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A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.
A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.
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    1. Alejo AC on

      Bears face fur can be considered to be a beard?... a bear beard?

      The horizontal movement by dragging seems interesting, it would be nice to watch a video of you playing to see how it works.

    2. JB Designs on

      That's a good point. I shaved mine off for my Haloween costume, but will make sure to grow it back by March.

    3. Gianfranco Lanzio on

      I just read that you make "Games For People With Beards". I currently do not own a beard, will I be able to play and complete the game despite this (huge) shortcoming?

    4. Nick M on

      Awesome concept and execution :D.

      P.S. I hear those Tim Schafer Double Fine Adventure backers have a thing for lumberjacks, possible epic win opportunity?

    5. Marc Vaughan

      I support your general awesomeness :D

    6. Kristian Mattila on

      Pledging my support for beards.

    7. Veav on

      Works for me. :)

    8. Christopher Kerr on

      I support your support of Android support.

    9. Missing avatar

      Smoothboar on

      Why, yes, I have wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH! Take my money!

    10. Nicoll Hunt Creator on

      Hey Veav! It's likely I'll be supporting the iOS & Android versions for a while before I get the chance to dedicate time to the other platforms. That said I'm happy for you to wait till the PC version, I just can't guarantee when it will happen :)

    11. Veav on

      Nize. You mention a PC port - as a poor person who doesn't own a smartphone, this is relevant to my interests. Is it fine to just hold onto my game reward until that time comes?