Apple licensed the old dock receivers, so the guys @ Collusion wouldnt be able to build their own converter.
      Apple will for sure flog them to us at $15 a pop.

    11. Collusion Creator on

      @Bryan Woods - SF move is in planning phase, once we're settled in stateside we'll certainly be celebrating a major milestone... lots to do before then though!

    12. O.Shane Balloun on

      When challenged with a deadline or the opportunity to make the product better, so long as missing the deadline won't cause material harm to your business, making the product better is the better choice. Thanks for this note.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Feiglin on

      I agree with Anna. Better to delay shipping and deliver a better product that send an inferior product to your early supporters.

    14. Anna Adam on

      I think you made the best choice! I'd rather wait for a better product. I don't think a four week delay is unreasonable. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!

    15. Bryan Woods on

      Are you guys still planning an event in SF? I really want to visit you guys and check out the product first hand!

    16. Collusion Creator on

      @Nick & Marty Re dock connector: Collusion supports the iPad2 and the 'new iPad' both have the current dock connector! And Collusion will work just fine with em! We know as much about the new doc apple is working on as you guys. ONCE details are released, we'll address the feasibility of converter from new to old. this is a universal issue for EVERY apple USB doc connector. My guess is the guys at apple have a converter in mind, an if so - that's your retrofit solution just there. In terms of modifying collusion pen's doc to suit a new dock, just like EVERY other manufacturer we'll get to work on it the day specs and details are released. In the meantime - please note that Collusion will work just FINE with the iPad you already own and love. Our advice is love it some more until the rest of the market has time to build new devices to work with shiny new doc connector.

    17. Stuart Ryan on

      @Nick I can at least guess at point two (from previous discussions) they have to be made in batches of 1000 and that is the whole unit not just the pen (i.e. start to finish, boxed and all).

      Therefore it would be extremely uneconomical to ship out to everyone then have to absorb essentially a duplicate order with additional shipping etc. So I can understand the reluctance to do this.

    18. Nick on

      I'm also curious about the dock connector issue. A couple of questions for the team...

      1) Will you provide some kind of upgrade to kick-starter supporters if the dock connector changes? I'd like to see this be free, or close to, for your kick-starter pledgers as a thank you for having backed you from the start. Leaving backers out in the cold would be very un-cool.

      2) Why don't you send us the product with the original pen, then send us out a new updated pen when you have them, instead of pushing it out by 4 weeks?

      3) How do we go about getting our money back if this 4 week delay is not acceptable?

      Looking forward to a reply guys. Sounds like things are going well, but this delay sounds a little bit like it was done to suit you guys, rather than us.

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Walthers on

      Just keep making a brilliant product more so! The wait will be worth it in the long run!
      Agree with Lavar Askew's comment!

    20. Missing avatar

      Lavar Askew on

      Keep going guys! Do whatever it takes to deliver a great product.

    21. Marty Askew on

      With the confirmed changes to Apple's dock connector, how fluid will you guys be to release an updated reader if, for example, Apple replaces all current hardware with the new dock connector?

    22. Nick Clark on

      Good move lads. The quality will be worth the wait.

    23. Jeremy Samuel on

      Rob, I backed your judgement once by signing up as a beta backer. I'll back it again. Sounds like you have considered all factors and made a sound decision. I'm looking forward to the end result. (Also means I have another month before I have to upgrade the iPad 1 I'm still carrying around :-) )

      Good luck with all the developments and commercial opportunities. You guys are inspiring!

    24. Angus Macleod on

      It's a bit of a bugger as I hoped to use the system / show it off at an international conference in early October but I am sure the superior pen will be worth the wait. Thanks for the update.

    25. Louis Shue on

      I don't mind to wait a little longer. By the way, any more Youtube videos to share?

    26. Stuart Ryan on

      Haha no sweat guys thanks for the update, I am happier to have a superior pen than get an initial revision that gets superseded in a month. Look forward to getting our hands on them.

      And perhaps (just as a suggestion) as you will likely have to ship to most people simultaneously perhaps an extra 250MB space for the Beta Backers? #WinkWinkNudgeNudge :D

    27. Jacob Wang on

      Don't mind the delay for such a amazing improvement at all !

    28. Missing avatar

      Valerie Heath on

      Happy to wait for great tech - it's not a sprint

    29. Charlie Melbye on

      Late October... This pen had better be amazing once we finally get it. :)