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A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.
A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.
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    1. Nicoll Hunt Creator on

      A video of the game being played is a great idea btw! I'll get one up soon :)

    2. Nicoll Hunt Creator on

      I can happily confirm that FIST OF AWESOME is 100% compatible with beard-less players.

      The experience is improved if you have a beard though, colours appear richer and the jokes seem funnier. Some beta testers have taken to wearing false beards or "cat beards" (google it!) to intensify their experience.

    3. Alejo AC on

      Bears face fur can be considered to be a beard?... a bear beard?

      The horizontal movement by dragging seems interesting, it would be nice to watch a video of you playing to see how it works.

    4. JB Designs on

      That's a good point. I shaved mine off for my Haloween costume, but will make sure to grow it back by March.

    5. Gianfranco Lanzio on

      I just read that you make "Games For People With Beards". I currently do not own a beard, will I be able to play and complete the game despite this (huge) shortcoming?

    6. Nick M on

      Awesome concept and execution :D.

      P.S. I hear those Tim Schafer Double Fine Adventure backers have a thing for lumberjacks, possible epic win opportunity?

    7. Marc Vaughan

      I support your general awesomeness :D

    8. Kristian Mattila on

      Pledging my support for beards.

    9. Veav on

      Works for me. :)

    10. Christopher Kerr on

      I support your support of Android support.

    11. Missing avatar

      Smoothboar on

      Why, yes, I have wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH! Take my money!

    12. Nicoll Hunt Creator on

      Hey Veav! It's likely I'll be supporting the iOS & Android versions for a while before I get the chance to dedicate time to the other platforms. That said I'm happy for you to wait till the PC version, I just can't guarantee when it will happen :)

    13. Veav on

      Nize. You mention a PC port - as a poor person who doesn't own a smartphone, this is relevant to my interests. Is it fine to just hold onto my game reward until that time comes?