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Family is everything. Especially when yours is responsible for saving the world, and the reason it's going to be destroyed...

===== What is Devil Gene R? =====

A dream project that has been worked on for the better part of 10 years now, it has been drafted out to be adaptable to many different types of medias and genres, but of course we all have to start small. This version of Devil Gene R is an episodic visual novel, which is of course a genre well known in Asian regions as a way to convey book length stories accompanied by a visual (and sometimes audio) element. This brings the reader deeper into the world and acquire a unique connection with it.

Devil Gene R follows the story of a young woman known as Raven Blackheart, she was birthed as a biological weapon to be used to bring the end to a long war between humans and demons, however shortly after her birth the war concludes on it's own. Despite this her father, the one who turned her into a weapon, chooses to keep her on her original path, but Raven refuses to live a fate decided for her and escapes.

2 years have passed since she fled her father's side, and the world has known a shaky peace for nearly 20 years now, but now these hard fought for halcyon days are being threaten. Either though cruel irony or twisted design, the man who would shatter this peace is the one who helped bring it about, praised as the hero of the great war---Kyosuke Blackheart. And with a declaration of genocide against humanity and the rise of his augmented children, the world slowly begins to churn and crumble anew.

Raven rushes to meet with her father, but not to join him, she wants to stop his insane ambition and free her sisters from a destiny of being weapons, the only way she knows how... But she is unaware of the spiral on conflict that Silent City, her destination, is about to become.

You can learn more about the characters, world, and updates on our developer blog on tumblr.

===== Striving for Quality =====

At first glance our goal line may seem like a lot, but it actually takes quite some manpower and funding to make a visual novel (especially the level which we are trying to achieve). But luckily to help with a lot of the workload, Devil Gene R will be built with the highly flexible and vastly supported Ren'Py software.

This may be our first project, and it may only be a visual novel, but we want to provided the best quality to enhance the experience. Our goal line was created with all the elements we want to include kept in mind, which includes:

  • Rich Art with character designs by Shadilyn and over 100 special illustrations beautifully rendered by several other fine artist!
  • Living Portraits you'll be seeing the character portraits a lot, and while they may occasionally change poses, we want to add 2 small details that are always nice to have; to have the characters casually blink their eyes and move their lips to dialogue. Such simple things, but still something that isn't standard in the genre.
  • Fully Voiced Dialogue we want to immerse you in the story and world as much as possible, so we want to get a good voice cast to aide in bringing these characters to life (and for purist we will include an option to turn them off)

On top of these points we want to provide a good soundtrack and plenty of stuff outside of the game itself for fans to enjoy. If possible we'd really like to create a strong opening and closing video sequence, accompanied with vocal tracks. We're really pushing to make this the highest quality product we can and so we hope you understand that this is a huge endeavor, and we thank you for your support.

*NOTE: images above are from an alpha testing build and are not representative of the final product.

===== Why a Visual Novel? =====

Over the course of a decade you get many ideas and plans thought up, and with Devil Gene R it was no exception. Action Platformer, 2D Fighters, Strategy RPG, all things that have been thought about (in depth) to incorporate with the project. However in the end we decided to make a visual novel for the first outing because it allows us to focus on the one thing we love most, the story.

If we went any other route the story wouldn't have been a closely examined as the other parts of the actual "game" and that's something we didn't want. We want people to love or hate Devil Gene R because of it's characters and story, we want to focus on bringing a strong presentation without the need of worrying if "X level is good" or "Y mechanic is balanced".

But rest assured, if the project booms and we get to do more, we have A LOT planned for the series, so we hope this is just the first step of many.

===== Supported Platforms =====

Thanks to Ren'Py this project can and will be released and ready to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

===== Kicking it Forward =====

Proud participants of the Kicking it Forward initiative.

===== The Rewards =====

Like we said, we are VERY grateful to anyone and everyone who supports our dream, and to show this we planned many great Rewards (we actually had to tone it down several times!)

*NOTE: The images displayed below are merely place holders and are subject to change, we want to provide unique artwork for the Rewards to really show our thanks to those who went above and beyond to support us.

The tiers of rewards are as follow:

e-mail > letter > credits > wallpapers > (digital) artbook > (digital) soundtrack) > special prologue > game > physical bundle > physical bundle + all 4 chapters.

With pledges getting all the items in tiers below them, for more information regarding the rewards please refer to the sidebar.


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    You're putting more faith in us, so we're putting more effort in thanking you! We'll mail you an actual letter giving our thanks! Which will include a completely unique illustration from the previous reward tier.

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    You're excited to see the game, and we're excited to make it! And since you went so far out of your way to make it happen, you'll be receiving a free digital copy of the game upon it's completion! Plus all the content in the previous listings.

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    Our first really special treat, for pledges of this calibur we're creating a special prologue scenario which accounts the events the occur just before the start of the actual game. This WON'T be included with the standalone game, so get 'em while they're here! Plus all the content in the previous listings.

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    I'll keep this short bro, you've probably got a bus full of children to save, but on the go you can listen to the music featured in Devil Gene R with this digital soundtrack. Plus all the content in the previous listings.

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    We get embarrassed just from seeing your name, what are these strong feeling of devotion? Could it be L-L-LO-LOV----severe gratitude!? Well I guess we can give you this digital artbook, BUT IT'S NOT LIKE WE WANT TO! Plus all the content in the previous listings.

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