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A set of woodcut style prints of all 72 Lesser Key Solomon Ars Goetia Demons.
A set of woodcut style prints of all 72 Lesser Key Solomon Ars Goetia Demons.
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Art of the Ars Goetia - Demons of the Lesser Key of Solomon



This project is for a full set of 72 Demon Medieval Woodcut style Prints, inspired by the Lesser Key Solomon Ars Goetia Grimoire. All artwork will be printed on aged parchment paper, size 210mm x 148mm (approx 8.25" x 6"). There's only the one pledge level for the whole set, which is available to everyone Worldwide.

Having recently seen another project based on the Ars Goetia be highly successful, I figured it was maybe the right time to get this set finished up and out into the World, since I feel it'd make a great companion set to the aforementioned project*. It's also nice to see so many people interested in this subject matter!

*By request from the creator of that aforementioned product (and with his permission), the prints can be altered to show a picture of the coins from his project instead of the Seals, so they match. I can do this for anyone who would like it. Here's an idea of the coins (these aren't final, I'll get scans from him later on once he's finalised his designs):

And here are a couple of quick examples to show them incorporated in to the artwork to give a general idea:

An example of the prints with Seals on the aged parchment paper can be seen here:

All the artwork is original and largely based on the descriptions in the Ars Goetia (where there is a description; although some artistic liberties have been taken here and there, mostly for the sake of interest/variance!) as well as artwork featured in other Medieval Demonology texts, and each also includes the Seal(s)/Sigil(s) of the corresponding Demon.

The artwork is already done apart from maybe a few tweaks, which is why I can set the minimum goal for this project, and all of it can be seen in these pics (mostly in the right order apart from the ones in the last pic as they're the latest to be finished). Please forgive the reduced quality as there are a lot of them to fit in, and note that the digital filter was added purely to give a general idea. It doesn't represent the actual colour of the prints, please see the actual prints above for an idea of that:

Despite not being Goetia Demons, to say thank you to backers I've now added 3 bonus stretch goal prints, Leviathan, Lucifer and Lilith.

Full list of the 72 Demons:

1. King Bael

2. Duke Agares

3. Prince Vassago

4. Marquis Samigina

5. President Marbas

6. Duke Valefor

7. Marquis Amon

8. Duke Barbatos

9. King Paimon

10. President Buer

11. Duke Gusion

12. Prince Sitri

13. King Beleth

14. Marquis Leraje

15. Duke Eligos

16. Duke Zepar

17. Count/President Botis

18. Duke Bathin

19. Duke Sallos

20. King Purson

21. Count/President Marax

22. Count/Prince Ipos

23. Duke Aim

24. Marquis Naberius

25. Count/President Glasya-Labolas

26. Duke Buné

27. Marquis/Count Ronové

28. Duke Berith

29. Duke Astaroth

30. Marquis Forneus

31. President Foras

32. King Asmoday

33. Prince/President Gäap

34. Count Furfur

35. Marquis Marchosias

36. Prince Stolas

37. Marquis Phenex

38. Count Halphas

39. President Malphas

40. Count Räum

41. Duke Focalor

42. Duke Vepar

43. Marquis Sabnock

44. Marquis Shax

45. King/Count Viné

46. Count Bifrons

47. Duke Vual

48. President Häagenti

49. Duke Crocell

50. Knight Furcas

51. King Balam

52. Duke Alloces

53. President Camio

54. Duke/Count Murmur

55. Prince Orobas

56. Duke Gremory

57. President Ose

58. President Amy

59. Marquis Orias

60. Duke Vapula

61. King/President Zagan

62. President Valac

63. Marquis Andras

64. Duke Haures

65. Marquis Andrealphus

66. Marquis Cimeies

67. Duke Amdusias

68. King Belial

69. Marquis Decarabia

70. Prince Seere

71. Duke Dantalion

72. Count Andromalius

All artwork by Gordon Napier (with edits by myself)

Risks and challenges

My previous projects have all been successfully fulfilled (and even pretty much on time!), so I feel I have a decent track record, and as the artwork is already complete there's only the printing that needs to be done.

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