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Tel Aviv-based vocal diva and Cellist teamed up to record a raw middle-easternized Karma Police. Be part of our dream music clip.

Karma Police, the track...

Tel Aviv-based musicians Rotem Shefy (vocalist) and Leat Sabbah (cellist/arranger) collaborated to realize an arrangement of Karma Police, a major hit from the alternative rock band Radiohead, third album OK Computer (1997).

What seemed at first a satirical cover transformed into a full-blown multi-layered middle-eastern arrangement, recorded with oud player Yaniv Taichmann, percussionist Ori Dekel. The track was recorded at Bardo Studios in Tel Aviv by Avi Ein Zur.

If you don't see the track embedded, click this soundcloud page instead. 

The Karma Ladies...

After having finished her studies in cello performance at the Manhattan School of Music and touring with various cross-genre and classical projects, Leat Sabbah moved to Israel to be closer to her musical roots. It was while studying at the Rimon School of Jazz & Contemporary Music that she met Tel Aviv based vocalist Rotem Shefy, an active performer on the scene with her own solo project as well as being involved in many other productions. In short, these are two ladies, in a city, in the world, making music, with a dream.

Karma Police, the clip...

The recording attracted the attention of Director Amos Geva, who has envisioned expanding this arrangement into a full-scale video clip. With the help of producer Roi Kurland, a clear vision and the perfect script evolved. Both Geva and Kurland, in addition to many others, have commited to the new video completely voluntarily, from genuine interest and faith in project.

Help good Karma...

Your help really counts! Until this point, we have paid for the recording, though we cannot cover various unavoidable costs of the project (renting cameras, artwork, lighting, etc.etc.etc.!) Our benefactors will be replenished in return by I.O.U.'s from the band in addition to some REWARDS

For $10: you get a sneak preview of the music clip before it's officially released
For $20: you get VIP tickets to the next show + previous rewards
For $50: you get a lunch date with the band + sneak preview
For $100+: you get :::drum roll:::: Executive Producer credits on our clip!!!

Thank You...

Thank you for every dollar!! We are already thanking all the friends and amazing talents who have been involved in this project. Thank you for believing in Good Karma. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

- Raising the necessary funds
- Special effects
- Gathering the full team of volunteers

How we plan to overcome them :
- Friends that support us online
- People working on volunteer basis pro bono
- We have a special effects supervisor that will ensure the success of the filming
- A lot of experienced people on the team


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