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28mm 1745 Jacobite Rebellion Miniatures
28mm 1745 Jacobite Rebellion Miniatures
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Ogilvie on

      Hi Iain, did you get my message sent on Tuesday about difficulties encountered in checking out of the pledge manager? Not sure if the screenshot I embedded in the message messed up Kickstarter's messaging system or not.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark T. on

      It does, thank you!

    3. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Mark T.: You would select the flags for your pledge first. (e.g. You pledge for Culloden you would select FOW-KSF05 Culloden - Flags and list the 6 flags you want.)

      If you want extra flags you can select from the flags at the £2 price and add them to you order.

      I hope that makes sense.


    4. Missing avatar

      Mark T. on

      When beginning to use the pledge manager on the Flags of War site, and looking at the Flags section of the website, will we receive the flags shown for a specific pledge level as part of that specific level that we pledged? And thus if we want any of the other flags, we'll need to add them to the order?

    5. Missing avatar

      Antonio Carrasco Alvarez on

      @Iain McDonald. Thanks for your answer. However, if you find later that my shipment will require more postage, due to weight, don't hesitate to tell me. I will pay the balance without problem.

    6. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @ntonio Carrasco Alvarez: I have added a pick up at store option. YOu can use this to add to any exsiting orders and you will not be charged more postage.

    7. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Cairn1: It is not known how many flags would have been assigned in most of the Jacobite regiements and most gamers with just the one. I actually have another Standard Bearer in a Plaid so I will get him listed on the site and folk can add him.


    8. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Rillian: Yes. As they are character figures and freebies to the majority of backers I decided to give them this price.

    9. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      Apologies for the late replies guys. I was away camping up in the highlands for a few days and internet is still a new thing up that way haha.

    10. Missing avatar

      Antonio Carrasco Alvarez on

      @Iain McDonald - I have completed my pledge and sent the order, including shipping costs. If I want to add more miniatures (I am deciding which ruleset I will use, which means that maybe I will need to add a few more figures to my existing order) , do I need to add also the shipping costs to that order? Or is enough with the payment from the first order?

      By the way, I agree with Cairn12 that offering a pack with 2 Highlanders and 2 Lowlanders standard bearers would be great!

    11. Cairn12

      @Iain McDonald - Upon further review, I see that the Lowland Command packs also have only one standard bearer figure. So, it seems that these packs also need a 2nd standard bearer mini. Only the Royal Ecossais have 2 standard bearer minis. If selling a single figure is not cost effective for you, perhaps an add-on pack of 4 additional standard bearer minis (1 for Highlanders and 1 for Lowlanders) would be acceptable to you.

    12. Cairn12

      @Iain McDonald - I notice that the Highland Command packs have only a single standard bearer, but the flag packs are in groups of 2 different flags. Would it be possible to purchase just a 2nd standard bearer figure (preferably in a different sculpt) to permit adding the 2nd flag to the Highland Command groups ? Or, is this a stupid idea ?

    13. Alex

      @Rillian - during the campaign I asked about them individually and was given an approximate figure of £2 each character so £8.50 sounds right to me for that particular pack

    14. Missing avatar


      Were the FOW-JAC09 Charging Characters supposed to be £8.50 rather than £6.00 like the rest of the packs?

    15. Missing avatar

      Art Edgeson on

      Iain, sounds great!! Sign me up.

    16. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Gertjan van den Brink: yes i will offer both. I hope that the Government one is a quick Kickstarter and basically a pre order.

    17. Missing avatar

      Gertjan van den Brink on

      sounds like a cunning plan to me.... Will you include the Jacobites as add-ons for the government troops kickstarter when you start that one?

    18. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Art: hopefully you won’t be waiting long for them. I’ve spoken to my sculptor about starting right after these have been completed 😎

    19. Missing avatar

      Art Edgeson on

      Ok so my Jacobite army is now set, but what figures should I use for the government troops that will match up well ?

    20. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Antonio Carrasco Alvarez: Do not worry. Once im sorting all the orders out i will make sure that they all make sense. So if you have pledge for X amount i will contact you if it does not match the numbers or flags or if anything else doesn't match.

    21. Missing avatar

      Antonio Carrasco Alvarez on

      @Iain I think I am an idiot, as I have expanded my order to 180 GBP (Culloden pledge) but I have chosen flags for the Derby pledge, which was my original pledge. I should have checked the comments before sending the order. Blame it to my impatience! :-(

    22. Amilkar on

      @Iain McDonald Thanks!

      and other question:

      Is it possible to pledge also discounted Flags from other ranks of

    23. Jason W Jones on

      Thanks for the feedback Ian and Alex. I was eyeing the Gordan of Glenbucket flag as it was so im in good standing.

    24. Alex

      @Jason - as a non-Scot I looked up the names from each flag for some quick background online and easily settled on the Atholl Brigade for mine!

    25. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Jason W Jones: That is far from a stupid question. The Lowland and Highland armies were very different. Some had a mixture though.

      These are all of the HIghland Regiments i have.
      FOW-JF04 Bannerman's and Appins Regiment
      FOW-JF05 Cameron of Lochie Regiment
      FOW-JF06 Chisholms - Gordon of Glenbucket
      FOW-JF07 Clan MacPherson - Am Bratach Uaine
      FOW-JF09 Earl Of Cromartie - Farquharson of Monaltries Battalion
      FOW-JF15 Lord Lovats Regiment
      FOW-JF17 MacDonald of Clanranald Regiment
      FOW-JF18 MacDonald of Keppoch Regiment
      FOW-JF19 MacDonnell of Glengarry Regiment

    26. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Amilkar: For the finials i'll be doing the same as you have said. I'll mostly use British finials for my regiments and French for the Royal Ecossais.

    27. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Amilkar: Yes if you add anything extra add the flags that would make it to that pledge and i will make sure you get them. I'll review all orders before they are sent and make sure everyone gets what they are meant to.

    28. Jason W Jones on

      Im a Yank so forgive the stupid questin that Im about to ask. Are any of the flags specific to highland or lowland regiments? Im ordering highlanders so I dont want to have an improper flag.

    29. Amilkar on

      which finials fit better with Scottish flags for historical accuracy?

      Maybe, FOWF02 French Finials and Flag Poles for the Royal Ecossais Regiment and FOWF01 British Finials and Flag Poles or FOWF03 Standard Finials and Flag Poles for the rest of regiments ...

    30. Amilkar on

      @Iain MacDonal

      This means, if I have a Derby pledge and I pledge 120, I can take the flaggs of the Falkirk-Pledge, right?

    31. Alex

      Order placed! 👍🏼

    32. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Amilkar: Yes you can add more to your pledge via the pledge manager :)

    33. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Alex Mayer: I'm Scottish mate :)

    34. Amilkar on

      Is it possible in the Pledge manager to rise the contribution level?

    35. Alex Mayer on

      Pledge manager is ready? Or do you have no time because you are a english football fan and have to watch the three lions? 😀

    36. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Graham Frederick Trickey: Graham, no issues. Im about to feed everyones details into the pledge manager. Once this is done everyone will be sent the voucher for their pledge which they use to buy the miniatures.


    37. Missing avatar

      Graham Frederick Trickey on

      Filled in survey 1 address etc but have not yet seen choice of figures or any other communication .Is there a problem?

    38. Alex

      Hahaha no worries as long as I get my mitts on these minis! Got En Garde rulebook coming my way to write a list up using these Highlanders! 👍🏼

    39. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Alex: well unless I’m missing something that’s my understanding. You may get it another survey if I’m wrong lol

    40. Alex

      Mind blown! Wonder why so many campaigns ask for it in their surveys then 🤔

    41. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Antonio Carrasco Alvarez: yes you will be to do this no problem at all

    42. Missing avatar

      Antonio Carrasco Alvarez on

      @Iain, if I understood correctly your last update, in the pledge manager I will be able to upgrade my pledge from my current one, Derby, to Culloden pledge, correct?

    43. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Edward: Yeah. At the moment Im thinking Command and packs in different poses to suit most folks gaming needs

    44. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Alex: Kickstarter gives me your email address

    45. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      Maybe a question that should have been asked before - what level are you looking at for the government troops? A pack of command and 1, 2, 4 other troops?

    46. Alex

      Sorry if I missed it but will you need our email addresses to enable us to access the PM?

    47. Missing avatar

      Mark T. on

      Completed the survey regarding contact info and choices for types of troops. I picked mostly charging figures because I like the looks of what has been done for the Highlanders. However, having a mix of figures, liking the firing and charging for the Jacobites is good. Marching is less helpful for the skirmish style look, yet very good for large battle oriented positioning. There is a tendency in the hobby to go with some round basing, including using a 1-2-3 # of figures on different sized bases, and the more dynamic figures seem to work well with that. Also, having cavalry and artillery will be good!

    48. Iain McDonald 4-time creator on

      @Edward: Good suggestions and ones I’ll keep in mind 😎

    49. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      Would have liked to see an option like Advancing or Receiving a charge for the Government troops. Very flexible poses that work in most situations.

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