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An anodized aluminum keyboard for your iPad with built-in speakers that connects with a hinge for nearly 180 degrees of positioning.
An anodized aluminum keyboard for your iPad with built-in speakers that connects with a hinge for nearly 180 degrees of positioning.
3,266 backers pledged $797,979 to help bring this project to life.

Brydges in!

Hi Everyone,

The next shipment of Brydges with Speakers is in! We've already started doing quality control and will start shipping out tomorrow.

Thanks for being patient everyone! They are coming soon!

Brad, Eddy and Sam


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      Howard West on

      After being a backer, I received my Brydge keyboard w/speakers a few months ago. Could never get speakers to connect, but the keyboard was main thing I cared about, meant to exchange for one w/functional speakers at some point when I got around to it. Yesterday, despite no damage inflicted to it, the keys were all shifted/misregistered within the holes by about 0.5-1 mm, so now depressing any key made it stick within the well for it. I can't get them unstuck or shift the key portion of the keyboard over to fit again within the wells. This was through no mistreatment of the keyboard and is clearly a design flaw. Can I please exchange my useless keyboard now for a new one?

    2. Missing avatar

      André Michaud on

      21 january 2013
      I live in Québec,Canada. Have you begin shipping in Canada?
      What is the status about Canada-UPS delivery?


    3. Lin Zhi Yong on

      10th January 2013 and I haven't gotten any updates on the status of my Brydge+. I am sure there are many other backers who are still left in the dark. Please update.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jim Barrow on

      Dec 19th and still no Brydge shipping info. The last I heard was a promised ship date in November.

      Anyone know the status?

    5. Pim Versteeg on


      I yet have to receive any notification of shipping (US address) , are you guys just a tad late or has something gone wrong???

    6. Junaid Ahmed on

      Woohoo!! I just got an email from UPS that my product is in their hands! Can't wait :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Denis Ricard on

      Still nothing, notification or package. None of my kickstarter projects are going to be in for Christmas :(

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeanne Rundell on

      Hi, I have received my Brydge and am having trouble with keys sticking and then not working. What should I do. Jeanne Rundell

    9. Missing avatar

      Rachel McEnroe on

      I have still not received mine... which I bought for my husband's birthday in *June* - and the is bouncing so I'm not sure what the issue is or how I can contact you. I would love to have it by Christmas.... Thank you.

    10. Éric Boutonnet on

      No shipping notification yet.
      I'm in France

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Crouser Jr. on

      The BRYDGE has arrived, and it looks and works just as well as advertised. I love everything about it! Well, with one small exception: the sound quality from the speakers is quite poor. I was originally encouraged by Update #8, when it was announced that the original speakers weren't up to par and that they would be upgrading them. Perhaps the "upgraded" speakers will be in future models..? I read a few of the comments on here last week, and just thought folks were being overly critical. Nope, they suck. I kept switching back and forth between the BRYDGE and iPad speakers playing the soundtrack for Les Mis Live 25th Anniversary Concert, and the iPad speakers are definitely better. No question about it. In conclusion, I'm thrilled with the BRYDGE but will only recommend the non-speaker unit to my friends. I'm sure many more fabulous items will be coming in the future. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute to something great! -Tom

    12. Missing avatar

      Nick Young on

      Hi...I still have not received my Brydge yet. Is there any word as to when I might expect it? I returned the address form when it was sent out a couple months back.

    13. Missing avatar

      masahiro usui on

      Stil have not gotten shipping notice yet. I live in Japan.
      Any news ?


    14. Missing avatar

      Alberto on

      I am waiting any news about delivery time of my Brydge with speakers. I am living in the UK... please let me know something... Cheers.
      Alberto Briones

    15. Missing avatar

      Rik Bijl on


      Any idea when first shipments are being send to Europe .... especially Holland :))
      I hope to get mine before Christmas .... this year.


      Rik Bijl

    16. Michael Derendorf on

      Didn´t receive any shipping Information yet...:o(((

    17. Mark Brailsford on

      Just got my shipping notice. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow.

    18. Peni Nickell-Mathis on

      Good Evening from Washington State. I received mine tonight, charged and am now keyboarding on it. I was so worried about the keyboard & it turns out all good! They feel sturdy. I listened to the speaker and yes, the ipad speaker is the better speaker. I regret spending the xtra for the speaker edition. If I had it to do over...

      What I absolutely hated was removing the splints that they came with because it was meant for a 2 not a 3 or 4. The chore of cleaning all the adhesive was just a huge chore...tacky of Brydge to do this.

      Once the correct splints were in place, battery charged and connected to my iPad...I got to play!

      Worth the wait? Your call on that one.

    19. Missing avatar

      LMK on

      Hi Everyone I am actually typing this comment on my Brydge with SpeaKers now-- and actually it is quite nice--the speakers sound a bit tinny but they seem adequate i would say they are alittle bit louder than the ipad speakers but not much--but am glad just for that little improvement--the shift key is the same size as the regular keys so i think some people will be disappointed --it is easy to type on but i also have a net book and a bluetooth keyboard so i am use to typing on small keyboards-- be careful when you open the ups box my brydge box was wide open so if i was not paying attention--it would have dropped right out-- but i am hoping that the reason whyit was open was that mine was tested as a quality control sample--about the controversial shims? well i still would have liked the original ones but these i can live with-- I am just happy I finally got it!

    20. Missing avatar

      Phyllis Carlin on

      How can I check whether the UPS notification I received in email that I did not open yet is either your sending me Brydge with speakers as opposed to "spam"" that I should not open? Thanks, P. Carlin

    21. Missing avatar

      Ronald Behrens on

      Hello , when you'll send out the versions with serial number. I can't understand that other guys got the versions with speakers and I am waiting for One of the first 100 with serial number. Please contact me asap. Christmas is coming soon. Thanks and regards from Berlin.

    22. Joerg Wedemeyer on

      Hey guys,

      when will you start to ship the speaker version internationally. Since I´ll be travelling over Christmas I´d wonder whether I can expect receiving my Brydge before?

      Cheers from Munich and all the best,


    23. Ella Chung on has been missing several was supposedly to arrive by oct, but it's already december...I am trying to be quite, but it just takes too long, and I am going to travel soon, if i cant receive it as soon as possible, that really sucks... please email me the tracking receipt!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Teris on

      Got mine today and it's just fine; you did very good indeed, to my eye.

      Thank you.

    25. Aaron Curtin on

      I got mine and I've been playing with it nonstop. I have to agree with pedro, the speakers are NOT worth the premium. If I'd known they'd suck this bad, I would have got the non speakered version. Not sure if I'm liking the hinge redesign either. Doesn't feel nearly as secure as I'd hoped/expected. All in all, a good product though. Reminds me so much of my old netbook or MBA, that I naturally keep looking for the track pad :( Then I remember its my iPad :)

    26. David Allen on

      I got my Brydge+ today and I love it!!!!!! I am at my favorite neighborhood burger joint and am using it right now with the free wi-fi. I works great. And for the size of the speakers and the device, I completely disagree with Pedro, I think the speakers sound fine. To get any better sound would require a lot bigger system.

      I also disagree with Pedro about the info provided with the Brydge+. Everything he poorly explained as coming from Brad, is explained completely and understandably in the enclosed literature. I had no problem dropping the iPad 2 into the hinge and pairing both the keyboard and speakers in about 2 minutes.

      And whereas I did like the look of the original hinge design, I am happy with the revised design. It looks different "in the flesh" than it did in over lighted photos.

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    28. Missing avatar

      Clinton on

      Got my tracking number yesterday, expected to be delivered on December 11.

    29. RD on

      are these getting shipped in alphabetical order? I see @PEDRO GONZALO ARTECHE got theirs and we live in the same city. I've still not received a shipping order receipt or notice of any impending shipment. :|

      I've tried to be as quite as possible in hopes that it will just arrive.. but since it's missed several dates already, I really hope it will at least be here for christmas, since it was an Oct birthday gift. :|

      Sadly, I too am worried that I will give my wife a product that is beyond enjoyable (from these reviews.) :(

    30. Missing avatar


      I test the Speakers and aren't great at all, Actually the IPAD Speakers are better. My hope was that the speakers work together but no, When you turn on the speakers in the keyboard the speakers in the IPAD are turn off , wish working together to get better sound experience but no. The review: great build material, good keyboard (too heavy with the IPAD) , bad speakers.

    31. Peni Nickell-Mathis on

      I have received my shipping notice. My Sister received hers yesterday & said it is perfect! This alleviated my concern that all would have a keyboard issue. There are lemons out there. I am hoping all of us do not receive one of them. How will they handle the lemons? If someone has had to return/refund one, please share how it worked out.

      She shared the speakers aren't great & if you listen to music you will need to wear headphones.

      Hope this helps!

    32. Missing avatar

      Akshay Kohli on

      I live in Atlanta, any word on when mine will be shipped out?!

    33. Missing avatar

      Alejandro de Soto on

      I received my email notification that my Brydge had shipped! Excited to try it out soon.
      Thank you!

    34. Missing avatar

      Donovan Dillon on

      Has anyone received a shipping notice for a Limited Edition Brydge ?

      Also, has there been any update on the option of receiving a Brydge with the original hinge design? Brad committed to investigate this option back in August, and I have emailed to ask about status of this effort, but have received no reply to my three inquiries and have not seen anything posted about it since the commitment was made in August.

      Any insight from the backer community is appreciated.

    35. Missing avatar

      Omar Fathi on

      Still no shipping notice received - international buyer Belgium

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Saul on

      Gentlemen of the Brydge team what in the world is going on with shipments? Did the QA fail on the speaker units? You guys need to update us! I am more than willing to wait until you have a solid QA'd product but the hallmark of good sales and service is communication. So if the initial units failed tell us that and let us know what you are doing to remedy.

    37. Ryan Johnston on

      Still no shipping notice :(

      Could you update on progress please!! As an international buyer I know there will be a delivery delay but let us know how many units are still to be shipped out!

    38. Missing avatar


      Hi to all, I spoke with Brad about the Keyboard with Speakers, It works but there is a little catch to make easy for all to work and avoid my path. First paring the keyboard and press enter after the type the code that appears in the screen After you let full charge the keyboard start any music and press Ctrl+B that turn on and turn off the speakers. When turn on the speakers you still need to go to bluetooth options and paring the speakers separate. So you will have the speakers and the keyboard listen in the bluetooth options in the IPAD. Remember also that you need to turn on and off every time the keyboard and use Ctrl+B to turn on and off the speakers. I hope this works for all since this instructions are off the manual, Brad give me the info.

    39. Andre Elijah on

      No shipping notice for me. I am beyond infuriated at this point. I'm from Toronto.

    40. Missing avatar

      Aurelien on

      I am in Montreal, and no shipping notice yet, no brydge yet, i am worrying...

    41. David Allen on

      I received an email from UPS Quantum View alerting me that My package from Brydge+ was shipping. I have watched the transit by the tracking number on my Mac shipping widget. The original delivery estimate was Thursday the 6th. The Brydge+ is in town and now scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

      Pedro, the keyboard and the speakers are two different BT devices that must be paired to the iPad separately. Have you paired both?

    42. Missing avatar

      LMK on

      Hi Pedro I wonder also about your speakers working and below in the comments there is a link to the Verge review which says that to set up the Brydge speakers there is a two step process and a keycode? Did you do that and it still did not work? And there was no instructions on how to do that? Please let us all know..

    43. Missing avatar

      LMK on

      I would like to know from anyone the same regarding the answer to Christian's question-- regarding getting a shipping notice???

    44. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      To those who have recieved theirs, did you recieve a shipping notice or did it just show up at your door?

    45. Missing avatar

      Clinton on

      Pedro, are you serious? Did you finally get them to work?

    46. Missing avatar


      This is for all who order the SPEAKERS version. I got the speakers model yesterday, good design, heavy to hold. Guess what!!! The speakers don't work. I email Brad to ask for a replacement. Make sure you cover the speakers from the IPAD when you test the sound and see If they reproduce any sound. I do not see any extra instructions for sound speakers. I am angry and disappointed, wast my money. Now replacement or money back.

    47. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    48. Missing avatar

      jim garfield on

      Today is Dec 3 for freaks do i get mine...i might need class action rep if anyone else is considering..

    49. Missing avatar

      pomme on

      You said you would ship 'tomorrow'. Today is 3 Dec already. If you meet any NEW problem and are going to delay the shipping time, you should update us more regularly.