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A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.
951 backers pledged £11,808 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Tim Broadwater on

      Thanks for your perseverance Nicoll :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Mitchell on

      I like your haircut.

    3. Timothy Geary

      Actually, I just noticed the pre-order is for PC/MAC. My pledge was for the Android version, so the t-shirt/pre-order combo is actually useful to me beyond the t-shirt. Awesome. :D

    4. Timothy Geary

      Omg, omg, we can buy the t-shirt! I was really disappointed that I didn't have the money to pledge to get one in the first place, so this is great news! :D And for once I can't decide on a color. They're all great and work so well with the image! Yeah, it's with an extra pre-order (extra for us at least) but having 2 copies of the game available to us isn't a bad thing I suppose. That just means getting a friend into the AWESOME! ;)

      But yes, I see what you mean by the t-shirts being expensive to produce. I don't know if I can afford one right now, seeing as how they'd be around $50 USD including shipping (Ouch!) but I definitely really want one since they're, well, awesome. Let's see how the next paycheck looks. :P

    5. Nicoll Hunt Creator on

      Hey Teresa! Unfortunately the t-shirts are pretty expensive to make so I threw in the pre-order to make it better value for money. I'm sure you'd look STUNNING in one of them :)

    6. Teresa Manco on

      Aww... won't be able to go there, we're in crunch time. :/ Please have a beer for me! Though I don't drink much at all, you can use the excuse! Ale, please!

      Will it be possible to buy the t-shirts without the game? I already pledged for it, but I'd really like to buy the t-shirt because the pro model makes them look so spiffy! I know I won't look half as pretty, but I still want to delude myself in denial!