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By Hunter Blake
$1.00 pledged of $105 goal


Walrus Town is a casual city/town building game which I hope to have on PC and on mobile phones sometime thereafter.

In Walrus Town, you are the mayor of your own small town. Instead of people there are walruses, who require a lot of space to live in, and even more food to keep happy! As your Walrus Town grows in population more challenges will arise, such as the appearance of Otters and eventually Polar Bears which provide more challenges and greater rewards.

As the town also grows you'll unlock more buildings, which provide greater care for the citizens, walrus or otherwise. You must also be very careful about managing your town, you do not want Walruses to become outnumbered by Otters.

By pledging to this you help to support us to keep developing Walrus Town. I also apologize the graphics aren't very high quality, but I am the only person working on the game at the moment.

You may also download the demo here: http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/603554/Walrus-Town-zip.html

Risks and challenges

It may not be Greenlit, in which case I may look for other platforms to distribute it on if possible.

During the lifespan of it on Greenlight before being a full game I will have challenges to deal with such as implementing the different kinds of citizens aside from walruses, such as otters which for example take up less living space and eat less but pay less in taxes.

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