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28mm 1745 Jacobite Rebellion Miniatures
28mm 1745 Jacobite Rebellion Miniatures
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    1. Missing avatar

      Antonio Carrasco Alvarez about 4 hours ago

      A firing line with 4 poses (loading, presenting, firing and reaching for cartridge) is the best compromise between variety and regimented look, especially when the command figures are included. At first I used fixed bases, but now I use round individual bases for the figures and movement trays (I've found Sarissa's and Warbases' particularly useful). Thus I can use them in skirmishes and in more formal combats, without duplicating.

      @Iain, by the way Horses! Don't forget cavalry!

    2. Iain McDonald 4-time creator 1 day ago

      @Haggis: It tend to go with more dynamic figures myself. I'll be sending a survey out very soon with the request for everyones address.

    3. Missing avatar

      Haggis 2 days ago

      For Government troops I would prefer to see various firing, loading and 'receiving charge' positions...

    4. Missing avatar

      Haggis 2 days ago

      Even in my 'line' units I prefer a varied look to my figures.

      The one pose I DON'T use is marching...

    5. Alex
      3 days ago

      I actually like having a mix in my skirmish forces, some aiming, some kneeling, some charging and some just pulling awesome poses cause the rule of cool is all that really matters.

    6. Missing avatar

      Edward 4 days ago

      I'm bias because I'm building a mostly skirmish force but there's a reason most manufacturers go with Advancing and/or Marching as their first groups of figures for a range. That pose will sell best because it's the most flexible. Granted it's not the most accurate if you want to represent troops in line of battle but that's never seemed to bother most gamers.

    7. Iain McDonald 4-time creator 4 days ago

      The big thing for me is trying to work out what stance would be best for Government line and militia. Firing, marching, charge your bayonet, charging, rest. The struggle is real guys :(

    8. Iain McDonald 4-time creator 4 days ago

      Government Troops and Highland Militia are looking like the next step. Once i have paid out everything i need for this one i will see what postion we are in to get them started with the hope of them being a straight to retail or quick release kickstarter which is more a pre order.

      I have also been speaking with a guy who makes artillery which can be used on boths sides.

    9. Alex
      5 days ago

      I can see having to use lots of Forlorn Hopes with aggressive (I think it is) to accommodate the Broadsword wielding elements 😉

      I’m thinking En Garde rules for what I get based on the helpful update posted during the campaign.

      Government troops in the future would be brilliant but given my personal predilection for anything Irish I’m looking forward (eventually) to the Irish Picquets!

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark T. 5 days ago

      Having Government troops would be good! And figures for some of the cavalry units of both sides!

      And I like the idea of maybe using Pikeman's Lament with these figures!

    11. Missing avatar

      Edward 6 days ago

      I'm only interested in small skirmishes (20-30 figures per side) so I'm planning to use the Song of Drums and Tomahawks rules. My preferences for that level pretty much mean the firing line figures aren't going to work for me but good for the rest of you. I'd suggest government troops to be near the top of the list for the next big release. Lots of people won't take the plunge on a new range unless they can get both sides of a conflict.

    12. Alex
      6 days ago

      Congratulations - now I get to check out different rule sets and write some lists up based on what I’ll be getting from this KS!

      (Oh and writing up a list for Pikeman’s Lament to use some of those flags and banners I’ll be getting from you! 😉)

    13. Iain McDonald 4-time creator 6 days ago

      @Antonio Carrasco Alvarez: thank you for all the support 😎😎

    14. Missing avatar

      Antonio Carrasco Alvarez 6 days ago

      @Iain First of all, congratulations for the success of the campaign and a big thank you for the last hour stretch goal. It is a nice touch. I wanted to do a last minute increase in my contribution, but work interferred and when I remembered, the campaign had already ended! Well, it doesn't matter... I will do it when the pledge manager comes alive.

    15. Iain McDonald 4-time creator 6 days ago

      @Haggis: I’ll be at Claymore 👍

    16. Iain McDonald 4-time creator 6 days ago

      @Lukas Cerny: very. Still unlocked the stretch goal though 😎

    17. Iain McDonald 4-time creator 6 days ago

      @Chris Nelson: Let me know where you get it 😂😂

    18. Missing avatar

      Haggis 6 days ago

      Well done Iain, a resounding success!

      Now the hard work begins - practicing painting tartan checks and trying to find space on the shelves for yet more figures (and yet another period / theatre!)

      I'm kicking myself for not remembering to come and see you at Falkirk last Saturday... :(

    19. Missing avatar

      Lukas Cerny 6 days ago

      Hah, so close to 10k

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris Nelson 6 days ago

      Brilliant Iain.....very pleased that this came off in such a great way and thank you for the extra reward......

      Up to Scotland with work next week so will try and pick up some tartan paint !😂

    21. Alex
      6 days ago

      Added for flags and (hopefully) Alexander. If that’s not possible I’ll just get another flag lol

    22. Missing avatar

      Mike Bailey 6 days ago

      Well done. Fantastic result.

    23. Missing avatar

      Marcus 6 days ago

      Just changed/added my pledge for the R.E. plus flag and finials...and to hell...that dicebag was just to tempting to refuse; that will be a wonderful line and i really hope it will expand in the future!

    24. Alex
      6 days ago

      And will Alexander MacDonell be available to add on for those of us lower than 60? (Please)

    25. Missing avatar

      Evil Stu 7 days ago

      And we've just tipped over the 9,000 mark. Congrats Iain :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Haggis 7 days ago

      ...and now to the controversial bit...

      What uniform are you portraying for the R.E.? Short coat, breeches, bonnet?

    27. Missing avatar

      Haggis 7 days ago

      OK, now please stop with all the temptation!!!
      Just increased my pledge to allow for the R.E. packs plus finials.

      Now I want Keppoch to be unlocked (was he left-handed as in your illustration? )

    28. Missing avatar

      Mike Bailey 7 days ago

      Fantastic news on the Royal Eccosais. Committed another £24.00 but sadly that's it. Got three hungry cats to feed! (And a wife and daughter)

    29. Iain McDonald 4-time creator 7 days ago

      @Craig Rice: top fella

    30. Missing avatar

      Craig Rice 7 days ago

      Going to put an extra £10 in, hope it helps a little, just to get your free ancestor, lol.

    31. John McCulloch on May 15

      A huge well done Ian fantastic ma man ⚔️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    32. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on May 15

      @Haggis: excellent. Thank you very much 😎

    33. Missing avatar

      Haggis on May 15

      OK, just added finials and R.E. Command...

    34. Missing avatar

      Mike Bailey on May 15

      Thanks guys think I managed to add the £6.00!

    35. Missing avatar

      Lukas Cerny on May 15

      You made me increase my pledge to 60 and then you'll make me buy more Royal Eccosais :(

    36. ray bans
      on May 15

      I really need a Scots man (preferably wearing a kilt) for my DnD game

      but he is so far down the list.

    37. Alex
      on May 15

      @Iain - cheers! Added for him now!

    38. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on May 15

      @Alex: not cheeky at all. I Hadn’t thought about that but id certainly make it an option for an add on in the pledge manager. As a single figure he’d be a £2 add on.

    39. Alex
      on May 15

      Cheeky question but do you have an add-on price for John Roy Stuart?

    40. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on May 15

      34 hours to go and a few more have joined our Campaign. I have been drawing new flags that you will all be able to select with your pledges. MacDonnell of Glengarry is near complete.

    41. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on May 15

      @Alex: cheers Alex 😎

    42. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on May 15

      @Mike Bailey: Mike you will be able to select the Royal Ecossais with the packs you have already pledged for. Or if you wanted to add them on top of your current pledge you would add the £6 to get one pack. You can do this by going to manage pledge

    43. Alex
      on May 15

      Hi @Mike, if you click manage your pledge and add £6 to the total there for the Ecossians command then just follow it through.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mike Bailey on May 15

      Good to see the progress. Never participated in a kick starter before so forgive what might be a silly question. I do want a pack of Cmd for the Esc's. So do I simply add to my order once the exercise is over or make a financial commitment now? If so how much.

    45. Missing avatar

      Haggis on May 14

      Delighted to see more backers for this, although tbh id have preferred McDonnell of Keppoch instead of the Ecossaise Command...

      Btw, can we please change the title from 'Rebellion' to 'Rising'?

    46. Alex
      on May 14

      Found the best solution - worked out that I could do with some French finials too as well as a couple of flags for my Irish Rebels and their French allies. Upped a bit for those then! 👍🏼

    47. Missing avatar

      Karl Lowthian on May 14

      Wow hoo next Stretch made, well done mate :P

    48. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on May 14

      @Alex: you can easily wait until the pledge manager to do it

    49. Alex
      on May 14

      @Iain - oh, sorry, I definitely know how to up it but it won’t accept .50; only lets me put in round pounds!

      So, would you prefer me to wait and add extra funds post-KS or will there be a ‘tip jar’ in your pledge manager (like lots have) so I can offer the leftover 50p as a meagre tip if I add £3 now?

    50. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on May 14

      @Alex: you go to manage your pledge. From here you can increase your pledge with the add on you want 😎

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