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2nd proposal to shape a new future; a series about dealing with a family's dark past, fears of love, and seeking one's own redemption.
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Updates and the Future...

Posted by SoBa (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We're almost done with the first week of running the 2nd Kickstarter campaign for Devil Gene R and what a productive one it's been! The flow and pace have really improved since the last one and I just can't wait to get into the full swing of things!

As you might have noticed we have a brand new key visual up now for the project done by our oh so amazing Flora "Shadilyn" Li! It was almost criminal for me to place the logo (designed by Chris "A Bad Idea" Lee) on top of it. This visual was actually suppose to launch with the new campaign but due to certain circumstances it was delayed a bit (but I'm not complaining, I'm greatly indebted to everyone who takes time out of their lives to work on DGR!).

Also I'm happy to announce that we've begun looking for vocal talent, I stated in the previous campaign that I want full voice overs for the project and that still hasn't changed. Thanks to the wonderful community at the Voice Acting Alliance forums this still looks like a possibility! Auditions are currently being held until July 2 and we're looking for actresses to fill in the role of Raven and Amy for the demo (which will be updated with vocals and released) and to, of course, reprise their roles in the full game! So far we've received a nice reception and amount of applicants, it's going to be so hard just to pick 2....luckily there are still many other roles to fill which I'm already considering for!

Lastly I want to talk about a very special video that was made. Corbbox, one of the backers of the project and also a member of 3 Gaming Division (German), made a youtube video which goes over the project. Honestly when I looked in my message box and saw this I just couldn't believe it, I never thought anyone would show enough interest in the project to cover it in any type of media, but the world is full of surprises and great people! I am so honored and overwhelmed with joy to have DGR featured on his channel.

He also brings up a good point I'm sure alot of people were wondering; originally DGR asked for $10k but now our goal is the much lower $3k, what gives?

Well with $3k we can definitely make the game but we might not be able to fully realize all the features I wanted to implement into the first title, this is why I felt like I couldn't charge for the game either. I'm still 150% devoted to making the best possible product I can make but I know it might not come out to the much higher (impossibly high, lol) standard I originally had, and besides if people like the game and wish to see more from me then that makes me just as happy!

Now let's say we reach our goal by the end of the first week, where then does that leave the remaining 3? Well if we are able to raise $5,000 I want to improve the higher tier list rewards, shipping out physical artbooks and soundtracks, it was always in the budget to set aside $2k for making rewards in the original Kickstarter, thus it's higher entry barrier. If we can raise $6,000 then I could use $1k to start immediately on the next chapter of DGR (visual novel sequels are often a bit cheaper to make considering you aren't making a whole new cast of characters since you can reuse old sprite and just worry about making new CG). If we got $8,000 I would like to also start working on a more interactive game based on DGR (the project was NEVER intended to be solely a visual novel, we actually have ideas for a "bullet hell", classic Megaman style platformer, and even a fighting game). And if we somehow made it to our original goal of $10,000 then I would dedicate $1k to funding others Kickstarts (both big and small) and the remainder most likely going back into the interactive game idea.

Ok I think this is running on a bit long, lol, so let me just close out by saying thank you everyone; those of you who support me, those of you who look at the project, and those of you who are about to discover this!


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    1. Corbbox on

      Now it is me who is the honored one. Normally project leaders never write anything about those videos. I truly hope to bring you a few more backers. You had a bad beginning with the first funding round and you have been improving so much compared to before, that I believe, no I am absolutely sure, your dream of DGR has to succeed. And it is also a honor for me to be a part of it as a backer. Even I am not big fan of Visual Novels… yet! I just have the feeling that DGR may chance that. Also what I would recommend to you is that you may write the information regarding what happens if the goal exceeds on the project home site.