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An expansion of my Ghosts series of Holocaust paintings to include other historical conflicts, printed in a hardbound photo book.
An expansion of my Ghosts series of Holocaust paintings to include other historical conflicts, printed in a hardbound photo book.
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Recent updates

Update - August 2015

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We're down to the final stretch for the Ghosts book. I've hired the PR firm Three Girls Media and they have been hard at work getting ready to roll out a media campaign for Ghosts. The final title is "Ghosts - Images of War" and the cover art and images are all finished. I'm still finishing up the text that goes along with the images. I can't wait for you all to see it! Thank you again for your patience during the delays in completing the project. 

More soon!

Update on Ghosts Project

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Hello all you wonderful backers of my Ghosts project!  

It's been awhile since I sent an update, and I wanted to let you all know how the project is going. I was hoping to be finished with the artwork and ready to print the book by now, but due to an injury to my right shoulder, I've been unable to do much work the last several months and have fallen behind schedule. Here's where we are at with the project:

I've have 11 finished pieces in the Civil War series that are ready to go to print. They are posted on the Ghosts Project page of my website for you to see.

I have my photos from Hawaii and am working on the Pearl Harbor series now. I have 1 completely finished piece and several pieces in various states of progress. You can see the finished piece on my website. Look closely to see the faces in the image.

I returned from Europe in May with approximately 3500 photographs of WWII sites in England and France including London, Normandy, Paris, and Dunkirk; and several WWI sites in France and Belgium. I've been able to sort through them, pick the ones I want to use, and match them up with old, period shots that I want to use in the final pieces. I'm hoping to be able to do some of the actual artwork now that my shoulder is finally healing up enough to let me work for short periods. I should be able to put more time in as it gets better and stronger.

I apologize for the delay, not getting the project finished by the end of August like I had planned. At this point I hope to have the project completed by the end of the year, and the book printed by the end of January 2015. You should receive your rewards in February.

Thanks for your patience and your patronage!


First Photo Trip Scheduled!

Hello all my wonderful Ghosts Project backers!

I've been busily gathering information on Revolutionary War and Civil War battle sites, and my first photo gathering trip is scheduled for November 23-30. It will be a one week road trip starting in Philadelphia, PA and ending in Lynchburg, VA. In between I'll be photographing Valley Forge and Gettysburg in PA; Old Tennent Church and Rose Hill Cemetery (a Revolutionary War period cemetery) in NJ; Antietam in Maryland; Seward House, Lafayette Square, Ford Theater, and the Fort Delaware Prison in D.C. In Virginia I'll be visiting about a dozen places including Appomattox, Lexington, and Harper's Ferry. I'll be starting the first paintings as soon as I get back to the studio.

As for the future, the Pearl Harbor trip is scheduled for early August, and I will be scheduling the trip to Normandy shortly. Thanks to one of my Linked-In history buddies, I have a wonderful itinerary for touring the beaches of Normandy that I'm sure will prove to be very helpful in covering a lot of the area and getting some wonderful images.

I'll keep you all updated and post photos when I return from the trip. Thank you all for making this project a reality. I will try my best to create paintings you can all be proud of and that do honor to the conflicts and times they will represent.



Thank you to all of you that have supported and backed my project. I'll be organizing the schedule so that I can get started as soon as possible. I'll be keeping you all up to date on the progress as we go along. I'm looking forward to going on this journey will all of you!  -Carrie