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We are building a teaching kitchen to support the FoodPrints program at Watkins Elementary, a public school in SE Washington, DC.

Help DC school kids cook, eat, and live healthier lives—kick start our teaching kitchen!

(All donations are 100% tax deductible.)

Thanks to FRESHFARM Markets and its FoodPrints local foods program, we have made a huge impact on kids’ attitudes toward growing and eating fresh, nutritious food. During the school year more than 200 first and third grade students at Watkins Elementary go home understanding good food can be fun, or as we like to say, “It’s COOL to eat kale.” (click here to see a curriculum overview)

In order to expand the hugely popular FoodPrints program and reach more kids at Watkins Elementary School, we need a teaching kitchen—without it, we just can’t offer more classes or reach more students.

Right now, our cooking classes are held in a regular classroom. We cook on portable hot plates, have no oven or dishwasher and wash our fresh garden produce in a tiny science lab sink. Before the school year starts in Fall 2011, we must transform our classroom space into a proper teaching kitchen. With your help we can do it.

Your support would provide vital funding to cover:

·       Kitchen basics like hand washing sinks, ovens, dishwasher and countertops

·       Induction cook top and display mirror so everyone can watch the cooking demonstration

·       100 square feet of shelving with grow lights to begin plants from seeds indoors

·        Mobile, indoor composting unit 

·        Large kitchen island with child-height counters on one side to allow students to safely work near the cook top

Here’s more info on our school, FoodPrints and FRESHFARM Markets

Watkins Elementary, a public school in Southeast Washington, D.C., benefits from FoodPrints, a local foods program funded by FRESHFARM Markets, a non-profit organization operating the largest network of producer-only farmers markets in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

FoodPrints has made it possible, along with the help of dedicated parents, school staff, and volunteers, to have our own garden right on school grounds. What makes FoodPrints so unique is how it integrates our delicious, edible garden produce into classroom lessons. Each two-hour class offers kids a chance to learn about ecology and plant biology, but it also instills in them an appreciation for the natural world and the joys of growing and harvesting food.

And of course—the cooking is fun and educational! Kids love the hands-on learning as each class ends with a cooking lesson and a simple, shared meal that each child helped prepare. 

Our accomplishment so far:

·        Built a 1700 square foot classroom kitchen garden with fence and outdoor classroom seating area

·        Hired Jennifer Mampara, a part time teacher, to conduct and manage the FoodPrints program

·        Jennifer has developed a year-long classroom curriculum that supports local and national science standards  (By the end of this summer, the FoodPrints Curriculum will be finalized and available to the public on the FRESHFARM website at no charge. In the meantime, click here to see a curriculum overview.)

·        Volunteer master gardener, Barbara Percival, cares for and manages our garden program

·        Two parents donated their architectural services to create the design plan for the kitchen

·        Another parent has pledged his firm’s services for demolition and disposal to prepare for construction.    

Our deadline is Wednesday, June 15th. Once we achieve our goal, we will announce the news to our students and teachers before they leave for summer break. That way, when they return to school in the fall, the kitchen will be fully operational!  

In addition to making a donation, here are other ways you can help:

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