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After 3 seasons of perfecting our loaves & selling at farmers markets in St. Louis, KNEAD is ready to open a legit sourdough bakery.
After 3 seasons of perfecting our loaves & selling at farmers markets in St. Louis, KNEAD is ready to open a legit sourdough bakery.
After 3 seasons of perfecting our loaves & selling at farmers markets in St. Louis, KNEAD is ready to open a legit sourdough bakery.
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    1. Dave Cordes on

      Has anyone seen AJ recently? He's not at the Lake St. Louis farmer's market anymore so I can't ask him how the location search is coming along. It's been almost 2 years since I've pledged. I'm starting to think he took the 30 grand and left town.

    2. Lauren Ashley Verhel on

      Agreed, I'm looking forward to some freshly baked bread. Any new news?

    3. Josh & Vicky Van Horsen on

      I just wanted to check in as there haven't been any updates in a long time and I know you were hoping to open in October. Do we have a status on this one?


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      Angela and Dan Linz on

      Congratulations AJ! We're proud of you!!

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      Tina Alderson on

      Wooh Hoo - way to go AJ.

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      Linda Krueger on

      So happy for you AJ! All the best to you going forward, you are a blessing to us all.
      Linda K

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      pglanvill on

      We are so proud of you, and confident that you will do well. Good luck!

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      Cindy Graven on

      Looks like you're in business. Well done. Blessings all around!

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      Marla Merenghi on

      Congratulations! My family and I couldn't be happier for you and look forward to following your progress. I can't wait for me and all your current and future followers to be able to purchase your fantastic bread and other baked goodies all year long.

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      Tessa Gentile on


    11. Dana Manda on

      So happy for you AJ! We're looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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      Marla Merenghi on

      Please, please, please talk to your family and friends and to their family and friends to pledge even a few dollars each to support this project. AJ is a remarkable, committed chef and a kind, giving person. His current customers will be forever grateful to be able to enjoy his fabulous homemade bread (as well as all the delectable bakery items) throughout the year, and new customers will become guaranteed followers. Less than $2,500 needed with only 4 days to go. LET'S SHOW OUR SUPPORT AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

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      Marla Merenghi on

      AJ deserves to realize his dream of his own bakery. My family and I believe in AJ, and I know he'll always be successful. I've been purchasing his bread (and bakery items) for over a year now, and I've yet to find better homemade bread! I just wish I'd discovered him when he first started baking 3 years ago. I've also had the pleasure of Chef AJ preparing and serving a 6 course dinner in my home for me and 5 of my family. The food was delectable, the presentation was professional, and it was an experience we all continue to rave about.
      If you and your family and friends show your support and give at least $20 each to back this project, you'll get great rewards in return. Even pledging as little as $1 or $5 can still work toward getting this project fulfilled. We will all benefit with the Knead Sourdough Bakery & Urban Agrarian Eatery in our community and our ability to purchase fabulous bread and bakery items all year round.

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      Kirsten Glanvill on

      This project has to be backed!! Many people will be disappointed if it isn't- mainly his regular customers!
      AJ not only has a heart for quality and delicious bread but a deep respect for food. He truly is a brilliant chef and has a incredible desire to teach others about his passion for food. This bread is pure with it's four simple ingredients- each which have been carefully chosen to create healthy and delicious bread.
      If you are not sold by his vulnerability in this video go to the market yourself and pick up a loaf of his bread, cookies and yummy pastries. THEN... get back on this website and donate your heart out!! You will get wonderful things in return!

      Honestly, you are silly not to support such a rare, pure and mouthwatering bakery and eatery! AJ will change the way food and bread is seen in the Midwest, be apart of it!