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The 1980s military toy line Eagle Force returns as a modern articulated line of 4" action figures.
595 backers pledged $193,967 to help bring this project to life.

NEW stretch goal revealed and NEW "pick and choose" figure reward option.

Posted by Bill Murphy (Creator)

Hey everyone!!!

Things are going great so far! We're at 323 backers and counting, and only 20% away from funding! Thanks for spreading the word, we're getting more coverage on sites like which for the most part only covers Star Wars, so that's a very good thing to get awareness to the campaign. 

New Stretch Goal:
We teased it a couple of days ago, he is the big reveal of the mystery stretch goal we added last week...

A modern update to Harley the Ace Mechanic! 

If we can make it to the $250,000.00 stretch goal, the Harley figure will be included in the ALL IN reward. We're trying to make the ALL IN figure reward a great value if we hit all our stretch goals, so there is more to come! Plus we'll be throwing in a couple of freebies to this reward as well....stay tuned, we've only just begun. 

New Rewards:
We also added a new multifigure reward option to help our international backers with shipping. We added the following Rewards/Add Ons that will allow you to pick and choose any 5 or 10 characters you want.  Once we fund you'll be able to select any (non-exclusive) figure of your choice of from the BackerKit survey.

PICK 5 FIGURES REWARD: US add $115/ CAN add $125/ EU add $135/ ROW add $140

PICK 10 FIGURES REWARD: US add $230/ CAN add $240/ EU add $250/ ROW add $255

Character Bios:
Here is the latest in our series of character bio cards...the R.I.O.T. Pilot:  Air Assault Stealth Trooper. 

We hope you enjoy these, we're having a lot of fun putting them together. We have a lot more coming in future updates. 

Thanks again for all the support!

Bill & Craig

Paying it forward! Cause we’re all trying to make cool stuff!
Each update will have a short blurb at the bottom where I try to raise awareness to other cool projects, most of them will be Kickstarter projects, but other stuff will be mentioned as well.

Animal Warriors of The Kingdom:
Spero toys is introducing a new 4" collector's line based on the Animal Warriors of The Kingdom graphic novel. Head on over to their Facebook page and follow their progress as they head to their Kickstarter. 


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    1. Geoffrey W. Lancaster on

      Very excited for this, I am currently all-in, plus I added a little more to get doubles of a few army builder characters. The $23 with shipping stung a little bit for the add-ons, but I want to support. So I was very excited about the announcment of a "pick 5/10" tier/add-on, only to discover that the tier confers no benefit. It's still $23 per figure? It looks like International backers get a bit of a price break this way, but not US or Canada. Is that correct? If there was some price break, I would round up my add-ons to the next 5 or 10 figures adding a few army builders I am on the fence about, as-is I'm apt to stick with just the 4 I added. Not trying to be negative, just searching for clarification.

    2. Eric LeFeber on

      Nice idea with the pick a pack. But I'm telling you, I'd go all-in for an all-vintage deco pack!

    3. Shaun Barrows on

      I'm still waiting for my Ape Army.

    4. Jason Bienvenu on

      Thanks for the Shout out Bill! :)

    5. Felipe Mascarenhas on

      As a international backer, it is great news!!!