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We cover the cutting edge of innovation and creativity, where art, imagination and invention are shaping the future.

We cover the cutting edge of innovation and creativity, where art, imagination and invention are shaping the future. Read More
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About this project will change the way you look at, and learn about, the world of creativity. Where other magazines serve as windows on a tour bus that's traveling past the scenery, will offer you an online doorway you can virtually walk through to explore new realms of imagination and take part in them.

You'll find original news, feature stories, reviews and blogs about the frontiers of creativity and innovation in a spectrum of fascinating fields ranging from arts and sciences to business and social change. But great information will be only your first discovery -- will also give you links for deeper adventuring, a voice in real-time discussions of creative issues, a global community with whom to share your own innovation news and ideas, and the endless fun of creating and posting your own spontaneous drawings, tunes, poems and designs for your fellow followers to enjoy.

We want to develop and launch because we believe that creativity and innovation are the keys to the future – that a better, more enjoyable life for everyone will come from people who have the power to shape our thoughts and endeavors with new ideas, discoveries, inventions and art.

And who are those people?

The ones who think. Like you, for instance.

So this site will be yours, your home base on the cutting edge of the creative revolution. And we need your help. Please contribute, and join us in building  


  • The one-and-only Kasumi (, with assistance from the excellent Chris Wairegi. Huge thanks to them both.

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  • It's an online magazine that will let you know what’s REALLY new. will be your one-stop Internet resource for fresh news and views about the whole spectrum of innovation and creative daring. We'll join objective coverage of the latest innovation news with unique perspectives from field experts and industry insiders on a creative, interactive site that entertains and engages our visitors, inviting them to participate in a global community of people who aren’t just talking about change, but making it happen.

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  • Creativity, like a diamond, has to be discovered and refined before we can use it. For human beings to make the full, best use their creativity, they have to recognize it and release its power. But many people don't think of themselves as creative or innovative and don't understand, value or support creativity and innovation in other people or their endeavors. If humans everywhere are going to be successful and fulfilled as individuals and as thriving communities in a world that changes for the better, we must help people get over their suspicion and ignorance about creativity and start appreciating and practicing it, while encouraging people who are already creative to dare in even more imaginative ways. This demands a cultural shift, a change of public opinion. And what changes public opinion? The media.

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  • will provide what we all need to fascinate and inspire us about the power of creativity:

    1. Exciting, reliable news and informed opinions about the creative processes and breakthroughs taking place in labs, studios, offices and heads around the world.
    2. A community of friends
    3. Fun

    With's rich writing and imagery to open doors they had never noticed, readers will experience a world of passion and possibility that opens their minds, fires their initiative and gets them creating.

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  • will cover creativity around North America and, eventually, the world through a network of experienced free-lance writers, photo/videographers, illustrators and bloggers. We'll publish a new edition each Monday morning, with selective daily refreshing throughout the business week. Our news content will be available for free to all Internet users but, as we are a for-profit enterprise, we'll sell advertising, seek sponsorships and provide fee-based memberships for readers who want to enjoy the benefits of the core community through our newsletters, event invitations and ad and merchandise discounts.

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  • Your funding will allow us to finish developing our new prototype, which is about halfway to completion. Though the beta version of featuring blogs about creativity and innovation in arts, law, politics and business was launched with some success in 2008, we are committed to crafting and unveiling the full news version of the site in 2011. The prototype will include the range of stories, opinion, visuals, interactive elements and technological functions was always intended to have and that we think will excite readers everywhere.

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