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A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.
A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.
951 backers pledged £11,808 to help bring this project to life.

Multiplatform Support, Conferences and more!

Hello FIST backers!

It's been almost a month since my last update so here's a bear-sized update on what I've been up to. A lot of what I've been doing is behind-the-scenes style stuff, so I'm afraid this update is a bit more technical that usual. There are still some pretty pictures if you scroll down though.

Multiplatform Support

Much of January was spent bringing the Android and OUYA builds up to the same level as the iOS one. For the tech-y minded among you, FIST OF AWESOME is built on an extended version of the cocos2d-x C++ engine - It's a lovely little engine, but it's open source and constantly evolving so there are a few rough edges. I've had to spend some time making sure everything works exactly as I need it across the various devices.

One of my most used tools for helping with this is CocosBuilder:

It's an open source UI layout editor which includes support for laying out screens which can adapt to different screen resolutions. It's one of the reasons FIST OF AWESOME can comfortably run on everything from a tiny 320x480 iPhone 3GS screen to 1920x1080 when an OUYA is hooked up to a monster plasma screen.

I also use CocosBuilder for laying out the levels, adding collision, script trigger points, etc.

All this means I only need to create UI screens, level layouts and game code once and it'll automagically run across iOS and Android/OUYA without any extra work. Eventually this same approach will help create the PC & Mac versions (along with any other platforms I may choose to support).

Development Hardware

One of the biggest impacts the Kickstarter campaign has had is that the FIST OF AWESOME development environment has switched from a beat-up looking 5 year old MacBook to a shiny new iMac.

The game can now be compiled from scratch in under 30 seconds which means I spend less time staring at my watch and more time trying out more crazy ideas!

The extra grunt of the iMac also allows me to quickly deploy builds of the Android and OUYA versions of the game. Before an Android build could take upwards of 5 minutes to compile and test, which is an eternity when you're trying to find and fix issues!

Art Progress

Being so focussed on solving technical issues has meant I don't have as many pretty graphics to show off this update but I have been working away on a few bits and pieces. Some of the most fun I've had is coming up with end of level bosses, a selection of which you can enjoy here:

Physical Rewards

I'm still waiting on my new t-shirt supplier sending samples so I can order a new batch and get the physical rewards sent out to you all. Many apologies for the delay, who knew that getting t-shirts printed would be one of the hardest things about making this game!


Thanks to the exposure this Kickstarter has brought I've been lucky enough to be invited to a number of events around the UK in the upcoming months.

The most imminent is GEEK2013 - happening in Margate 21st - 24th February. My fiancee and I will be there showing off the latest and greatest FIST OF AWESOME builds, including the OUYA version! If you make it down I will grant you a giant bear hug in return for supporting this dream project!

I'll also be at Revival - in Wolverhampton 18th & 19th May, and if everything goes to plan quite a few more events throughout the year. I'll announce which ones when I know more details.

As always thank you so much for supporting this game, your backing has had the most profound impact and I'm so so so excited to see what happens when you finally get FIST OF AWESOME in your hands!

Lots of love,

Nicoll x


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    1. Tim Broadwater on

      ***stroking his beard while he waits***

    2. Tim Broadwater on

      ***stroking his beard while he waits***

    3. James Bolton aka DEADJAM on

      Fist backing all the way!
      I was thinking, perhaps a couple of bear mobile wallpapers could be a great extra. You could have these as rewards in the game.

    4. Teresa Manco on

      Such a tidy desk...

    5. Ashley Finney on

      Nice update, thanks. More tech-y stuff please :]

      Although 'FIST backers' sounds dodgy =/ lol

    6. Jonic Linley on

      Welp. This is all looking pretty sweet to me! I'm also dead jealous of your shiny new setup! It's good to see how the money you raised is being spent though. You've been a lot more transparent about that than a lot of other things I've backed!

      Glad development is coming along well, too! Keep it up :)