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Energy Hook is a grapple-and-swing-and-run-on-walls-for-style game by Jamie Fristrom, creator of the Spider-Man 2 game.
Energy Hook is a grapple-and-swing-and-run-on-walls-for-style game by Jamie Fristrom, creator of the Spider-Man 2 game.
1,622 backers pledged $41,535 to help bring this project to life.

New Gear - Please Vote On Your Favorite Look

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

I'm already spending the money we've raised. I want cooler looking gear, so I hired Israel Evans to draw us some. I like it all, so I'm turning it over to you - check out these images, then take this survey, and the winning gear will get modeled. (PS, these images are kind of small, huh? You can see bigger pictures on the Facebook page.)

And a Shout Out:

Thanks to the guys from Nine Dot Studios, doing the GoD Factory: Wingmen Kickstarter, for backing Energy Hook. Their game looks freaking beautiful.

Correction: Eitan and Sean's Twitch TV show is on *Wednesday*

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

My bad. I'm an idiot. (Way to instill confidence in the backers, Jamie.)

Energy Hook will be on the Firehose Games We Play show on WEDNESDAY, at 5:30 PM ET. 

On the bright side, because it's on Wednesday I'll be able to join in! 

(Because Friday's the IGDA Seattle Game Creators Summit. If you're in Seattle and a game developer, check it out, and if you want to meet up let me know!)

Media And Shout Outs

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

We're still trucking along, partly thanks to a nice tweet by Yahtzee Croshaw himself, and mostly thanks to a large contribution by the first taker for the Energy Hook level creation class. If you don't know what that is, it's the opportunity to make a bonus level for Energy Hook with plenty of mentoring by me. If that sounds intriguing, check it out near the bottom of the Kickstarter page or on my blog.

More Twitch.TV

Eitan Glinert and Sean Baptiste of Firehose Games have been doing a show where they play indie games and talk about them, which is already crazy popular! And they'll be showing Energy Hook next Wednesday, at 5:30 PM ET.

Kicking It ... Sideways?

I'd also like to give some props to other Kickstarter projects that have backed Energy Hook.

These ones are already funded but you can still get involved:

And these ones are still going on right now! 

(If you've backed Energy Hook and have a Kickstarter project and I missed you, sorry! Let me know and I'll try to mention you in a future update!)

8 Days Left! Anything Could Happen!

And, sorry, I just have to keep repeating how lucky I am and grateful for you all.

Goal #3 Reached - Brian Luzietti Unlocked!

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

Yes! Thanks to a great interview in Polygon, we've hit $30K, and it's official: Brian Luzietti will be doing the audio for this game. We're a team again! Snoopy dance. Everyone backing at the Beta level or better will get his soundtrack.

We now turn our eyes to a new level with a whole new look and feel, and a wildly experimental and dangerous first person mode, which will go hand-in-hand with Oculus Rift virtual reality headset support. All the backers will have access to the first person mode and the additional level, of course, but only backers who have backed at the Beta level or higher will get the Oculus Rift enabled version of the game.

I got a kick out of this Let's Play video. And @bluecat16475 made this montage of video of highlights from our show when he should have been studying for finals. Ignore the low framerate there, that's the result of recording a stream of a stream or something.

I hope you're not tired of me saying how amazing this is. Because it's still amazing. I am so lucky to have your support.

Big Announcement - James Zachary, Spider-Man 2 animation director, wants to help!

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

Hey, so, for the ~1130 of you who didn't join us in the broadcast yesterday, the Big Announcement!

A bunch of factors have come together:

One - Spider-Man 2 animation director Jim Zachary has agreed to help us out! He's busy for the next few months, but has blocked out some time in September to do some animating for us. 

Two - Executive Producer Jakub Koziol thinks it's really important that we get midair animations into the game.

So I've moved some stretch goals around. What was formerly the $110K stretch goal, the midair animations, is now the $55K stretch goal, and I've spread the features that were formerly in the $55K stretch goal around at higher levels.

(You see? If you back at the Executive Producer level I really do listen to you.)

TL;DR: The $55K stretch goal is now an animation makeover and set of midair tricks. With James Zachary, the man who brought animation magic to Spider-Man 2.

So - how can you help us get to $55K? I'll tell you something I *haven't* been doing to promote the game: posting to forums. (I feel weird about posting to forums I don't normally hang out on. "Hi guys! I never post here but let me try to sell you my game! Kthx bye!") So if you're a regular on a gaming forum, post there, talk the game up, and send me a link to the thread so I can join in. I believe there's a lot of people in the world who want a good swinging game, we just have to somehow find them...