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The gonzo Megaversal adventure of Rifts® teams up with the genre-spanning easy-prep award-winning Savage Worlds system!
The gonzo Megaversal adventure of Rifts® teams up with the genre-spanning easy-prep award-winning Savage Worlds system!
The gonzo Megaversal adventure of Rifts® teams up with the genre-spanning easy-prep award-winning Savage Worlds system!
4,238 backers pledged $438,076 to help bring this project to life.

Surprise! Powers and Mega Powers List


We heard a brilliant suggestion a while back: to create one file with both the powers from Savage Worlds and their Mega Power version from The Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide

This saves those of you new to Savage Worlds from flipping between the two books every time you use a power or Mega Power. Game play should be a few seconds faster this way! (Unless you're paralyzed by all the options before you. Bolt is usually a good idea if you can't think of anything else to use.)

Click here to download from PEGinc!
Click here to download from PEGinc!

We're releasing this to the public today for sale, and at $4.99 it's a bargain. This was not included in the original Kickstarter or stretch goals...but heck. We're giving it to you anyway! It's already in your account at

If you need a refresher on how to download files, read "How to Download" in this Update.

Tell your friends they can buy it now here:

At this point all physical rewards have shipped. If you have not seen your rewards, please email and Jeannine will check on it. There are still 61 backers of physical product who have not completed their survey at PledgeManager.

We have big plans this year for lots of cool new games (including upcoming releases for Savage Rifts®, of course). Here's a first look at something we think you'll love

Art not final. More information coming soon!
Art not final. More information coming soon!


Stay tuned to our website,, for more details. You may want to sign up for our e-newsletter so you'll be the first to know about new releases!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas Ramey on

      Same problem, no coupon, no ability to download without paying for it.

    2. Missing avatar

      alexandre amaral on

      Hi, same problem here.
      always used DriveThruRPG to download the rewards, but this file isn't there.
      Also, no coupon or files available at PEG site.

    3. Missing avatar

      lessonz on

      Like others, I have been using DriveThruRPG. Since this hasn't been pushed there, I decided, okay, I'll sign up on Unfortunately, I don't see the coupon when I go to check out there.

    4. Phil Maiewski on

      Like many of the folks here, I never set up a PEG account previously. I received all my rewards through Drive-Thru.

      I have set up an account on the PEG site now, but nothing is in there. Looking for help on how to get this reward.

    5. Missing avatar

      Karl on

      Will this be added to RPGNow? I checked my and there was nothing there for this.

    6. Michael Pietrelli on

      Will this eventually be put through Drive Thru? I never set up my Account and following through the instructions just now I think i missed the boat on the coupon stuff as its not showing up. Also, I prefer drivethru as it has all my stuff in one place. Totally understandable if not, but just wanting to know.

    7. Missing avatar

      Liam Kelly on

      Thanks guys nice one!

    8. Aaron Blank Cameron on

      Unexpected kickstarter bonus?
      Have I mentioned lately how you guys are sexy?
      Definitely the prettiest crew of nerdy RPG creators in the biz. <3 Pinnacle :D

    9. killervp on

      They have previously said for those that started outside of PegInc will wait up to 7 days for their links...

    10. Morgan Stjernstrom on

      Just the other day I was thinking how practical a master list would be of all powers and here it is! :)
      Thanks Peginc! You rock!

    11. Christer Eriksson on

      This is amazing, and unexpected. It will help immensely at the table, especially with newer players.

    12. Mario Lapointe on

      It is a good idea, practical and useful. The Pinnacle team is professional and want to satisfy its customers! Seriously, thank's you and respect!

    13. Matthew on

      Awesome, was just thinking recently that a master list of spells would be needed, now I don't have to make one. Thanks!

    14. Rob Towell

      @Seth, mine was in my account as soon as I checked. If you have already checked out with your KS package from then I would sent a private email to Jodi at
      The couple times I have contacted her, she has responded very quickly.

      PS: I would note you will want to search the downloads page for the word "Mega" as if you are at all like me you will have hundreds of files and this one shows up next to your other Rifts pdfs.

    15. Missing avatar

      Warren Nelson

      @Seth I have just downloaded it so they have it up.

    16. John Adams on

      You guys are the best!

    17. Joshua Gomez on

      Outstanding, this is the best Kickstarter, love you guys at Pinnacle!

    18. Missing avatar

      Seth on

      did anybody get this to show up yet? i can't find it at RPGnow and it's not showing up in my account at PEGINC

    19. Shane Hensley 17-time creator

      Hi Jack,

      Your survey has been resent. Let us know if you have any problems (or anyone else who may not have received their reward yet!) by emailing us at

      --Jodi for PEG

    20. Jack Koziol

      How about you send me the $150 worth of items I backed?

    21. JR

      Wow, what a surprise. I wasn't looking for anything else and I had hand typed my own list for our table, but this one looks so much better. Thanks a ton guys!

    22. Christian Beutenmüller on

      Wow, useful stuff added for free after the kickstarter. You guys are great.

    23. José Luis Porfírio on

      Thank you. What a magnificent idea.

    24. Rob Towell

      Wow, thanks for this. I know it is something some of my players have struggled a bit with.

      Plus it will help us to consider introducing some of the Mega-Powers as Legendary spells in our High Fantasy setting.