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Energy Hook is a grapple-and-swing-and-run-on-walls-for-style game by Jamie Fristrom, creator of the Spider-Man 2 game.
Energy Hook is a grapple-and-swing-and-run-on-walls-for-style game by Jamie Fristrom, creator of the Spider-Man 2 game.
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Sixty Second Shooter Prime for the Xbox One releases tomorrow!

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

A couple weeks behind on the update but I wanted to wait until I had good news. Now I do - our work on Sixty Second Shooter Prime has finally reached fruition, and comes out tomorrow on the Xbox One.

Thanks so much, everybody, for encouraging me to take a break from Energy Hook and make this game. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and looking forward to seeing those of you with XB1's on the leaderboards. 

For those of you who asked for Xbox One keys, I don't have them yet but expect to get them soon.

You can help the launch, by tweeting / facebooking / etcetera about the game. There's a trailer you can link to here: - please spread it around!

Thanks again. You all are the best.


That's Why I Got Into Game Development. To Fill Out Lots of Forms.

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

Hello everyone.

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is Almost Done. We submitted an optional early build to get a checklist of things to fix from Microsoft, and all but one of those things are fixed. (Hope to get that fixed today.)

There's a bit of a snag that's going to keep it from launching for a while. To ship a game on the Xbox One, you need some things I'm not used to getting: ratings from official ratings boards for each territory you launch in, and E&O insurance. It turns out these take longer to get than I thought, and require filling out lots of forms. My bad; I should have started looking into these things sooner in the project.

I owe massive props to Brett Douville (@brett_douville) - he's basically carried me on the coding side of this project. 

Hope to have it on the Xbox before the end of the month, and be able to start bringing you Energy Hook updates again. Keegan O'Rourke's Sky Gardens level is just about finished - the art is done, and I just want to tweak the challenges a little - hope to have a build with that level available soon, even if I don't have time to fix much else.



It's March, Time To Ship ... Something

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

Okay, I promised you a Gamma build in March and I don't have that but I'll at least give you the latest build. I'm working with the folks at Humble to send out the last set of keys as we speak - you should get an e-mail within the week or so telling you how to get yours.

I'm finally getting the hang of the forum software I installed, so that's the best place to give feedback these days:

Because I've been working on Sixty Second Shooter (Thanks again, so much, for your support. It was so awesome it made the news.) I don't have a new build of Energy Hook for you. 

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is going well! It's almost done except for leaderboards and details. We plan to submit to "pre-cert" in 14 days, and expect it on the Xbox One within a couple months, and I should be able to get back to Energy Hook well before then. 

Thanks again everybody!

Energy Hook Has The Best Backers

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

A few weeks ago I asked you, in a survey, whether I should keep my nose to the Energy Hook grindstone or seize the opportunity to bring Sixty Second Shooter to the Xbox One. Here are the results:

So, in short, y'all rock, and I'm going ahead with it!

I didn't mean to be passive aggressive with that last option--I myself have been a bit miffed from time to time when someone I backed went off and did something else instead of focusing 100% on what I backed--but I see how some of you could take it that way. Anyways, I'd like to offer a refund to anybody who thinks I've dealt with them unfairly. Just send me a message over the Kickstarter message system and we'll find a way to get your money back to you.

I'm also amazed by how Sony reacted. I asked them if they were okay with this, and I expected them to say "No" -- after all, why would they help a competitor? -- but they understand this is a now-or-never thing and are perfectly willing to be flexible. I couldn't believe it. The business world's a lot nicer than I expect sometimes!

Sixty Second Shooter Prime, as it's now called, is looking like it's going to be great. Brian Luzietti is doing all new audio for it, my old friend Brett Douville is helping with the coding as well, and it's already a whole level up from its predecessor. Who knows? Maybe it'll be the Geometry Wars of the Xbox One.

For those of you who want to be able to eventually play it, I am going to get keys from Microsoft. I won't have enough for all of you but I should have enough for all of you who have an Xbox One. (And I'm trying to negotiate more.) So, if you have an Xbox One, let me know, and I'll get you a key.

As for those of you who want a PC version of SSSP, at the very least I'll be able to do a DirectX 11 version for Windows.

Thank you so much everybody. You're all awesome, and I'm really excited about giving Happion Labs' "other game" a real chance.

Backers-Only Update

Posted by Happion Laboratories (Creator)

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