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$62,867 pledged of $290,000 goal
$62,867 pledged of $290,000 goal

It's the final night; the support is overwhelming. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you, and Thank you again. We have one final request:

We're down to the wire! This is the last opportunity to share the Kickstarter --

You can share the facebook post below this image, or just share the project link:

Click here to go to this post on facebook and please share it!
Click here to go to this post on facebook and please share it!

With the utmost gratitude, thank you for making the Garden Tower 2 a reality for the world.


Joel Grant, Thomas Tlusty, Colin Cudmore, Kristi Armes, Clark Greiner, and the rest of the Garden Tower Project family.

4 DAYS LEFT: Garden Tower Project Set to Surpass Kickstarter Goal By 1,000 Percent

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If you haven't seen the Garden Tower 2, don't miss it (ends December 7th at midnight)!

Garden Tower 2 Available Now on Kickstarter
Garden Tower 2 Available Now on Kickstarter

Over 1,250 Garden Tower 2's have been pledged for by almost 900 backers!

There's excitement in the air....

Watch as the compost tube cap is produced (sampled) in a brand new mold for the first time ever!

We've sampled lots of the components of the Garden Tower 2, but this is the first one we've filmed. You will see some clear center tube sections and some grey stacking rings in the background if you look closely. This sampling didn't go perfectly smoothly, but there were no major issues with the mold or press fitment!

Please, Please keep sharing the project with your friends, coworkers, and families. Sharing has produced the vast majority of our pledges and we are so thankful for your enthusiasm and support.

Thank you,

The Garden Tower Project


The revolutionary all-new Garden Tower 2 -- Available on Kickstarter Tuesday


We've entirely redesigned the Garden Tower and we haven't spared any innovation or expense.

On Tuesday Nov 4th (4pm EST) the Garden Tower 2 will go on pre-sale through Kickstarter for one month only. This one time event is a thank you to all Garden Tower owners who have been waiting for the best Garden Tower we can make at a deeply discounted price (limited availability).

The first 100 orders on Tuesday/Wednesday will receive an additional $15 discount.

Major Garden Tower 2 improvements include:

  • Enhanced nutrient distribution: The vermicompost tube at the core of every Garden Tower features 265% more perforations for greater access by plant roots and enhanced vermicompost aeration
  • Stacking & nesting planting rings: Customizable tower height and substantially reduced shipping size
  • It rotates! 360 degree rotation made possible by a robust integrated bearing track = optimized sun exposure and better plant access
  • Removable compost tea drawer and compost screen: A major ease-of-use upgrade for better access and less bending over
  • Wide, reinforced, anchorable feet: Easily install castors wheels or attach the tower securely to a rooftop, etc.
  • 100% Recyclable, Food-contact grade plastic: No plasticizers, no BPA, no phthalates. Only food-grade dye, antioxidant for UV protection, and high quality USA HDPE & polypropylene plastics

Order a Garden Tower 2 for $150 below the public release price:

To produce the all-new Garden Tower 2 we need to fulfill a minimum number of orders for production to be efficient and economically sustainable. For this brief Kickstarter only we are able to offer the Garden Tower 2 for only $218 delivered (first 100 orders) to the doorstep of the Kickstarter community. This pricing will never be offered again.

Beyond this event, the Garden Tower 2 will sell for $350 to $400 to allow independent garden stores to offer it directly to customers. If we meet this funding goal together it enables you and a huge community of new and lifelong gardeners to take control of their agriculture, health, and access to food.

Please, please(!) share this campaign and help spread the word to friends, family, facebook, etc.(

Garden Towers are literally everywhere!

With over 4,000 users across the USA (all 50 states!), Canada, and Puerto Rico, Garden Towers are growing like mad. The Garden Tower Project is holding a one month pre-sale on the all-new Garden Tower 2!  Check out the Garden Tower Project on youtube and facebook and see what our 39,500 fans are saying!

Please, please (!) share the Kickstarter campaign!

       (use this link:)

             Even a $5 pledge is a huge boost to the Project's visibility on Kickstarter!

Thank you very much,

Joel Grant, Colin Cudmore, Tom Tlusty, and the Garden Tower Project Team


Terracotta has arrived! It's a garden, it's a composter -- it's the Garden Tower!

It's a Pre-Release Celebration!

After 5 months of development we are pre-selling the latest, most aesthetic and durable Garden Tower ever created! We are celebrating this monumental event with this special website ( where you'll find exclusive pre-release savings not found in our online store.

Now that our manufacturing customizations are complete, the brand new custom terracotta colored, USDA food grade, UV-stabilized v1.1 Garden Tower will begin shipping September 2013! Nationwide ground shipping is still only $38.60. Fulfillment of pre-orders will have priority over fall back-orders, so get yours in today!

The pre-sale event is limited to the first 200 orders, so don't wait! There's no better time than now to start your seeds for a bountiful fall harvest.

Check out the excitement at and please share the news on facebook

Thank you for your support of the Garden Tower Project,

Colin, Joel, Tom, and the whole Garden Tower team!

5 Days to Submit Garden Tower Photos; Two weeks to register for...


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