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A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.
951 backers pledged £11,808 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Jason de Nys

      Speaking of maidens and bears...
      Possible theme song?…

    2. V on

      I don't have anything to add to the app gifting dilemma. But I do have to say, every girl's crazy for a sharp dressed bear.

    3. Craig on

      Nicoll! A long shot this... I don't know if it may be useful?!

    4. Nicoll Hunt Creator on

      You are all amazing and make this whole experience incredible, to the point that I think I might explode with sheer unrestrained joy. Even if I don't do the crap-game-that-turns-into-awesome-game plan at some point I need to do a game jam to bring Colon Irrigation 2013 into horrifying reality!

      I've got LOADS of leads to follow up now thanks to you being super lovely, and I will of course keep you updated when I know more. You're all utterly awesome and I feel very very honoured to have you on my side. x

    5. Timothy Geary

      I'll be honest. I backed this to get a free Android copy. However, after all this time, the just getting my free copy isn't the most important thing to me anymore. This game is going to be so awesome, and YOU are so awesome (your honesty about the Apple issues and everything is SO refreshing, you have no idea) that where I've paid a chunk to get my free Android copy, if I was getting the iOS version I wouldn't care in the least bit about paying for it again. I'd be more than happy to help boost FoA in the paid app ratings.

      And on that last note, Douglas has a point. I'd hate to see your app fly up the free ranks just to have to start over in the paid ranks without the KS backer's help. If you can't figure anything else out, it's probably for the best to put it up for a buck or something for a few days so it gets the ratings it deserves.

      And if you go the free route, Kane's idea of a ridiculously crappy game, then the update to the true game idea is awesome. And Kristian's name suggestion of COLON IRRIGATION SIMULATOR 2013 is just fantastic. XD

      One final note that everyone seems to be saying as well. Take. Your. Time. Do not rush on our parts. I'm sure the others agree, it doesn't matter when the game comes out, as long as it's done right and is up to your standards of awesome. We'll all be patiently waiting for your final results. Just keep us posted on your progress. :)

    6. Douglas Schmidt on

      Man, you should not do the free for a time stuff. This will hurt a lot your future sales, because the featured free app list is a different one from the paid app list.
      So all the people that backed the project, instead of upscaling the app to the top 20 list, will be just be pushing up your app in the free list, and later when you start selling, you will have to go all the way up again just with organic selling. The kickstart marketing advantage will be mostly lost.

      I think you should sell the app and start as soon as possible distributing promo codes, it will be 20 updates, but at least your app will be very visible very soon.
      Contacting apple may also work, but they usually take very long to respond and may not accept.

      Another way is you to buy a enterprise developer license, and send us the app by adhoc distribution. That will require you to add all our devices, or use some testing tool like

      Either way, I don't mind it take a little longer to get the awesome game you're making :)

    7. GodSponge on

      Definitely backed the game so it would get made. Free copies are great though. Take as long as you need to make the game great. I'd much rather it be done the way you want it than to have it rushed and not done as well. Thanks for the updates and we appreciate your honesty. Keep up the great work!

    8. Jonic Linley on

      Oh yeah, I should also say that I didn't back the game to get a free copy - I backed it to make sure it got made at all! I'd have no problem paying for it when it's eventually released, and I don't think I'm alone in saying that :)

    9. Jonic Linley on

      Hey Nicoll,

      About the free iOS version - I've got no problem with you releasing it as free for a few days. It's not your fault that Apple are so difficult about this kind of thing, so whatever you have to do is fine by me. What it ultimately means is more people playing FoA, and therefore a wider potential fanbase for when you release another game :)

      That said, I'd gladly just pay for it anyway on iOS if you don't want to release it for free - I'll be getting a free Mac version anyway!

      I hope eventually things like Kickstarter and other crowd-funding sites prompt Apple to rethink their policy on app developers giving away free copies of a game they'd otherwise be selling for money. I doubt it will happen any time soon, though! Just do what you gotta do, mate :)

    10. Kristian Mattila on


    11. Nicoll Hunt Creator on

      Thanks so much for all the comments and ideas everybody, they're very much appreciated! I've got a few leads to follow now, and it's reassuring to know that the worst case of making the game free for a day or two seems fine.

      I especially LOVE Kane's idea of putting out a rubbish game that magically transforms into FIST OF AWESOME. Brilliant! :D

    12. Kane Harrison on

      Here's my idea to get it out there.
      Create a really lame free game, really really crap. Call it something that people just won't search for, let us know and we will download it.
      If any other non KS backer downloads it they will play and delete it straight away.
      When Fist Of Awesome is ready, push it as an update with a new name and add the fee.
      All of us will have the crap game sitting there ready to update to the new game for free and non backers will have to pay.

      Anyone who misses the 2 week window can be mopped up with the available promo codes.

    13. James Bolton aka DEADJAM on

      Thanks for the update, the Tee does look awesome and you should put it up for sale post release in a limited run.

      No worries for the delay, a great game is worth waiting for.

    14. Nic Barajas

      Maybe I’ll be in the minority here, but I fronted so little money that, depending on how you price your game, a dollar or two isn’t going to be a big deal. I figured when I backed it might be tricky to get a free iOS app, but the game sold itself, so I backed it.

      In short: Do what people ask for, but if getting it free for backers means giving it free for everyone, maybe you can find another type of reward to give out instead.

    15. Timothy Geary

      Great to see this update, but that sucks for the iOS backers outside the UK. I was gonna suggest the promo code thing, but it seems others already have, and it sounds more difficult than I thought. Contacting Apple directly is definitely your best bet. I'm sure things will work out no matter what. I'm opting for the Android version though, so that doesn't really affect me, but that doesn't mean I don't feel for the iOS peeps and want to see it work.

      Also, on the later release, I don't mind. I know making a great game takes time, so I'm willing to wait for a quality game. Also, I'd forgotten the projected release was for March. I thought it was April, so this doesn't really bother me. XP

      Also, thanks for the beard shampoo/conditioner notes and links in a previous update. Now that I have my tax return, I'm gonna pick some up. I love my beard and would love to have it even better, so I think tax return money going to beard care products is the only correct thing to do. :P

    16. Tim Broadwater on

      Thanks for the update, keep trucking with beard-power!

    17. Olna Jenn Smith

      Yeah, a lot of people are starting to run into this problem with iOS. Bummer, but it will all work out. The shirt looks great!

    18. Missing avatar

      andrew welch on

      It's sucks you can't just gift it hopefully apple will work with you, I'm not opposed to just paying another .99$ I'd hate for you to lose a bunch of money making it free for a day

    19. Ashley Finney on

      Thanks for the update!
      Bummer about the non-UK peeps. Hope you get it sorted.

    20. andrew radin on

      Thanks for the sharply dressed bears. That's helpful :)

    21. Jason de Nys


      This problem wont affect me because I've elected for the Android version but somehow the guy behing the Lark cookbook app… made it work, he got it to me in teh Australian App store.

    22. Kristian Mattila on

      I have no problems paying for the game either, I don't think any fist backer (or any other ios app backer) pledged just to get the game for free. We just wanted to see it done.

      That being said, Proppa, another KS iOS game, was listed for free on a few selected dates, and that seemed to go smoothly.

    23. Nicoll Hunt Creator on

      Thanks guys! I've been told Apple won't allow a free version with an unlock, but I'm going to try contacting them and asking directly. I'll also see if there's any way I can convince them to let me have more than 50 promo codes for a single update. As it takes 2 weeks for Apple to approve an update people would be waiting a long time if I went that route currently!

      Once way or another you'll definitely get the iOS version you backed, the worst case is I simply make the full game free for a few days.

    24. hakoMike on

      I am really excited to play this!

      What about offering a free version on the app store specifically for ks backers that requires a code or some sort of identifier to unlock?

    25. Oded Sharon on

      Re: iOS

      You can generate 50promo codes in iTunes connect per version. In 20 versions (just upload a new one every time it's accepted with bug fixes) you cover all the backers. But that takes a while

      Also Look at zombies run kickstarter project, The contacted apple to give then the large number of promo codes they needed as far as I know.

      I'd prefer to play it on my iPad - I pledged for that...

    26. Jan Sapper on

      Luckily I'm based in the UK!