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With the use of 30+ disposable cameras, I will pay each homeless man or woman $15 to document his/her life for one day. Read more

Detroit, MI Photography
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This project was successfully funded on July 10, 2012.

With the use of 30+ disposable cameras, I will pay each homeless man or woman $15 to document his/her life for one day.

Detroit, MI Photography
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About this project

With the use of 35+ disposable cameras, I want to visualize the lives of homeless Detroit, all on the same day, with them as the artist.

My plan starts with the discovery of 35+ willing participants (a homeless man or woman), which will not be hard here in Detroit.

Imagine what each of them see and do on a daily basis. By providing each with a medium to tell his/her own story, I expect a huge amount of exposure to spark from the project.

A 35mm camera is the simplest electronic known to man. You look through the viewfinder, and press a button. So I'll give each participant a camera, and what they photograph is up to them.

Here's how it will work:

Once the funding and goal are met, I will head directly to my local camera shop and clear their shelves of 35mm disposables. 

Once purchased, I'll begin my search for willing participants. With the use of countless posters displayed around Downtown Detroit, I hope to draw in the homeless with ease. A date and time will be determined, in which the participants will flood Grand Circus Park to collect their camera. Their breakfast will be on us. 

Once the subject agrees to participate, I'll capture an image of them with my Canon, and discuss retrieval location and time for the following day. They'll get 15 bucks for their efforts, if they return the camera the following day. They may even get more, but that all depends on your pledge. 

Some may doubt the ability of a homeless man/woman to pull through for such a project; but I completely disagree. Offering an incentive will ignite their joy in capturing the purity of their daily experiences, and to return with a completed, quality roll, too. Heck, they may become famous. 

I've been wanting to create a project like this for some time now. Someone may have beaten me to this idea, however, Detroit offers a new experience all in it's own.  

Once completed, and with an estimated 1120 photographs (35 cameras X 32 exposures = 1120), I will create a large format copy (digital and matted) to display in the art community. 

The final project will be an estimated 20 ft. tall x 13.5 ft. wide: (4x1080)+(6x1080).

My ability to expose this project would be no hard task in Detroit. Art is what drives my city.

Art inspires us all individually. By allowing the homeless to create, we may be inspired in a new way we haven't been before. 

It's journalism + creative expression + charity. We can stun the world.

The goal price for the project includes:

  • 35 Cameras ($8 each) = $280
  • Developing cost for 35 cameras ($8 each) = $280
  • Reward for the homeless 35 x $15 = $525
  • Large format printing of project = $85
  • Cost for the Rewards = $150 - 225
  • Cost for posters and refreshments = $100

Please help me display to the world a project such as this! 

My rewards may be minimal, but the overall satisfaction and emotional response gained from the finishing on this project will be the most rewarding for all pledge-ers. 

A Day with the Homeless...let's pick a day!

(Everyone who contributes to the project will be documented as co-creators one completed. Look at this a project as one of your own!)


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    You'll get a thank you card, too. But you'll also get a high resolution copy of the final project digitally mailed to you!

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    Not only will you get a thank you card and a digital copy of the project, but a camera will be labeled with your name and/or personal message to the homeless.

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    Of course, you'll get everything else above, but you'll also get a printed copy of the project mailed your adress of choice.

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    Ok, I get it, you really like the project. But you're a high roller, and I really dig your passion for my passion. You'll get EVERYTHING from above, plus the raw film from one of the cameras (I'll even frame it, too). Who knows, this project may become world famous.

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